My sinister TF Plan to get rich at the Barret-Jackson car auction in 20 years.

Posted by Marvin Lee 
Over the holiday I watched this auction marathon and the final outcome is that the Babyboomers can spend $150K and up on the classic 60's mussle car's of days gone buy. All because they brought back memories of their childhood.

My plan take a 18 wheeler cab over truck, add TF logos and paint. Then in the back of the truck take a couple of 280Z's do one as Bluestreak one as Prowl and buy a cheap 60's VW bug add a red TF decal to the bumper and sell the lot in 20 years at the Barret-Jackson car auction. I figure at current prices you could get 2 280Z's for about 5k, the bug for about $1,500. The used 80's 18 wheeler for about 20K. Add the paint and pimp ride-ness needed to make it look good for another 20K. So a little under 50K I'd sell 4 classic real world TF vehicles as a set! I should get about 300K.

Don't laugh at me that's all the retirement plan I have now! My plan is to sell it to the same guy who paid 2K for the custom Devastator. I figure he ought to be super rich by then or flat broke.

On a slightly what if note. I think Bumblebee and maybe Tracks are the only real car TF's that could be made on a low budget and instantly spotted as a TF. Ironhide if you want to drive around in a first gen Toyota minivan. Prowl and Ratchet would be too much trouble with all the lights and badges and (looking to much like a real police/ambulance. I would love to see a real world 1st gen. Prime though. If I was an independent truck driver I'd probably do a Prime theme truck. I'd bet it would get a lot of honks along the road.
Funny you post this up. I restore cars for a hobby (have 8 classics in the shop), and my buddy who owns a toy store wants me to do a Bumblebee! Drive it to toy shows for advertising...
Good stuff. I'd be into it. Do you need henchmen?
You might as well get some more trucks, and do themes like a "BJ and The Bear" repro truck, the Knight Rider transport truck & KITT, Snowman from Smokey & The Bandit, etc. I know that's getting into the 70s, but hey.. I read somewhere that the Goblin Head from the main truck in "Convoy" went for big bucks! Build up your inventory NOW.
Are you going to use the real truck Prime is based on
I'd probably start with a yellow VW bug just because of the price. (Especially if you can get the hopped-up modern 140hp motor.) I know some other site has probably mentioned it but what truck cab is the clossest to Prime? It has to be in the 1970's to 1980 range? Actually I think the Cab would be easy (harder if you want to go all trick and do the dash like the brief clip shown in TF the Movie (The real one) Making the trailer split open and closing back is the real bit of engeneering.and adding the gun crain and roller. (Roller is just one of the 6 wheeler ATV things painted blue.

Corellian Corvette if you are serious I'm good with tools and allthough not an official mechanic I know my way a little under the hood.

Actually a real world TF car lot would be a cool little business. I know there is a market out there. You could have an into vehicle like a yellow VW BumbleBee to the higher end vehicles. The cars are bound to be cheap.

Hell Pimp my ride is a crazier idea and that got huge. BTW what real world car was Wheeljack? I know it was based on a race car but I was never sure which brand.
BTW what real world car was Wheeljack?

Lancia Stratos Turbo race car. (Thanks to Wikepedia I answered my own question.) Funny thing the Lancia is about as problematic as the wheeljack character.
There are several companies that make replicas of the Stratos group 5 silhouette - Hawk, N Sport to name a few. I believe one of them sells a complete built car, but it's not street legal.
There is only one REAL stratos turbo left in existence, and it's worth millions.
Marvin, GM is way ahead of you. They sponsored two Transformers movies and made sure that their cars were prominently featured. When the kids who loved that movie are old enough to buy their first car, those suggestions will be firmly planted in there.
You're right Rodger. I heard that getting a yellow SS camero with double black stripes is actually called the "bumble bee" option.
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