Transformers Animated....New Season 1 and 1/2 show WOW!

Posted by Marvin Lee 
I am still not a fan of the animation BUT this is such a better written show than the original G1. Anyway I'm not going to get into the storyline lots of surprises! But the Classics that they packed into this one hour and a half episode once again WOW!

Hot Rod (Rodimus) P.S. He seems to have a little rank too. (Field officer?)
Vector Sigma
Cliff Jumper
Perceptor (Voice I think of that smart guy in the wheel chair.)
Metroplex (only in city mode.)

(Still no Hound...odd)

That's all I can think of right now.

Spoiler Alert! Blur gets killed. Omega Surpreme was how the Autobots beat the Decepticons.
That's a pretty weak spoiler warning given it's all one line with little to separate it from the body of the text.

This episode seems to have dropped much of the goofyness from the previous episodes, but this series has always had good start and finish episodes, it's mid-season when it starts to stray.

It was made clear about Omega last season, he was their ultimate weapon. This just elaborated on it with Ratchet's connection to him. They're still playing the "old war" angle that was supposedly what the old G1 show covered, but as usual it's a Pandora's Box of paradoxes and retcons that just don't work.

Wheeljack didn't speak, and having Perceptor talk like Dr. Hawking is absurd. The idea is amusing at first, but having a robot talk like that when every other one talks like a person just makes it look out of place, and actually makes him appear less intelligent - the opposite result. The least they can do is speed him up so the show doesn't grind to a halt waiting for him to finish a sentence.


It's already been confirmed that he isn't dead by the producers, it's just a matter of how he'll return, possibly in a new form.

It's actually becoming more and more obvious that Ratchet is a personification of the old G1 fans, since all he does is bitch about how it was in the old days and this new stuff is crap and he'll just go sit somewhere and rust. Probably why I like him the most.
I didn't realize that I should have gone a little further with the spoiler alert but honestly I figured I was saying what everyone probable already knew.

I have never figured out how some TF can be crushed into a little cube (Blur) and come back while in the original movie prowl and the others and a lot of the others were barely hit and were GONE. Same thing with Prime. On the G1 shows his insides were blown up by laser beak and he recovered but he gets into a slug fest with Megatron and he out for the count.

Well it happens in the real world too. A person can be shot 6 times and recover while another can get shot in the leg get hit in the right place and is out for the count, so who's to say....

On a seperate note:

Big props for using the original voices for Blur and Shockwave.

P.S. That Steven Hawkins voice for perceptor was more of an insult than a tribute and did make the character look like the retard of the bunch.
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