Classic Optimus Prime Trailer coming...your thoughts.

Posted by Marvin Lee 
BBTS sent out the info on this Trailer for Prime and I'm...undecided. I think Prime needs a trailer and Ultra Magnus's shows how good a trailer can add to a figure, (UM was just a repaint throwaway until Fans Project flipped the script.)but I was hoping for something better for Prime. Maybe an ungrade armor set that would make him look like Prime but scaled up to Ultra Magnus scale. Maybe the power upgrade that he got from his powermaster form. (which I thought was a bit kooky back then.)

Anyway I just wanted everyone to chime in....
Looks good to me so far. I'd have to see how it turns out with further product shots, however. Love the fact that it opens to the side, though. Classics aren't a perfect representation of the old G1 characters, so it's cool that it's a bit different.

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Too many goofy add-ons from no-name, fly-by-night, one-man-operations.

Too many hyphens too.
I bit the bullet and ordered one. I figure "What the hell." And I didn't want to be ass out like I was with the UM Trailer. I saw the new photos and it looks better. Making the wheels part of roller is either a brillant use of materials or a cheap skate way out. I think that if this had come out a year ago it would be more hype butThe truth is FansProject raised the bar and this trailer however cool is still just an also run.

Interesting note is that I think one of the weapons that it want's to include looks like a shortened version of Prime's original gun. If that is true that would be a nice touch.

P.S. Is there anyone besides Ebay selling the UM trailer at a reasonable price? There going for $110.00 + S&H. BBTS has not returned ANY of my emails reguarding this trailer. Ther use to be better about getting back with you.
No details on the gimmicks, but you could always wait for the Fansproject OP trailer:

Aw damn, now I don't know what to do. Well I might get both. FP's version looks like it has a hinge at the top middle of the trailer???? I alwaays wondered why Takara and Hasbro always feel a need to leave out the trailer with Prime and Ultra Magnus.
Yeah, definitely have to wait to see what the FP one looks like beyond just initial test shots. I like the looks of the other one, but the FP City Commander set is primo. A hard decision to be sure...

More serious than thou
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