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I got classic IronHire and based on his profile I think I should weather him (or at least in robot mode.) Has anyone done this? Tips. "I've weathered stuff before but I don't have it down to a science so I'd like a second opinion and what mixture would be best.

I also want to ad some weatherning to Prowl since he is soooo plastic looking. Also would it be a good idea to spray paint a clear coat over Prowl? I'm trying to figure out a way to get the paint to not be sticky or be able to smudge.

Figures like Sideswipe and Sunstreaker wouln't be a good candidate for weathering because of their profile but I think it would give proper justice to Ironhide.

I would love to see the guy who weathered the TF movie toy line figures do Classic Ironhide. He made them look so movie accurate I ALMOST bought them but my hatred of the buggish looking robot modes kept me away. I figure ask the best to do a classic Ironhide if he was thinking about it.


Classic, Hound, Rachet (with it's own head sculpt), Cyclonus, Infurno, HELL YEAH!
Here is my take on weathering Classics... doesn't work as well as the Movie TFs.

Classic in general don't have a lot of sculpted details and too many big flat panels. And if they do, usually on light colorful plastic (like your Ironhide legs). So unless you plan on paint up a lot of the 'mechanical bits with metal colors', just some weathering and dirt wash don't look very good on them. Also, the more weathering they have, the less playable they become. You are constantly worry about scratching off paint. Even after sealing it with clearcoat, they can still be scratched, and the tacky paint/clearcoat on all surface keep you from handling them and transforming them too much. So if you want the Classics to stay simple and clean and more playable, I would suggest not to weather them.

If you still plan on doing it, here is my method:

Just use some flat black or dark grey enamel paint, thin it out with enamel thinner (use Tamiya brand, as some Testors turn out being too strong and melt/crack the TF plastic) with about 1 part paint, 2 part thinner. Then just brush the really thin paint all over the figure, especially on the sculpted details, similar to doing panel lines on plastic model kits. If you want it to look less dirty, put less or no paint on the flat panels areas. Then let dry. Later on, then use Q-tip and paper towel, dip a little bit of thinner, and smudge on all areas to smudge off paint you don't want to stay, until the way you like it. Then let dry. If you want it to look more metal-like, get a silver paint marker (Silver Sharpie is pretty good, doesn't rub as easy as other silver markers or silver model paint) and lightly (go really light) add some silver highlight on mechanical bits and panel edges, to give it some worn metal look. Dry brushing silver paint on dark or black plastic can really make the plastic look metallic, like diecast parts. You can see a bit on my Movie Jazz & Bumblebee. You can then use some Gundam Marker to touch up missing dark lines or panel lines in areas you smudged off too much paint than you want to. Then I use Model Master Lacquer Clearcoat (semi-gloss mostly, but sometime gloss depends on the figure) to seal the paint when all weathering and touching up is done. I don't take the figure apart as I weather it, since its not really that precise of a paint job, unlike repainting the figure entirely with a new paint scheme. Thats it. May take you a few hours, but not much skills needed really.

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I think you're right about leaving the classics lines alone. I like the play factor and I give my 3 year old a figure and not worry.

The classic line is very unique to me. Not as cartoony as the animated line but not as realistic as the movie line which varied too much from the auctual figures they were based (In my opinion.) I think it is a good homage to the 86 movie. Cartoony but highly detailed.

P.S. I love your weathering work. You ALMOST got me to buy the line based on the potential I now saw with it. i just couldn't get past the bug-ish look though.
Good that you decide to leave the Classic line clean. They are fun to play afterall. If you ever want to weather a TF, go for the Movie line if you ever get to accept the buggish look. The sport the details that work well with paint, and the upcoming TF2 movie might give you a boost on interest by then. :)

I have a sort of love/hate relationship with the Classics. On one hand, a good number of them has great designs, very playable, and pretty cheap. But it frustrates me a lot when Hasbro seem to pick all the wrong colors or scale and butchered the toys pretty bad on release. Like the yellows on Prime, orange Ironhide, funky colored Cyclonus, weird greens on Hound, a mini sized Galvatron...etc. You almost always need to get the import Henkei version for a better colors & execution, but then you are paying 2-3 times more than what the toy originally cost. Makes the buying and collecting process much more frustrating than it should, when ultimately I just want some cheap cool TFs to play with. Really not sure what people in Hasbro are thinking. But then, you get Magnus with the City Commander trailer combo, which is really the gem of the Classic line.
I guess if I were to go about painting figs from the Classics line, I'd probably look to paint with the same colors they used on the plastic and just try to even out the look on them. Painted figures always look so much better than the plain plastic, but I understand why they can't paint the whole thing.

More serious than thou
> But it frustrates me a lot when Hasbro seem to
> pick all the wrong colors or scale and butchered
> the toys pretty bad on release. Like the yellows
> on Prime,

While I was still waiting for the City Commander trailer to arrive, I decided to repaint my Classics UM figure. It's not like the colors, or lack there of, was bad for the UM. But I like the Pat Lee colors and seeing that scheme used on the box, and later the animation clip released by fansproject, I resolved to repaint my figure.

I used Tamiya paints, though I really should use some paint sealer so they don't rub off as fast. In addition to the expected areas, I used a bit of silver on the 'pistons' on the legs and touched up on the arms and grill. I still need to get a some clear plastic to make windows for the shoulders and will paint them clear blue. I still have some touch ups, but it is mostly done.

After I repainted UM, I decided the Optimus Prime deserved a redeco. It's amazing what a bit of silver will do! A few coats over the yellow on the crotch guard and 1-2 coats on the head sensor. Also, a bit of silver touch up on the nose bridge between the eyes--this really brought the clear blue eyes out a lot. I contemplated sanding, aceton-ing, or painting over the yellow arm strips, but settled with painting for now. I'm still planning my strategy for the blue shoulder spots.

I highly recommend anyone with a OP figure do some silver touch ups on the head. Otherwise, you are stuck with an OP that looks like a McDonald's release (though not as bad as the upcoming Music Label Exile ltd edition version).

There are some paint touch ups that can be done that won't affect playbility, like heads. I haven't tried weathering yet, but unless it's on the internal areas I don't regularly touch, I'll hold off.
I think I'd like to weather Ironhides gun ans inner chest pieces. The gun is such a big plastic glob and it looks to have a lot of detail, same for the chest area that pops up. I also added the silver behind the head on the flap to make it stand out like in the photo.

"But it frustrates me a lot when Hasbro seem to pick all the wrong colors or scale and butchered the toys pretty bad on release. Like the yellows on Prime, orange Ironhide, funky colored Cyclonus, weird greens on Hound, a mini sized Galvatron...etc"

Man mpchi you nailed almost EVERY gripe I have with the line. I really hope Hound is darker. Galvatron looks Great but is WAY too small. unless you forgot about Optimus and Megatron from the larger class and use the Deluxe Optimus Prime and Megatron. (Are they closer to scale to the rest of the line?) Now with the repainted Megatron being a tank it seems to make sense to go from a tank Megatron to a tank Galvatron. BUT then UM is too big? but that was the way it was orininally.
For Hound, Cyclonus and Prime, the import Henkei line definitely will remedy a lot of the color issues, as long as you are willing to pay much more. I recently got Henkei Prime from the BBTS 30% OFF sale not too long ago, and finally opened it last night. What a dramatic difference compare to the Hasbro version. Most of the silver touch ups RedAleseides mentioned were done right. Red plastic is more vibrant, all the silver are painted and not bare plastic. Joints are all consistently sturdy and tight, and paint finish is much better with much less overspray (even though its not perfect, its still a relatively cheap toy afterall).

I was on the verge of giving up on collecting Classic, but both City Commander Trailer & Henkei Prime brought me back. I'll just need to learn to overlook butchered Hasbro releases, and get a Henkei or two if they really worth the high price or if they are on sale.

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