Impossible Toys- Transforming Exo suit (Spike)

Posted by RedAleseides 
For awhile I kind of hoped for something like this... but not quite like this. Too bad the arms don't transform like in the movie.

FYI, Impossible Toys is the same company that released the Quint series, Spike & Sparkplug figures and Energon cubes.

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Sanjeev (Admin)
Agreed. Crapply done.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
Quote from Impossible Toys (feat on Seiberton):

"We have designed and scaled this item to fit perfectly with the G1 fans. The size of the Spike prototype is about 7-8 cm. We are currently working on finding the exact size we feel will be in line with the G1 toys. It also has wheels that will allow it to function and roll in alt mode. The item will be set for release late 2008 or sooner."

I dunno, even the pvc looked a bit better: []

Looks like a cardboard cut out.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Yeah...."function and roll in alt mode".

Like he's gonna be whizzing down a hill like a soapbox derby gone horribly wrong...while sucking his own dick.

Great job, guys.
Because TWO of them justifies a $70 price tag:

Sorry, I couldn't resist, seeing how crappy these are. It's okay, I know how much BBTS loves having those clearance sales...
I love their horrifying zombie heads.

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Sanjeev Wrote:
> Yeah...."function and roll in alt mode".
> Like he's gonna be whizzing down a hill like a
> soapbox derby gone horribly wrong...while sucking
> his own dick.
> Great job, guys.

Oh, my god. You're hilarious, dude. (Yes, I just noticed this post now.)

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Sanjeev (Admin)

All yours for $70!
TRNS-01 (Transitional Robot Neural Soldier) is debuting this fall

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I'm really amazed that Hasbro doesn't intervene in these cases. Even if the product itself is completely original, the likeness of Arcee is the intellectual property of Hasbro. I'm not concerned about the moral implications but the practical ones. How are so many companies getting away with producing toys in the likeness of Hasbro IP? How are American stores able to sell them? How is all this happening with impunity? My understanding is that when a company fails to protect its IP, it loses credibility when attempting to defend its IP in court. Either Hasbro is blind or the manufacturers/retailers are going to make a massive investment and then receive a cease-and-desist or a lawsuit right before shipping/selling the product, in effect losing their entire investment and holding stock that can and will only be sold on the TF black market. I heard that fansProject received a cease-and-desist for the Springer remake. With all the WST Dinobots, Arcee, and mini-MP Optimus, I find it unlikely that Hasbro is really throwing their weight around, or perhaps there's some legal loophole thats being exploited. I understand most of these companies are overseas, but the retailers are not, and they can easily be squeezed.
Bootlegs and Transformers go all the way back to G1, which is why they created the whole rubsign gimmick. I think Hasbro/Takara just turns a blind eye because for the most part these are very popular with fans and they are products which the companies aren't making in the first place. Reproductions of Transformers like those bootleg G1 Primes and Metroplex's might be a different problem and since the official releases I haven't seen any of the knockoffs anymore or those re-produced Dinobots. As for online stores I'm sure Hasbro could lean on them and threaten to not do business with them but then they wouldn't have another source of sales and probably not worth it for them to lose potential business because a certain online store sells a limited amount of "fan made" items. Which I believe is the main reason, we may see a new Mini MP Prime or whatever once a week but the truth is all those items combined are a fraction of what Hasbro sells in merchandise and for the most part Hasbro/Takara isn't even making their own version and in a lot of cases, for example you have to buy a Clasics Prime or Magnus just to use the armor so that's a bonus for Has/Tak. But I think it's funny that the "bootleggers" are now being bootlegged ala Magnus armor. Besides there's always Ebay.

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impossible toys may be crossing the line now that they plan to make a mini version of MP Prime.

Edit: oops, It's I-gear making the mini MP Prime []

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chen Wrote:
> Bootlegs and Transformers go all the way back to
> G1, which is why they created the whole rubsign
> gimmick.

You ignored the IP implications. Mini-MP Optimus, Arcee, and the WST Dinobots are all original molds yet they are high-quality, brazen attempts to capitalize on the Hasbro brand itself and its IP. More importantly, the manufacturers and retailers of these unlicensed products welcome exposure, to the point where the manufacturers promote their products at Transformers fan conventions. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but this unusual combination of high-end toy manufacture, name brand recognition, and parasitic business model did not exist until relatively recently. Again, I'm ignoring the moral questions. I'm only interested in the practical questions. I think most companies would have pursued legal action a long time ago and we would never have reached a point where there could be so many manufacturers of unlicensed Hasbro IP, even to the point that now they are actually competing with each other.

edit: I feel that a lot of these products that are being produced are awesome because I love Transformers. Hasbro doesn't "love" Transformers. Hasbro loves money. The visual representation of Optimus Prime is money. If iGear successfully markets mini-MP Optimus, who's to say that Hasbro owns the visual representation? Wouldn't it simply become public domain?

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I'm no legal expert so I don't know if there's a actual quantity that you have to exceed for it to be a "fan made" item and a actual production item, like those garage kits. But I'm sure all these companies have exceeded that number a long time ago. I also think it depends on the items, that Classic Prime trailers may pass since you can legally say it's a "transforming trailer" that just happens to go with your Classics Prime, but at the same time it does have the Autobot symbol on it which is certainly TM'd. It would also include companies like reprolabels who make exact copies of stickers with trademarked symbols on them, do they have some kind of agreement with Hasbro or has it been so long since Hasbro made those stickers that they are "allowed" to make their own, how long does it take for a item to become public domain. Would they be considered a actual company or a fan making "fan made" items. I can see a argument with Arcee since that was never made as a toy and you could say it just happens to be a transforming car that's pink and nowhere on the package does it say "Autobot Arcee" but that mini Prime and WST Dinobots are another problem, does making them smaller negate the copyright law since you could call them a tribute item, it shouldn't. It could also be how these companies are set up and where their set up, most likely their all based in China so does Hasbro and Takara have a legal right to pursue them, could they even get to them if they wanted. I honestly don't know and I wish we had a Lawyer who was a expert on trademark and international law to explain to us the ins and outs of these items. Or perhaps someone who has access to either Hasbro or Takara could just ask them straight out. You are right, there's always been bootlegs and KO's but never to this extent and I'm sure it will only increase and it will interesting to see how these companies handle them. Do they try and squash them or join up and make them sorta like second party developers.
I'm a little curious about the Arcee release from Impossible Toys. Several years ago, Rabid Squirrel Productions released a garage kit of Arcee: Cyberfembot CFB-01 A.R.C.

Not only did they model Arcee, but they also modeled Daniel in his exo-suit as a headmaster.

Speaking of Hasbro and their IP, here is an interesting tid bit from Rabid Squirrel Productions: []
Sanjeev (Admin)
Well, my guess--and, of course, it's only my guess--is sorta what chen was alluding to: in today's toy marketplace, more and more emphasis is going towards the collector side of things. Hasbro's primary concern is, and always will be, kids' toys, but the older fanbase for TF is especially high.

I think they're laying off on these bootleggers because whatever they do doesn't really impact their sales...and only really serves to enrich the franchise among adult collectors.

Mattel is doing their whole "Matty Collector" thing, where they do limited runs of collector-oriented items aimed at adults (see their stooopidly-popular MotU Classics figs!). Same mentality, I think...only Mattel's approach is obviously active, rather than passive...
Yeah, woe betide us if Hasbro ever DOES become particularly active with that. I really don't think it'll be something we want to see...

More serious than thou
Supposed to be out at the end of this year:

Arcee looks good, but is wholly dependent on the price.

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Sanjeev Wrote:
> Mattel is doing their whole "Matty Collector"
> thing, where they do limited runs of
> collector-oriented items aimed at adults (see
> their stooopidly-popular MotU Classics figs!).
> Same mentality, I think...only Mattel's approach
> is obviously active, rather than passive...

Well at least Mattel's MotU team are being straight-up fair to the adult He-man collector fanbase than Hasbro/Tomy is doing to G1 collectors like me. While Mattel's offering the whole MotU Masterpiece line, Hasbro's been depriving us our Binaltechs & Masterpieces & Encores. They cheated on us 'big time' & I think it's great that these rebel toy groups like Impossible Toys, iGear,fanprojects, etc. are defying their neglect & answering the cries of the G1 fan market. If they want to make high-quality 'moonshine' TFs for us lingering collectors, then go for it b/c what Hasbro's been doing to this franchise is immensely mean & callous. Somebody's gotta go over their heads in order to help the older fanbase out.

Sanjeev (Admin)
Well, I agree that what Hasbro/TT does is generally uninteresting to me...and also that what Fansproject and the like are doing IS *very* cool to me...but I wouldn't say Hasbro was mean or callous. They're a business...and their business is NOT to make people like *us* happy. Their business is to make money, first and foremost...and anything that shuts up little screaming kids is what makes money.

At the very least, I'm glad they're not issuing cease & desist's out to all these garage manufacturers...
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