[CUSTOM] Fansproject's Classics Ultra Magnus armor

Posted by Sanjeev 
Sanjeev (Admin)
SORELY tempted!


'Us Massholes straight up just don't give a fuck. I still pronounce "Mazinger" as "Tranzor Z".'

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I don't typically like Ultra Magnus, but I have to admit a good deal of temptation on this thing. I went ahead and preordered one just in case. The only thing I'm not sure I like is that it looks like a large portion of the trailer turns into that recockulous gun, but it's one of those things where it's so big that it has some comic value.
Sanjeev (Admin)
The guns definitely are pretty funny...but somehow appropriate. I mean, the armor's already really exaggerated, so they kinda fit.

The thing I'm worried about is the weight. Obviously, the base toy's joints aren't designed to handle that much added weight--that's why the shot with one of the guns shows the arm propped up with a spray can...
Maybe in the final product, the gun will be made out of a lighter weight styrene.

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This looks great! But 80 bucks? Nah...

More serious than thou
Anyone here get the Cliff Jumper upgrade? I did a search on it last night but only found small pics and one review. I'm hoping info on the CJ upgrade would give me a better idea of what to expect from this UM armor. It's nice they added holes for the Smokestack blaster and Ion Canon.

I wonder how the trailer will attach to the cab? Since the cab was produced as a standalone, there is no peg/hole present. Maybe it clips on the legs?

Since this is a custom kit, I'm more worried about the lack of exchange/return policies from online sellers. It looks REALLY nice though...
Sanjeev (Admin)
I think if the final product is robust, it'd be worth the $80 to me. My biggest hang up is the weight issue...that hadn't originally occurred to me. I'll almost assuredly want to pose the robot with the guns in his hands, but if the shoulder joints aren't strong enough to support them and the extra armor, I'd be annoyed.

Styrene would help, but aren't most low-run customs done in dense resin? I have the Classics UM, and it's a pretty small, lightweight toy, so I can't imagine the shoulders being particularly strong. I'll mess with him tonight and see...

I haven't seen this Cliffjumper upgrade...you have a link to it? I found references to it online...but no pics.


'Us Massholes straight up just don't give a fuck. I still pronounce "Mazinger" as "Tranzor Z".'
Sorry, had some trouble find the actual review, but I did find some pics:


Actually, I don't remember UM being real weak in its joints.

More serious than thou

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Sanjeev (Admin)
Oh, I'm sure the joints on the toy aren't weak at all. I'm positive they're more than adequate. It's just that tripling the mass of the arms--which was never intended for the joints--will probably pork them.

Anyway, I kinda dig that Cliffjumper upgrade set. It's pretty simple, but I like the alternate heads and the cannon. The alt mode upgrades (bumper and spoiler) are just okay...

I like how they're choosing good toys to upgrade. I don't really "collect" TFs, per se, but I pick up a cool figure from a line here and there. From the Classics, I have Bumblebee, UM, and Ramjet...all really sharp pieces...
Sanjeev (Admin)
DAMN...I just saw this on TFClub:

Is this Fansproject too? For $15, I may have to pick this up for my Leader Prime!

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A couple days ago I sent some questions to TFsource about the UM armor. Here's what they said:

This set will be like a real toy, and the quality of the plastic will be nearly identical if not identical to a classics toy (fans project told me this directly and ensured it would be the case)

2) No assembly, it will come already assembled just like a regular TF

3) It should be quite durable, but I saw the transformation in person and it is a bit of work, so if you are rough with it, like with any transformation there is always a chance it will break. Takara/Tomy/Hasbro…etc.

4) I recall there are clips, that snap around the toy, but it is quite well engineered how they attach

Exchange/Refund Policy

Even if there are parts missing from Japanese toys, we usually part out toys ourselves from our own stock, or repair the toys ourselves since we have a full machining workshop and an engineer on our team. Just depends on the issue. The no refund policy is more referring to a refund for a preorder, as if someone wants to cancel because they decide they don’t want an item. If an item is defective, as long as we can we exchange or if we have no more stock and can’t get any more we issue a refund.

I can’t provide exact information on fansproject, since I don’t know what they want made public, but I can say they have a long history of making high quality custom toys, for various fandoms (primarily in asia) and just started on Transformers. This will be one of just several projects that are to come, and we plan to partner with them on ensuring the end product is everything the fans are looking
Hmmm...I wonder if they know anything about the added weight issue? I'll let you know if I hear anything.
Fansproject released new photos and have set up a website: [www.fansproject.com]
open | download - ultra-magnus-city-commander-01__scaled_600.jpg (175.9 KB)
open | download - ultra-magnus-city-commander-02__scaled_600.jpg (242.9 KB)
Boy, awesome how it's totally out of focus.

Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: [www.destroyallcomics.com]
Someone should learn to use that "Macro" setting on his camera...

Just noticed this was also being solicited (for the same price) at BBTS, if you feel more comfortable ordering from them:


same blurry pictures, and I'm not sure what kind of allocation they'll get.
I just finished preordering from TFsource. I'm not sure how the shipping will be, but Curt was really patient. There was some difficulty in reading my transaction, but he kept at it. For customer service, TFsource has it covered. Shipping is slightly cheaper at BBTS, TFsource charged my $12.

Now to find a good deal on a Target exclusive Classic Ultra Magnus. I already have an Optimus Prime, so I guess i'll have to go with the Skywarp two pack.
good luck on that, on ebay all of them are hitting the $40's , be it two pack in box or only the loose UM ... took me a while to get a good deal...

aww yeah
Man, that looks nice. Definitely out of my price range though.

More serious than thou
The main thing I worry about, is if the armor will weigh down the joints on the Classics Magnus or Prime figure.
They'd have to be awfully heavy to do so. Mine's got really nice tight joints.

More serious than thou
Just saw that a Revoltech custom is in the works.


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They sure love that blur...

More at TFormers Community: [tformers.com]

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Those guys are really putting out the accessories. The Matrix/gas can transforming blaster for Alternator OP is a must get (just in time for the new Binaltech Convoy too). I can pass on the other classics stuff.

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I do like that they showed the Powered Convoy version. If this stuff was a little more affordable (after bootlegging it will be, and it's inevitable that it will happen) I'd be interested.

I tend to avoid anything from the movie and after, but Magnus gets a pass since he's old school Diaclone.
I really like the sculpt on this, the colors look great too. However, the more I look at the face sculpt, the more I think TF Animated. The face doesn't really have a classics feel to it. Maybe its the eyes or maybe its the mouth, but I can't put my finger on it.

Sanjeev (Admin)
Yeah, the face looks a little off to me, too...but I could easily live with it.

If this set were available in Powered Convoy colors, it'd be a no-brainer for me...for now, I'll pass unless/until I see really exceptional reviews.

The Classics Matrix is neat, but the Classics robot-scale Megatron (gun mode) is smoking!! The shot of Starscream (wielding two of 'em) is hot.

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Powered convoy colors (vehicle and robot)


More pics of the alternators gas tank & matrix, mini megs, classics matrix at
Sanjeev (Admin)
Yeah, but remember, the Powered Convoy colors was just a fan-requested custom. Not for sale. :(

Edit: Incidentally, I *really* like how they did the articulation on the Matrix handles. Pretty cool that it can accommodate so many movie-esque poses of the Classics toys.

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Man, these guys are like the B-Club of Transformers. They can charge so much for so little.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Where are you seeing prices for these? I know the Ultra Magnus is $80, which makes me question it's value. But...if it proves to be really robust toy, I can see how folks would consider it enough value added to a $20 toy to make it an overall $100 piece.

As for the other stuff, I have no idea how much the mini-Megs or Matrix cost. A B-Club comparison's tough because the garage kit market is so radically different from the toy market...


...Of course, you may be just taking a brief opportunity to bust Transfan balls and never intended to be taken seriously!
Honestly, I've never even purchased a B-Club kit or conversion kit. The thing is, this isn't a kit, this is custom toy upgrade. It is fully painted, and is made of something meant for more than a display. I love my SOC Gunbuster and Koenig Monster dearly, but I don't think I'd spent that much on anything, unless its an SOC Dangaioh.

Unfortunately, I'm not as great of a hobbyist as I'd like to be. So even if I did put $80 down for a B-Club kit, it'll turn out like crap. If the garage kits were sold assembled and NOT made out of Resin, I'd buy it if I thought the price matched.

What bugs me is when they charge a lot for bad execution, like the Hasbro War Within figures, the Titanium figures, or Yamato's transforming releases. Even the Megahouse Orguss--$60 for a 4 mode figure shorter than my coffee mug,and I've already scratched the paint off trying to swap fist/no fist parts in two sittings; plus the tiny 'hinges' are already bending.

I think the best bang for a buck I've ever gotten was the $20 Beastwars II Galvatron (on clearance) and the $40 Armada Unicron (sales tax & shipping free).

So either we spend $$$ on limited releases (that don't give much), transforming toys that have weaker plastic than models, or SOCs with a handful of fists, some diecast and a ton of accessories. Oh yeah, and then there are companies that just charge a lot...like Max Factory.

I don't think I'll ever get my Pheyos Valkyrie or VF-4 Lightning from Yamato. But I can get a UM upgrade that makes we want to BUY a 'cheap' repaint. For someone who can't afford variations of the same figure, or doesn't buy repaints, this is noteworthy.

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> ...Of course, you may be just taking a brief
> opportunity to bust Transfan balls and never
> intended to be taken seriously!

You underestimate me Galvatron... er I mean Sanjeev. What I mean to say is I don't find it particularly mind blowing. The trailer mode is a pretty unimaginative box that doesn't even have a working hitch. Some of the other accessories seem pretty B-Club like. 15 bucks for a little sword? B-Club charges that for some hands or a little GM shield. Although, the fact that this is limited release and hand painted does drive the cost I know. It just seems kinda blah for all the hype.
I agree, $15 does seem a little much for the sword. makes me wonder how much the matrix will come out for? VF5SS, you touch upon the one thing that keeps me from being a devout TF fan. Yes, the transformations are awesome, but the realism drains on me after a while. That's why I bounce from Macross, to TF, to Gundam, SRW and whatever else falls between. I do wish there was more to the trailer mode, other than storage purposes, I probably won't keep it displayed as a vehicle. I guess that's why gobots didn't have the same allure as TF for me.

But...the trailer helps the cab looks less..um...naked. It be extra cool if the trailer became a battle base, like with Rodimus Prime or Powermaster Optimus. Then again this is a small company getting on its feet, perhaps they'll do more amazing stuff in the future.

TFX-01 Alt Prime/BT Convoy Upgrade Kit (gas can gun)

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I still need to find a Classics UM, otherwise, my optimus will have to play dress up as a stand in when the set arrives.

Is it worth it in the end?
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