Transformers Animated...I got sucked in...Damn!

Posted by Marvin Lee 
Short of the original G1 shows I never got into ANY of the spin off/alt universes so when I saw Transformers Animated I REALLY hated the animations. Still do. Way more cartoony and the human characters look worse than they do on the titans they look JUST like the way the characters use to look on Inspector Gadget.

Now the story lines have been Awsome! The writing has been good everytime and I love the way the plot line develops. Megatron as just a powerful and having to use his intelect to bring his self back. There aew a lot of robocop references too. Detroit being one and those robots that are designed to help the police are just like the ones on robocop. I'm getting caught up on all the episodes now. Having the dinobots being created by Megatron but altored by the allspark making them anti-autobot/decepticon took the original idea and pushed it.
They had a scene where Prowl was in motocycle mode telling Bumble Bee to fit in beter when in car mode. The first thing I thought was "He's a motorcycle with no driver and he talking about fiting in?" THEN BUMBLE BEE SAYS THE EXACT SAME THING! Then Prowl creates a hologram driver that looks like a human version of himself.(and a little like the hologram version of the driver in the movie.)TBrillant! he old show would have let that obvious point slip.

A couple of comparisons with the original can'rt be helped though.

1. Starscream is a badder ass on this new version vs. the old but doesn't have as much back talk.

2. Dito with Bumblebee, but way more back talk. He's a lot more intresting charcter here than the old version. I like the new hot tempered, act first mentality vs the old save me too guys of old.

3. Megatron has smarter plans but doesn't take as much crap as he did in the old version.

4. Blitswing having three different faces to match his three different forms makes sense to me and is very comical.

5. Rachet is a mixture of the original (who had little personality if any) iron hide and Kup. Basically he's the Transformers versions of Dr. MCCoy from the original Startrek.

6. Bulkhead. Comic releif but hell he took out ALL of the Dinobots. Something no TF could do in the original series. Honestly isn't he a TF version of Broadway from Disney's Gargoyles? Isn't it even the same voice aka. I know it's the same as Patick Star from Sponge Bob but I swear that's the same voice as Broadway. Hell I'll look it up if it keeps bothering me.

7.Prowl. I first had a problem with the new prowl becase the G! was locked in my head but after thinking about it this new one makes more sense. Anyone names prowl should be a ninja type not a white car with flashing lights. (I know the new one has lights too but you know what I mean.)

8.Jazz. Probable the best homage to the original. The face of the nw Jazz even looks like a cartoon version of Scatman Crothers. (The voice of the original Jazz.)

9.Ultra Magnus. No longer Prime's #2 but the Head dude. (Is this the same voice of Ultra Magnus from the original TV show? I know the person is doing a DAMN good version of Robert Stack (The voice of Ultra Magnus in the original movie.)

10. I hate Optimus Prime on this show. He looks more cartoony than the rest and the worst drawn. The blue lips bother me. Better when he brings up his mouth guard. The voice is too yong. Optimus Prime was always a match for Megatron. He was DESIGNED to stop Megatron in the original but this one is too weak. Not Roddimus Prime weak but close enough. and bo gun just an axe. I know they took the guns from all of them and gave them "unique weapons but still. Also one minute he's a futuristic can trailer truck, one minute he's a firetruck the next he's a dump truck. Can someone explain that one to me. I might have missed that episode.

Rumor mill.

I hear that since this is in the future that the reason that Ultra Magnus is the big bad leader is that he is the same Ultra Magnus from the G1 show. and that this new Optimus Prime is a relative, grandson? new model? of the original Optimus Prime. The new Prime washed out because of the pressure to fill the old man's shoes and is why Ultra Magnus takes such a keep intrest in him. Rachet was supose to be the original but older like Ultra Magnus. BUT he was one of the ones EVERYone saw get killed in the original movie. and how does this explain the other charters like Starscream? Well he did get his body back in the original. Did Galvatron become Megatron again. He is a LOT older than the new Prime so I guess he could be the same guy but wiser.

My head hurts now....

I will say that the toy like is the closest TF line to look like the animation I have EVER seen. They must have designed the drawing and the toy at the same time? Did they?

Head hurting again...

Good night.
I've been feeling the same way about the show. I STILL loath the art style and won't be buying the toys from the line but the characters themselves have been pretty good.

One complaint I've been having is not so much Sari but the fact that she uses that key too damn much and that it pretty much does whatever the plot demands.

I tried but I can't actively call this the worst Transformers show. My intelligence was far more insulted with the 2007 movie than this show.


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I don't like the character design much, but I keep watching it week after week. It's a good story, and a lot more involved than the recent Japan-made cartoons.

Also, when did the Allspark doohickey replace the Matrix? I feel really out of touch for asking this. Is this something they conjured up for the movie, or was it around before then?
I've really enjoyed the series so far. I'm still not a huge fan of the character designs and 'Teen Titans' aesthetic, but the best animation in the world wouldn't save the show if the stories were trite and pointless (as they often were in G1).

The TF:A Megatron is my favourite depiction of Megatron since Beast Wars. He is dour, relentless, wickedly inventive, and comes off as the extremely dangerous opponent that he is. I am very glad that they play him straight, and not in any way comical (apart from his occasional dark irony, which suits him).

I also like that the new Starscream is far more effective than the original. In this you can actually see him as a potential threat to Megatron's superiority, but at the same time see why Megatron keeps him around.

There is way too much Sari, but again, that's a concession I'm willing to deal with for the sake of good stories. I think we'll eventually find out that Sari is a robot built by Sumdac, maybe even with a spark, and that's why the Allspark was drawn to her. They've been hinting at that for a while now. I also wonder if there's any significance to 'Sumdac' being 'Cadmus' spelled backwards.

I'm looking forward to the new toy line. :) I saw Sentinel Prime and Ultra Magnus, and those toys look great. Ultra Magnus is a king badass with that giant hammer! And Grimlock is a must-have.

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This show has been on the air for how many months now? I have not seen it myself, but every time I am at target, or wal-mart, I try to take a quick look for the toys. Still nothing in sight. When are the toys supposed to be in store?
The toys are coming out in June, even though some have made its way through stores already.

I don't care, I'm not interested in the Animated line.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
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I hated the whole thing, too. Then I saw a few episodes and really fell for it. There are still some character designs I don't like - both in the show and translated as toys - but I gotta say this is the most fun I've had with Transformers since the original show and the latter couple of seasons of Beast Wars (*not* Beast Machines).

Totally converted...
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The Ultra Magnus toy that was revealed this weekend looks like a bunch of fun. One of the few without a cartoonish vehicle mode.
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The fact that this show started in December, and the toys aren't going to be out till June is totally ridiculous. Way to go Hasbro.
The show itself isn't really bad at all. I still don't like the art style but I think the show is at least entertaining. Transformer shows seem to benefit from the more episodic approach (the way Energon and Cybertron was done, made the whole thing drag on way more than it needed to be).


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
Has there been any word of Rodimus Prime or Hot Rod (Rodimus Major, Minor, whatever) appearing in the Animated series? I'm always a sucker for toys of that character.

I haven't really had time to watch more than the first episode of the series, but I'll Netflix the first season when it comes out. It's the only TF series to spark my curiosity since, well, since I was a little kid watching G1. I've pretty much found every series since then pretty loathsome for one reason or another.
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eriku Wrote:
> ... I've pretty much
> found every series since then pretty loathsome for
> one reason or another.

Because they've all been pretty terrible in every respect? Most of the newer animated cartoons seem more like half-hour toy commercials than any sort of kids' show.

Animated at least has entertainment value. I still can't stand the transformation sequences, though. Just transform and roll out, dammit.
I just wantched another episode today and Starscream has much bigger brass ones in this series! He went after Megatron about 5 times and kept going after him! Megatron. i'm liking this version of Megatron more and more because he is a real thinker but doesn't take the crap the original Meg did. This Megatron decided to kill off Starscream early. They also showed Ironhide for a quick moment. They mentioned Headmasters and the Headmaster looks just like Marvel comic's Galacticus them gave the Galacticus Headmaster the Mazinger Z Head landing procedure. Way too sweet!

God I hate they made Prime such a puss.
I was just coming back to the board to recant my old thoughts about this show. The first full episode I watched was the one with Nanosec, I liked it then started watching the rest of the show in reruns on Early Morning. I have missed quite a few important episodes it seems, but I am definitely gonna have to watch from the Beginning again (I think I taped it so I could try and watch it, hope I didn't junk it and tape over it). After seeing Prowl I wanted to see how they'd work him in a Toy, from what I can see on the TF Site, he looks great, prolly one of the only Animated toys I'm gonna add to my collection, though Cybertron Mode Megatron looks neat enough.


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I just watched the episode called Garbage in Garbage out where the series brought in Wreckgar. They managed to bring in that stupid Universal greeting from the 86' movie and managed to figure out a way to get Wreck-gar to say "Dare to be Stupid!" The title song the Junkions sang from the 86' movie. The writters relly did their homework on that one! Also Wreck-gar's voice is weird Al Yankovich singer of that previous 86 song...sweet.

I then saw the episode where they are introducing Blurr. (Didn't transform yet.) Sweet design in car mode. It was a good mix of Transformers/ Fast & Furious.

me like....
BTW, anyone notice that Sentinel Prime looks like like The Tick? Same chin, he's blue, has the little antennas and his legs look like he's got tights on.

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Ha! I can see the Tick comparison. That actually makes me want Sentinel Prime now, although I'll have to find a way to take the plow off.
Sentinel Prime is a dick in the show, as impressive as the toy is, I'm passing for now, same reason I haven't bought Prowl. Now Sentinel Prime would be fucking awesome with his battle mask. That I might buy if its ever made.
fujikuro Wrote:
> BTW, anyone notice that Sentinel Prime looks like
> like The Tick? Same chin, he's blue, has the
> little antennas and his legs look like he's got
> tights on.

Also he is voiced by the same actor who did the Tick. Townsend Coleman.

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Incidentally, the Tick doesn't wear tights. He's naked. Despite the fact that he has pockets...which is rather disturbing.
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