[Masterpiece] MP-07 Grimlock

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Things have slowed down weight-loss-wise, but I'm still at it. I started somewhere around 275 and have got those 4 to go for 200. My ultimate goal is 190 if I can manage it...

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Wow. Really encouraging to hear that. I should use your incentive plan to stay on the hike & bike schedule. ....time to update the positive life changes thread, lol.

Post your opinion for sure when you're allowed to open Grimlock,and enjoyment ensues.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Good luck, fujikuro!
Can't think of a better toy as a reward.

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Better late than never, here's my review for MP Grimlock.

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Ah, I've manged to do it! So, MP Grimmy truly is an awesome figure, but I have a question to those who have owned it for a while: what is the opening flap on his back for? In robot mode, it's right where his butt would be. I thought at first it was there to help hold the dino head in place, but it seems to have nothing to do with it. Any help?

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fujikuro Wrote:
> what is the
> opening flap on his back for? In robot mode, it's
> right where his butt would be. I thought at first
> it was there to help hold the dino head in place,
> but it seems to have nothing to do with it. Any
> help?

I don't have Grimlock in front of me, but I think you're talking about the Diaclone driver seat hatch.

edit: Congratulations on achieving your goal and obtaining your reward! MP Grimlock is awesome!

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Well, is it supposed to be a driver hatch on the Masterpiece? I suppose it could be, but that seems odd...

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Has anyone tried to put a Diaclone driver in the MP Grimlock seat? That would rock if it fit.

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Wow, this is kind of garish.


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personally I'd love to see a blue G2 repaint.

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It needs the G2 comic BIG GRIMM tatto for its arm.
>personally I'd love to see a blue G2 repaint.

I'd like to see a teal G2 repaint.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".



I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
Well, finally got around to taking a pic of Grimmy with a Diaclone driver inside.
This is a neat little feature.
My apologies to anyone who already did this, and I just missed it.

Interesting notes:
1)Not sure how the driver is supposed to fit, but there are slots on the sides of the cockpit, that the driver arms can fit straight down into, or, the arms can be facing forward towards an imaginary steering wheel or whatever.

2)My driver has the big platformshoe magnets, and do fit around the little round peg in the foot area, but I can't help but think that a different driver may sink in more, because there's no way to close the hatch with him inside. Shoulders and head get in the way.

Anybody else know better?
Arms out front:

Arms straight down:

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I had no idea about this... wow. I have some 'leaner' drivers from my Kronoform set. Wonder how they fit.

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.
Ben, I'd love to try a different driver in the cockpit. we'll have to have both on hand someday.
Looks like a stateside release is definitely going to happen. Pic from Toyfair: [www.tfw2005.com].

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Hasbro sez, July 1st available at TRU. Get yer stampede on.
I've got the Takara release. May just have to pick up one of these to have sitting at work where I can more readily play with him! ;) Anyone without one of these, even if you're not generally a TF fan, really ought to pick one up.

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Well, TRU finally got a preorder page up. ETA mid August.

I like it in the dino mode in packaging, like old skool should be.
Man you can't beat this toy with a hose(or stick) for $60, AND free shipping!!

EDIT: Yikes! Price jumped twice in 24hrs. Went to 65, now at $70 this AM. Have to keep an eye out in a week or two at stores.

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That was taken down quickly!

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Sanjeev (Admin)
Okay, so by now, y'all know I don't have an MP Grimlock...and don't have much motivation to get one.

But I'm pissed off.

I was just talking to Ginrai, and he told me that these cheap TRU versions have supposedly been out since the beginning of this month. Yet...no one seems to be able to find them except at flipper prices on eBay. What the fuck?

I'll admit: I'm a fuckface who buys designer vinyls every now and then. NOTHING in this gods-forsaken hobby comes close to the exclusivity of that nonsense. But *this*...THIS is a fucking Transformer toy. Released in the US! You're telling me, there's NO fucking way to get one except with a 100% markup on eBay!?

I'm thinking TBDX anti-flipper coalition. This is idiotic. I don't even want this fucking toy. It about principles now, gods damnit. If a TBDXer spots these things in the wild, he should buy up all he can...then post 'em here. And those eligible to buy 'em should be more than just registered users...I'm talking people who actually post regularly. And the price should be no more than retail (well, plus associated fees: tax, shipping, Paypal fees, etc.).


When a motherfucking Transfomer at retail is harder to get than a motherfucking designer vinyl...that's gotta be a sign of the apocalypse.


'Us Massholes straight up just don't give a fuck. I still pronounce "Mazinger" as "Tranzor Z".'
Google is your friend.


They did have them last week at SDCC, I think it was the Entertainment Earth booth that had them.

Sanjeev (Admin)
Clearly, you mistake me for someone who actually researches TF toys! :P Plus, as I said, this is a toy I don't care about. It's this principle of flipping TFs that blows my mind.

Besides, I dunno man: that post is from May...but, hey, if all the Grimlocks on eBay are from SDCC, then those buying them are jackasses...assuming they hit stores for retail price soon, and are actually plentiful enough for the average moe to get.
Anonymous User
same thing happened to me when masterpiece starscream came out
>When a motherfucking Transfomer at retail is harder to get than a motherfucking >designer vinyl...that's gotta be a sign of the apocalypse.

Lol. I was in Target this evening and they had NO Transformers in stock.

Yeah, I've been noticing since the mid 2000's how fucking lousy the U.S. toy industry has stuff being stocked.

As far as MPC Grimmy, I'll see if TRU.com puts it in stock in August or just go to the one in Times Square.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
I'll get you some, cheap, some'eres, somehows.

Now, if only Takara would've put out some of the MPC's, including Grimmy, under a limited "DIACLONE" packaging, with little magnet footed driver guys included!
Yeah, I remember the problems with finding a MP Starscream at Walmart. Literally, I don't think a single such toy ever appeared on the shelves in this area. I hit nearly every Walmart for a month after it was released and never even so much as saw a label on a shelf for one. I was able to find one later one through a trade, but the fact is, for these exclusive pieces, the distribution is often very spotty.

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Sanjeev (Admin)
Okay, so you guys are saying the real problem is piss-poor distribution, rather than rampant flipping?

I guess that's legit...but I still that condones the flipping we're seeing on eBay. They all seem to be calling the US Grimlocks "SDCC exclusives", which they're obviously not.

If the shitty distribution holds true for this release, and the absurd mark-ups continue on eBay, then we seriously SHOULD look out for each other and try to pick up as many as possible wherever we can.

I mean, it's the only way to avoid flipper costs. And remember, once you feed a flipper, 10 more show up at your door.
Well, I like your thinking, Sanjeev, but here's the problem. I go to TRU one day and see they have 5 of these. I come back on here and say, "Hey, there's a bunch of these at TRU!" 5 people say they want them, I spend my time to go buy them, then only two of them pay me. So, not I'm not only out my own time in grabbing them, but now I have to either become a flipper to sell them on Ebay myself, or drive back out to TRU to return them. I love the concept, but the fact is that people are pretty flaky about their promises to buy or pay.

More serious than thou
Sanjeev (Admin)
Ah, true...but my "plan" requires a bit of a revolution in thinking to work. I mean, people should really think about their situation (financial...and retail) and then announce somehow that they'd like some help getting one of these. And that can be done well before the toy actually comes out.

Of course, that tactic can only mitigate any potential shenanigans. I say, if you go to TRU and see 5 of whatever on the shelf, *don't* wait to go home and announce that you have access to them. Hopefully, you should already have at least some idea of how many folks need them. Either way, immediately buy all 5 (or just 2-3 if you happen to know ahead of time ONLY two people are looking for 'em).

If you end up with any extras, throw 'em on eBay with a minimum bid of exactly retail + tax + 10% (or whatever percentage eBay fees average out to). Boom. Done. If there's a bidding frenzy, such is life: you did all you could to avoid flipping by listing it at a reasonable price and letting the market dictate the final price.

Clearly, I've been thinking too much about this crap! :P

Anyway, buying 5 of a ~$100 toy isn't exactly small potatoes...but again, this is something that can be mitigated with communication ahead of time. If some folks are willing to do it (heroes like repairtechjon!), that's cool. If some folks have access to the toys, but no bread, maybe those who need the toys can paypal those with access ahead of time. Like I said, a revolution in thinking...

I swear to fucking gods...if I live to see TFs start ending up like designer vinyls, I'm going to shoot myself in the face.
Maybe it was just because I got to SDCC a day late, but the only MP Grimlock I saw in US packaging was at Hasbro's booth with a big COMING SOON sign on it. If Entertainment Earth had them, they were all gone by the time I got there. Lame.

The girl at Toys "R" Us told me they had them on Monday and when I got there, there weren't any. I assumed it was because my area (San Francisco bay) is loaded with scalper scumbags who make it impossible to find anything but the most overproduced toys. Maybe she was lying and was really too lazy to check. I NEVER saw a single MP Starscream at retail and only saw two Skywarps, both of which were totally broken with partially opened packages. I only ever saw one Animated Arcee at retail (which I bought). But the bay area's scalper scum are pretty notorious and this goes back a long time. Never ever saw a Transmetal 2 Blackarachnia at retail either, for the record. But hey, if you went to a local toy show, you'd see like 10 of them, all for a nifty $30 mark up.

Anyway, I'm totally buying the Japanese Rodimus and not dealing with this crap. I think it looks way cool. I DID watch season 3 of the Transformers when I was a kid and while I did see the movie in the theatre, Rodimus is the toy I wanted (and got) that Christmas.

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I was only at SDCC on Thursday and definitely saw them available at the Entertainment Earth booth:


It seems big cities have a hard time keeping the good stuff in stock. In Salinas were I live I haven't had much trouble finding the few TF items I'm interested in between the local Target and TRU. Of course if I was looking for Wrestling figures, I would be shit out of luck.

Well, on the other side of this, there are still MP Skywarps at my local Walmart going for $25 a pop. Ginrai, if you want one...

More serious than thou
Anonymous User
fujikuro Wrote:
> Well, on the other side of this, there are still
> MP Skywarps at my local Walmart going for $25 a
> pop. Ginrai, if you want one...

hey um you want to pick me up one of those?...
I never saw any MP jets in stores either.

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I didn't think they were out yet... But before we get all crazy, most tformers show up in abundance eventually. The exceptions seem to be stuff that comes at the tail end of the line (alternators ravage, etc) and freaking store exclusives at stores not named Target (which unfortunately masterpiece grimlock and animated arcee, neither of which I've seen in LA, are).

Thank bay, frank and sons, etc., and just be thankful you don't collect superhero figures or (shudder) hot wheels. 90 percent of the guys who line up outside of stores before they open to get new toy shipments go straight to the hot wheels aisle (before they obliterate the rest of the toy section). And be thankful you're not collecting the new web exclusive he-man line, I swear that matty collector site goes down every time they have a new release. It could be Prince Adam in a tutu and it would sell out in minutes.

On a side note, I thought they were withholding these from stores until after SDCC, so they should only be showing up now, right?

And Target has no Tformers right now because they clearances out the movie stuff and haven't put out the new line yet. In fact, I've only seen the new stuff at Toys R Us and Kmart. The entire Target toy section is pretty much barren, but the resets should come soon.

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Grimlock is a Toys "R" Us exclusive, though.

Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: [www.destroyallcomics.com]
Yeah, I mentioned that in my post. Just saying that it's still really early on in distribution. I haven't even seen any sighting reports. And TRU does seem to get sufficient distribution of their exclusives... At least from all the animated ratchets, they've been getting those regularly, and hopefully grimlock is too expensive to scalp as easily as arcee.

On a side note, all targets around me finally reset and have all the new toys in abundance.

And I forgot about the other recent tformers I never found... The classic legends line with warpath, etc. That might as well have been a walmart exclusive, as I never saw even leftovers. But if that freaking tuner mudflap didn't kill the deluxe line, I think the distribution of transformers is ok. We'll see.
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