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Finally broke down and bought one (blue version), when I wasn't planning to at first. Just got a Mini SD card during lunch and testing the sucker. Its really TRIPPY! :D Listening songs from a Transformer LOL.

The MP3 player is not good. Very limited to the bare functions, and the sound quality is not good. Not horrible like some people say, but you really need some good earplugs and very clean MP3 rips to make it sound decent. And it does have a noticable hissing noise when its silent (end of a song). Though the figure is not bad. Like it quite a bit actually. Very articulated, looks very good (though on the simple side due to its size), and actually a simple transformation for once regardless its a modern TF. But you can tell Takara is cashing in big time on this guy, because they skimp on everything (player electronics, plastic quality, hollow hands & feet, paint job not that clean, not high-end finish that you would expect from any MP3 player, accessories...heard the headphone it came with sucks, so didn't even bother). But it sells really well I heard just due to its pure novelty. Count me as one of those sucker. :D

But there is definitely something really strange that makes you smile, when you realize that you are listening songs from a freaking Transfomers. :D So geeky, but so fun as well.
I totally agree about the MP3 player sucking. It hates my truck's stereo, the sound distorts badly. For the price, I was hoping for more. You can't even organize your MP3's in folders. It's so annoying to have it play though all the first tracks to all my albums. Oh and random shuffle would have been a nice feature. It kills it's AAA battery in a few days.

Fortunately Soundwave's bot mode fits in nicely with the Classics line.

The fact that it plays MP3's is the whole novelty of the figure. I wish Takara would have put some higher quality components in. I give it a sold 4 out of 10.

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I'll give it a higher score. 7/10. But I totally agree with you when it comes to the MP3 part. Though I am quite aware of the MP3 suckiness when I purchase it, and try to see it more of a TF toy than a MP3 player. As a figure, I like it very much, pretty much the best looking Soundwave ever made. Pose very well and stands balanced.

But its one of those purchases that I am happy with, but really hard to recommend it to everybody else. :D
I shelled out the cash for this only because I'm a hopeless Soundwave fan. If it had been any other TF character for the size/price I would have passed.

As a figure, it's stellar. I absolutely love it. I don't regret spending the money on it at all.

As for the MP3 player, I've read way too many negative comments on it to invest any time or money (I have no mini-SD card) on it. I've already got a MP3 player and I don't even use that.

I really hope that Hasbro brings this guy over for Classics 2.0. He has the perfect look and perfect scale for Classics. All they'd have to do is rip the MP3 player out and he'd easily be able to pass for a $10 Deluxe figure. Or, they could retool the battery compartment to hold the weapons, retool the chest a bit to hold transforming 'memory cards' and sell him as a set with 4 cardbots at a $20 pricepoint. It would be a shame if they didn't do SOMETHING with such a fantastic little TF.

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I doubted Takara will re-tool it though. Having a cheap version would very likely destroy the Japanese market on MP3 Soundwave. And with the look and finish, its a tad higher finish than the $10 classics. And they might as well make a new toy if the MP3 is out. No MP3 and no cassettes is just weak. But I guess Hasbro can do whatever they please. We'll see what happenes.

eriku, you might still want to get a miniSD card. Just get a cheap one with small memory, like 256 or 512 mb if you wanna save money. Otherwise, the opening may collect enough dust inside the slot, enough to mess up the connectors. Besides, your phone or camera can always use a backup card. :D
You think they'll want to do Blaster like this?


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I wouldn't expect Takara to sell a gutted version, but it seems like something that would be right up Hasbro's alley. Personally I'm happy with what I have. It would be nice for TF collectors to have a cheaper option though, since most people seem to avoid this guy because of the price.

As for the mini-SD, I don't plan to ever use the MP3 so I'm not concerned. And my current electronics use a regular SD card, which is what I originally thought Soundwave used. I didn't even know there were 'mini' SD cards until Soundwave came out. LOL.
eriku Wrote:
> I didn't even
> know there were 'mini' SD cards until Soundwave
> came out. LOL.

Same here. :D

In fact, they already have micro SD, which is even much tinier. However, almost all miniSD card comes with a SD card adapter, which basically is a sleeve connector that turns your miniSD card to a SD card. So no problem of using your min-SD on your other electronics, just like you regular SD cards.
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