These Ratbat frenzy sets on Ebay

Posted by IdleCogz 
Are they all the same set or is there a blue card/purple card difference I should be looking for?

Thanks in advance


I'm speaking of

I realize they are more than likely KO's, just want to make sure if there is one better set, how do I identify it

The ratbat set is the newest one. I got a few frenzy/Laserbeak sets, the quality is actually very nice. No die-cast though. The blue card vs. purple card may just be a difference in the photos. Don't pay over 25-30 dollars.

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Thanks BOO

Thats what I was thinking, just couldn't be sure if it was lighting/poor photos or actually different sets.

I saw a few other sets but they were that transparent plastic I don't care much for, are there sets out there with solid colors for rumble and frenzy?
There are normal color sets. There is a normal Frenzy & Lasrbeak, and Rumble & Laserbeak. There is also a Rumble & Ravage (same card as Rumble and Laserbeak, it's a bit more rare). I was trying to find a Buzzsaw to be honest, but I settled for Laserbeak. It's made very nicely, the K.O. is better than my Hasbro re-issue, it even fits in my old G1 Soundwave, Frenzy dose not. Frenzy will fit in the re-issue Soundwave.

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Sanjeev (Admin)
...But to confirm, no diecast at all? Bummer.

These are being sold by the guy who seems to be importing the Swoop "reissue" as well (another KO)...but Swoop supposedly has all the diecast.

Someone at SDCC was selling a few of 'em for $65 but I didn't bother picking one up. Anyone else grab one? I'd be curious to hear what their quality is like...


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Sanjeev Wrote:
> ...But to confirm, no diecast at all? Bummer.

I can confirm this on the Rumble and Laserbeak sets.

I got a chance to look at the Black KO Optimus Prime, it seemed ok, the paint on the die-cat was a bit sloppy. I did see the swoop too, but I didn't get to handle it. There is a G1 Mirage KO now, and some more G1 Dinobots on the way. I'm still hoping for a clear blue G1 Prime.

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