's out. Start Flingin' yur~ TF sh*t...

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If I unfocus my eyes....I see a 3D sailboat....right in the center.
Sanjeev (Admin)
It's a schoon--oh..waitaminute....
So i totally hated this fucking movie. I am stunned at how bad this was. I did not believe anyone. I thought they were just being whiney fanboys. This movie is terrible and it's not because of how it did or did not follow previous Transformers products. It is terrible because it is two hours of indicipherable CG blobs flying at my face while the camera shakes like a meth addict with Lou Gerhig's disease. I feel like the flipper on a pinball machine. It gave me a splitting headache.

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Hmmm... so far I've not seen any review in here that seems to indicate the movie was "just OK." That's pretty much how I feel about it.

Problems first (since there are more than the good stuff):

Humor in the movie panders to the lowest common denominator. Sure, *I* would have liked to have seen it be a bit more smart than that, but apparently the rest of the American movie-going public wouldn't, so kudos to you, Don Murphy and Michael Bay, for being so very Joe Ordinary. Examples: Bumblebee "peeing" on someone, lame sexual innuendo jokes that a 13-year old would find old and tired, bumbing, stupid parents, racial stereotyping (especially the Indian help-desk guy). Is it racist? Sure. Is it stupid, hells yes! Is it pure America? You bet.

Sam is a dick. He's supposed to be a pseudo-dork - the prototype Hollywood teen outsider, but he exhibits none of those traits. He wants the girl who doesn't have enough self-respect but to go around half-naked, and though he wants to treat her boyfriend like a typical Hollywood teen jock, Sam basically is after all the same things that guy appears to be after. There's no self-discovery with his character, no "changes for the better," or anything like that. He just gets the girl because, basically, she just happened to be there. He's got no traits a girl like that SHOULD find attractive. I hated the guy all the way through the movie.

The fight scenes need to have someone else but Michael Bay directing. Pull that camera back a bit, Mike. Ah, yeah, now we can see what's going on. His direction is poor at best here, so the scenes are confusing, disorienting, and BORING.

Not only is the plot thin, the characterizations flat, and much of the story unnecessary, but they don't even give you much of what you com to see - ROBOTS! I know CGI is expensive, but geez, could we see more of them, and less of the idiotic human characters?

Megatron and Starscream don't show up until the very end of the movie? Blech.

The ending. Dumb. Pure dumb. Megs is that fearsome and yet killed so easily? Dumb.

The good:

I liked much of the transformations and a lot of the opening scenes with the helicopter and Scorponok. The scene with Barricade in car mode menacing Sam is very good and really has you squirming in your seat.

So, really, not a whole lot of good.

Overall, really just a 5/10. OK, but not something I'd see again, also not a total waste of my time.
fujikuro Wrote:
> He just gets
> the girl because, basically, she just happened to
> be there.

No, he gets the girl because he has a 2008 concept Camaro that he only paid $4,000 for.

(How's that, more cynical? ;p)
So now the movie is no more than an advertisement for GM and no longer toys.

The more things change... the more they stay the same.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Despite our lively debates about the racism in the movie, I, too, actually thought the movie was "meh". If fujikuro gave it a 5/10, I'd give it 6/10...still far from "good", but definitely not awful.

Oh, and you want product placement? This shot from's Fantastic Four "Fantasticar" review on CDX just gave me a stroke.

I mean, how completely ridiculous is this!?


But back to TF, I gotta say one thing in its defense: whether you liked the movie or not, the toys are bitchin'. Well....Leader Prime sure as hell is (the others seem a little too basic). Anyway, Prime is easily one of the most satisfying new robot toys I've bought in a while--TF or not!


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I would give the movie 5 out of 10, because I think it's two halves of different movies mashed together: the Spielberg one about a boy and his car, and then the Michael Bay action flick that takes place once the other Autobots (and John Turturro) arrive. I like the first half, could skip the second half.

I haven't gotten any of the toys. I don't have any Transformers any more, and I'm reluctant to start grabbing them again. I was thinking about Leader Brawl, though he seems to have that awful blue camo scheme. Ultimate Bumblebee looked interesting, but Amazon has bumped that up from $75 to $100 now.

I should just get the $10 Bumblebee and scratch the itch that way. Less chance of a letdown.
>I should just get the $10 Bumblebee and scratch the itch that way. Less chance of a letdown.

Which one, the 1974 model or the 2008 one? The 08 version improves all the problems that the first version had. There's also going to a Target exclusive two-pack which will have both versions, which is a good thing since I have a feeling that the 08 one will sell out fast so it'll be another way to get the toy (haven't got any version of Bumblebee yet).


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
Get the 08 BB if you see it, it's a marvel of engineering and one sharp looking toy. Ironhide and Ratchet are my next favs.

I kind of hate Transformers toys in general, but I've picked up all of the movie line so far because the details and designs make them look more like "classy" mecha toys than the blocky, simplistic, bright lumps that all look the same that we've been getting over the last few years.

The new line is just so refreshing that its making me want to collect Transformers again, but I can only speak for myself.

What the hell is it w/ auto maker’s product placement and movies!

Check this:

Iron Man Drives an Audi Source: Variety July 26, 2007

Variety reports that German automaker Audi has partnered with Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures to tie in with the big screen adaptation of Iron Man:

Deal calls for Audi's R8 supercar to be the vehicle of choice for billionaire industrialist Tony Stark when he's not wearing his high-tech suit of armor as the title character.

The upcoming S5 sports coupe is also driven by a lead character in the movie. Audi's A6 sedan and Q7 SUV will make onscreen appearances in the pic as well.

As part of its involvement, Audi will likely pony up tens of millions of dollars to help promote the movie worldwide upon its release, set for May 2. Details of the marketing plans are still being worked out.
Because it's worth it. The target audience for these movies are males 13-35. Prime demographic, and you have the opportunity to flash your product in front of them for much longer than 30 seconds.

I think GM's sponsorship of the Transformers movie was a smart move, it broadens exposure and recognition of their products tremendously.

However, personal experience with Transfans (and admittedly I don't know many) tells me that it's wasted on their market segment, because many of the ones I've known couldn't afford cars or differentiate a Camaro from a Mustang.

Best summary of the movie in webcomic form I've seen up to now.

The funny thing is, all the things that comic makes fun of were my favorite parts. (Except Jazz's voice, that was just unpleasant.) If the movie had been an endless robot battle like the pink furry suggests, it probably would've been dull and confusing.

Roger wrote:

Scorponok loves giving hugs, he just gets confused between putting his arms around people and putting his arms through people.

-Paul Segal

"Oh, the anger is never far, never far." -SteveH
It WAS dull and confusing.

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Transformers TRULY embodies the soul of great Japanese mecha anime.

By that I mean it delivers mecha action in dramatic, beautifully animated, cocktease bursts of ballet mechanique that last 10 seconds and leave you high and dry.

Its like when you buy the Ghost in the Shell, Escaflowne Movie, or Patlabor movies and just skip to the 2-3 scenes of action on your second viewing.
>By that I mean it delivers mecha action in dramatic, beautifully animated,


Transformers? Beautifully animated?

I hope this is about the movie, because if it's about G1...


The original movie is pretty nice. The story is shit, but at least it isn't twice as long as it should be. The new movie has shitty art direction and the action is hampered by shaky cam, bland action movie choreography, and too much clutter.
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