Guidelines for posting links to live aucitons!!

Posted by Erik Sjoen 
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
The ToyboxDX community certainly love data and information about the hobby. Part of that information is prices realized at the end of auctions.
With all the transparency and information out there, the global marketplace for Japanese toys has become a very fast moving and ever changing one.

That said, it is our suggested guideline that posting of such auctions require a little forethought to be fair to fellow collectors. The following is a short list of suggested points.

Guidelines for auction links:

Please no posting of live auctions regardless of the "crazy " price they might be. We all wish to share interesting info , but unless it is your auction, live postings should be avoided.

Please refrain from posting direct links. Even following the end of the auction, the sellers other listings are just a click away and many of your fellow collectors may be bidding on those.

When posting an ended auction please try to do the following:

A screen shot of the auction should suffice, with the seller info blocked out. The seller info, for reasons stated above. Removal of such info should have little or no effect on the exchange of price info, which is the main point of posting auction results.

Thanks and good hunting!

ToyboxDX staff.
josh fraser (Moderator)
Obviously we all know this requires a little more work on everyone's part, and certainly is not as quick as pasting a link. Thanks for your patience and understanding that this is for everyone's benefit in the long term.
what's an auciton?

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