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Steve H

Yeah, that's Tagami's work...he was chara designer, at least for the main characters...

This was supposed to be the big selling point of the show, he was super hot at the time, due to...Ohh, I think it was the manga 'Call Me Wolf'....the brutal violence and rampant sex that was his trademark was utterly missing from Galvion...

Huh. *2* soundtrack LPs...I was only aware of the first, and the 45 single of the OP and ED themes...ahhh, that sad information black hole created when Shogakukan didn't continue their 'Year in Anime' annual review/preview books past 1984....
Yes! Our friendly webmaster friend in Japan was nice enough to translate this for us about the large-scale Galvion toy:


And now you know... the REST of the story!
Does anyone have an MP3 of the main theme? (Along with Dragonar's main theme as well).
More updates from our friend in Japan:

1) Takatoku never released Galvion toys in Japan.

2) The chances of seeing any more Galvion-related toys is slim to none, because KOKUSAIEIGASYA (the animation company), and IMAI and LS (the model companies) are all bankrupt. So whoever told us Yamato is making Galvion toys is a big fat liar.

I don't know how how the bankruptcies that affected the production of the Yujin Circus One gashapon figure, maybe it happened before the last one of these entities expired.
> Oh, and the giant (about 12 inches of cloned cheap plastic crap) Gundam X
> 'airmaster' toy has shown up at the local 'Big Lots' store..bootleg of course,
> I'm debating on it just for the absurdity level....

Pick one up, if it's under $10. I've seen 'em for $15, and it's not really worth that - also, I HIGHLY recommend taking it apart and cleaning the flash from the pieces before playing with it. The plastic is pretty sturdy, but if a piece of flash or a bad tolerance gets a joint stuck, it can be pretty easy to break it.

Machine Soldier2
Roger wrote:

"So whoever told us Yamato is making Galvion toys is a big fat liar."

He's also a weenie and a loo-hoo-hooser.

Hey Toyco are the same people who made those Pre-Transfomers Shockwaves (Astro-Magnum) and the Omega Supreme (Mecha-bot-1) .

Man! why didn't hasbro go and buy the molds this would have been sweet as hotrod or Rodimus instead of that junk they made.
Seriously, does anyone have the MP3 of Galvion's main theme?
Steve H
Vincent, it's doubtful. anything is possible, but...

The music of Galvion is handled by King/Starchild and to the best of my knowledge has *never* been released to CD. Which means only old school fans like myself would have the old vinyl 45 or LP (and I don't, sorry).

Most Old School fans are not inclined to go to the effort to play the vinyl (and thus wear it down more), encode to digital, compress to MP3 then put it out to the net.

Not for a show as utterly obscure as Galvion...At *best* you'll find fans who do that for private use only. See, most of us have this strange habit of respecting the rights of the creators and crap...

(did you try a search for 'Lonely Chaser'? or if someone is honest enough to tag the theme with a discription of the source, it comes from King Records k07s-3066)

As to Dragonar, the Op theme has been released as a CD Single (King/Starchild k10x 23035, 937 Yen), and the BGM albums have also been released on CD, all out of print currently I think. Since this has been bootlegged by Son May and the other Taiwan bootleggers, I'm sure it's out there somewhere...

Frustrating, I know...but the world is such that just because you want it, doesn't mean you can have it. I'm waiting for Pony/Canyon to release the 1000 Year Queen BGM to CD, and Polydor to put out 'Yamato-I adore the Eternity of Love' so I can retire my LP...
Thanks anyway for the info. Yeah I'll look for "Lonely Chaser". At least I have the MP3 of Layzner's opening theme.
Set me flee!


Here are some more pics:

Two parts of the chest look diecast. What's the name of this one again?

Circus 1
Are you fuckin kidding me?
Im right, so whats your problem Esjoen?
You're only half right.

Galvion Circus-1
JK Vinnie. You DID kind of miss the GALVION part. No hard feelings.
Esjoen, you have one of these? Whered did you get it? cause I want one bad!
I may've missed it above, but does anyone know who the mecha designer was for Galvion?
Mecha designer for Galvion? - definetely looks to me like it was the work of Kunio Okawara (Gundam, Votoms, Dougram, most of the Brave series, etc.)
Steve H
Not Okawara...but I'm so bad on reading Kanji for names, I don't want to look more stupid and say what it seems to be..dang it, I have *never* found anything, any rule that says 'use this reading when a name'...

The name starts with the character for 'Dai' or 'Oh', same as Okawara, but I *know* it's not him...

so, someone better than me, go thru the roll call of the main designers...I know it's not Kawamori, I know it's not Okawara, I know it's not Kobiyashi...
According to this website:


the mecha desinger was Koichi Ohata (M.D. Geist, Genocyber, Cyguard). I thought the mecha design style looked familiar. prolly is bad :P
..."Technical Statistics" for the Galvion mecha? I have a couple South Korean-mold Metal Battlers that I want to stat out for the Heavy Gear and CAV tabletop wargames. I bought these in the early 1990s, so I don't know if they can still be found anywhere. Phoenix Model Company in Brooksville, FL used to carry substantial numbers of South Korean knockoff mecha kits but I don't know if they have any now.

They were sold under the Academy label, alongside knockoffs of L&S' Mospeada Armo-Fighter and Armo-Soldier.
Steve H
Tabby: thanks on the name...names are just a bitch for me.. :)

Wasn't Oata a protogé of Okwara?


Not a lot of stats for the Galvion mecha, because the show wasn't concerned with such things...the 'stat heavy' stuff pretty much started back in the '70s with Japanese companies wanting to get a break on US plastic model import tarriffs. See, a plastic toy was taxed at one rate, but a 'scale model' had a lower tax classification...and thus, plamo suddenly got 'serious' with manufactures, classifications, height, weight, power output...all in English, all prominate on the box.

What I can find on Galvion itself.

In robot mode, 7.9 meters tall. It's main weapon is 6 shot missile launcher x2, they're the top of the shoulders one on each side, firing upwards (cover flips up like a zippo lighter, *bambambambambambam* ripple fire).

The folding handgun and shield are considered 'power up' weapons, I can't find *any* proof they're carried so I'm guessing the robot gets them from 'Circus 2', the giant tractor-trailer that is the mobile command center/home/base/repair facility for the 'Circus team'.

Galvion has a 'hover mode'. Wings on the back fold down, small wings pop out of the sides of the feet, nozzels at the calves and the side of the torso jet and let it zoom around quickly.

In Circus 1 mode, and Road Attacker mode (as well as Galvion robot mode), it's a 2 person vehicle, but only *needs* one driver. In car mode it can carry more people, but transforming would be pretty much impossible given the mechanics of how the cockpit shifts around.

Does that help any?
Anyone in Japan talk about Galvion? Aslo is it just me, or does that Monty Carlo (don't know its Galvion name) have a humanoid ala Transformers type face?
Well, the Galvion itself isn't that much a problem. I'm looking for stuff on the Metal Battlers. What I have are the Rhius and the Grian--if those names don't ring any bells, these guys look like the types from the ARII kits called the Laggdol (Ragdoll?) and the Balgus (Vargas?).

Perhaps guys around here have the ARII model kits and can get stats from the boxes?

C'mon, it's not like I'm asking for some passage from the Ectonomicron here. :)
@Steve-H: I have a model of the Circus-1 car mode (non-transformable) and the robot mode shield is a seperate part of this kit that forms some of the undercarrage detail....this little model is listed at 1/48 scale and one of those type of car kits that allowed you to place a little electric motor inside to power the rear wheels...was part of the IMAI Galvion re-issue fron a couple of years ago (can be seen on HLJ)

@Vincent Z: the Monte Carlo's name is Zector (sometimes Wector) and transforms into Circus-3 ... specificly the head on the Convertors toy is NOT the same head as Zector has (which resembles a Macross VF-1S minus the side mounted guns)....this is mentioned in the thread above.

@Stephen: I've got many Galvion kits, and only one has the "specs" (for Galvion himself)..I've got the 1/72 scale Rescue Chaser, Police Chaser, and Atomic Chaser...the 1/72 Balgus and Laggdol...1/80 Zector (non-transformable...3 kits in one...robot mode, car mode, and "middle form" mode kits complete with a little road way display base)...and 2 of the 1/148 transformable Galvion kits (original and a older reissue I believe as one of these has a limited amount of "specs" printed on the box side...) and the IMAI reissue of the 1/48 transformable Galvion and 1/48 Circus-1 car kits combined togther (this is the kit HLJ was selling last year...all in all I have 3 1/48 transformable Galvion kits)....As for the Convertors...I have two of the Monte Carlos ( still carded, the other loose) and a loose Daytona (dunno what it's name is in the Galvion anime)

The convertos came with a set of four "tradeing cards" of the Galvion mecha (the images on these cards ARE NOT accurite to the mecha as seen in the anime and model kits...slight differences, mostly changes to the head)

Specs from these cards:

Indy (Galvion Circus-1)
height - 15.0m
width - 5.5m
length - 3.0m
weight - 40.5t
arms - Super Beam Gun

Monty Carlo (Zector Circus-3)
height - 18.5m
width - 7.0m
length - 3.5m
weight - 42.6t
arms - Laser Gun

D.A.Tona (unknown Galvion name - dunno if it was a good or bad guy)
height - 19.0m
width - 6.5m
length - 4.0m
weight - 38.3t
arms - Breast Missle

X )unknown Galvion name - I believe this was a bad guy in the show)
height - 14.5m
width - 6.0m
length - 4.5m
weight - 43.0t
arms - Shoulder Missle

These specs are different then what the model kits depict...the 1/72 scale model kits are about the same size as 1/144 Gundam kits (which are like 15m tall) so I think they just made up these specs for the Convertors toy line :P
What would you say is the closest approximation of scale for the Converter ones?
@Vincent Z - My closest approx guess of the scale of the Convertor figures from Galvion would be about 1/60. This is judgeing from my 1/80 scale Zector model kit and compareing it to my Monty Carlo Convertor figure (as they are basicly the same except for the head)

However Glavion scale is a tough cookie to crack...

The 1/48 model of Circus-1 (Galvion car mode) that I have is just a little smaller then a compareable 1/24 scale car model...meaning that the car modes are approx twice the size as normal cars!...However, this 1/48 model also contains the interior of the car...which features two large bucket seats arranged side by side with little figures of the two main charactors (one seated to "drive" the other standing in a pose)...these little figures are close to 1/60 scale all on their own...which in turn gives the impression (useing the figures as a guide) that the car mode is four times larger then a normal automobile (the interior alone seems to have more room then a full size conversion van...we are NEARLY talking RV Winnebago interior space here!)...But from the tiny amount of the anime that I did see the car modes doen't seem much larger then normal cars (if they even are)'s that old animation magic thing I guess :P
I'm sure a couple of us were watching this on eBay:


In the last few months, I've seen two of these go up on Yahoo Japan in the last year, and both closed at around 85,000 yen. I can imagine this one would have gone for more if it was being sold from a different location, but who knows. I'd love to get my hands on one of these, that's for sure.
Roger! ROGER!

you NEED this!


(don't get too excited, it's a 'kiddy' book for Galvion..heavy carstock covers to prevent teething, all that...but it's just amazing to me that it even *existed*..)

* * *I writ more because I know more..usually.* * *
Yeah, I saw that, thanks. I'll leave it for Vince.
These might not be "official", but the're damn cool:

Repackaged Select convertors? I assume these were made by Mark. Never seen them in this packaging before.

Auction ended at 35000yen. Ouch.
Agh, I NEED THESE! They're candy toys that were made about five or so years ago.

Mark, if you're not bidding, please send me the auction link.

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