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Posted by Roger 
Wow! I have no idea what Galvion is but I clicked that link, and then the first page on there that I clicked is some kind of fantastic construction-looking mecha in yellow with all sorts of hoses and grittiness. Box says 1/72 kit... are these hard to find?

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.
Most of the Galvion kits are easy to get, and very cheap on Yahoo Japan. The 1/120 ones are on the rare side but they're out there.
Roger Wrote:
> Look at that lonely 1/120 kit. The text says were
> going to do more.

There's another one representing the MB-alpha12. For 100 yen kits, they are pretty cruddy (snap-fit, but rather off-model). Most vintage candy kits are better...

Sometimes cruddy is goody.
Almost a Circus 2!

(Its from CyberFormula but looks pretty close)

Found here:

Awsome thing is those "supercars" versions of the galvion toys are packaged in styrofoam! :D

Also if you are looking for Galvion model kits it seems the 1/100th scale 3-in-1 Galvion kit was also released individualy. Couple of such on Yahoo Japan right now.

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Sanjeev (Admin)
Fucking awesome. Makes me wanna bust out my Convertors I got from Rog...
Anonymous User
Lonely Chaser

Any information if this thing will be available commercially, or is it just a one-off or something for Wonderfest or so...?

MattAlt (Admin)
Like most things sold at WonderFest it is exclusive to the event.
the designer would like to apologize for not making it transform to Road Attacker mode.

that mode was probably designed later because the rear wheels totally don't fit with how the robot transforms

color pics of the T-rex kit
Sorry for reviving an old thread, but look at this crap:


I just sold my broken D.A.Tona for $10. I can't believe somebody's about to pay $41 for this piece of shit figure. $20 max, maybe, but that's a little ridiculous, especially considering how crappy the actual figure it is, regardless of rarity.
There's something about fully chromed heads that just screams 80's.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
Sanjeev (Admin)
Actually, I've seen DATona's go for more than that...but they were always carded. I can't remember the last time I saw a loose one (let alone loose and minty)...

Oh, it's a terrible toy, but all in all, $41 ain't bad for it.
Anonymous User
It might be a bit off-topic, but I got the Transformers Classics/Universe/whatever DRIFT, and it's got a really great Galvion feel to it. Probably more Galvion than Transformer.
I got it too...I see what you mean, but the head sculpt is just too humanlike for me to look at & go "Galvion!"
Anonymous User
Good point. Maybe if I chrome it! (And I must give my wife the cred for getting Drift for me for christmas!)
Chrome it, paint blue over all the red, and put a clear visor over the eyes (and maybe a mask over the lower part of the face...make it look really VF-1 ish) then perhaps :3
That damn thing went for $96!!!
Here's a Galvion kit I've not seen before...

There's a whole slew of kits. That's one of the better ones, despite being small-scale. Most are kinda inaccurate...

Anonymous User
My personal favorite Galvion kit:

lawl-o-rific. XD
So I got that Circus-III kit. I'm gonna try to tackle it...any tips? I've built HG Gundam kits before, but never anything of this difficulty. I've never paited a model kit, either.
The Galvion 3 1/80 kit is nearly snap-fit, but needs some minor work to look good.

Instead of rehashing basic modelling techniques, I'll just link you to this: []. First four topics (or more), + look up how to use modelling putty, because the kit has some nasty sink holes.


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Thanks! I've already built the robot-mode kit, need to paint it now. Pretty cool.
So I seem to have found some Japanese fan's lament of Galvion's unfortunate early demise:


On the other hand, the guy appear to have a pretty high quality version of the anime, if his other videos are anything to go by (probably a rip from the Laser Discs?)

Edit: Oh, be sure to have a look at the site linked, because it has a page with pics of protoypes of the ARII model kits that didn't go into production!

Linkie: []

1/32 Circus 3, enemy mecha, etc.


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Google translation of the models list from the Galvion Wiki linked from the Youtube vids ([]):


◆ - Imai;
1 / 48 Variable Garubion 700 yen
1 / 48 Garubion yen Circus 600 Ⅰ
1 / Johnny 72 SP (Excalibur) Not Available
1 / 72 MB-α3 · Butler Metal Bideusu Not Available
1 / 72 MB-α10 · Butler Metal Gorham Not Available
1 / 32 Variable Garubion Ⅱ Not Available

- ◆ - arii
1 / 100 yen 100 Garubion Road Fighter
1 / 100 yen attacker Garubion Road 100
1 / 100 yen Garubion Circus 100 Ⅰ
1 / 3 type Garubion 100 500 yen
1 / 80 Garubion Zekuta 100 yen
1 / 100 yen Zekuta 80 intermediate-
1 / 80 Zekuta yen Circus 100 Ⅲ
1 / 3 type Zekuta 80 500 yen
1 / 72 MB-α4 · Butler Metal Ragudoru 300 yen
1 / 72 MB-α11 · Butler Metal Vargas 400 yen
1 / 72 Rodomashinna Rodocheisa 300 yen
1 / 72 Cheisaporisu Atomikkucheisa 300 yen
1 / 72 Rodomashinna Buresutocheisa 300 yen
1 / 72 Cheisaporisu Resukyucheisa 300 yen

- ◆ - Eruesu (LS)

1 / 72 Road Fighter yen Garubion 300 Ⅰ
1 / 72 Road attacker yen Garubion 300 Ⅰ
1 / 48 Garubion Ⅱ Zekuta Not Available
1 / 72 Not Available Garubion Circus Ⅰ
1 / 72 X · Margot Not Available robot type
1 / 72 MB-α7 · Butler Metal Raiasu Not Available
1 / 120 MB-α7 · Butler Metal Raiasu 100 yen
1 / 120 MB-α12 · metal Butler, Brian 100 yen

Which means that all Metal Battlers would have gotten kits, if 3 of them had not been canned, but only two of the transformable enemy designs would have had kits...

The toy list lists three additional toys, and mentions that the large scale Galvion might have been sold under another name:


★ Toys ◆ - 1 / 48 Perfect Transformation Garubion;

→ Circus Garubion I can transform a toy.
The launch had been planned from Takatokutoisu main sponsor,
Not Available in the company ended in bankruptcy.
出回Ttarashiku around Tokyo's wholesale district several years after the program end,
And that he also owns Oohata Kouiti mechanical design.
"Ultra-catastrophe Asutoromagunamu electronic robot" that is said to be non-copyright goods sold as a mold taken off a company known for such Toiko.
TYCO some places on the net but he writes Corp., which Toiko (TOYCO) Inc.
TYCO spread seems to be incorrectly written to the magazine company.
(... Please feel free to edit it!)

◆ - Lobo SUPER CAR (Suparoboka);

Mark's (MARK Inc.) toys were sold cheaper version from all four.
To transform from Supakamodo Robomodo.
Garubion representation, though not very similar to the shape of Garubion mechanic.
1 / 48 Perfect Transformation Garubion like, presumably by a different name for sale is taken care plan was released from the mold Takatoku.
JAM was also sold after the product name from the company said Supamashin.
This is all three species, has been removed from Zekuta fake lineup.

1. Montikaruro (Zekuta?)
2 - Indiana (Garubion?)
3 - X (Marugosupesharu?)
4 - Daytona (Excalibur?)
Super Z (Garubion?)
Super A (Excalibur?)
Super X (Marugosupesharu?)

Perhaps Matt could give a better translation of the toys page? I'm very curious about the SuperMachines...


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Not that this has anything to do with the subject at hand, but...the Galvion bug has bitten me. Hard. I HAVE to get ahold of the Super Defenders version (Indy? I think that's Circus-1.) I got all excited because I found one in a junk lot on ebay, but I figured out it's yeah. Any suggestions other than keeping an eye on evilbay? Because that's becoming quite monotonous & frustrating...
Sanjeev (Admin)
Yeah, finding the Convertors is hard as shit. I wish I had advice for ya...

I really would love to see modern chogokin made of these toys, though. Y'know...that weren't crummy. :P
Yeah, me too...and it would seem to be a not so far-fetched idea, too. I mean, there have been multiple Chogos for the Mugen Calibur, and even Sasuraiger has been done (albeit in a non-transformable fasion) by why no Circus-1?
VenomMacbeth Wrote:
> so why no Circus-1?

Probably licensing issues.

I want YOU for Moé Sucks Army
The company that produced the anime went bankrupt back in the 80s, didn't it?

The toy right are likely split between Takatoku/TYCO/TOYCO (whoever did the large toy) and the cheapie manufacturers...

All of those companies, including Mark & Select (the ones who released the cheapie Convertors toys) are all the "rights" even exist anymore?
MattAlt (Admin)
do the "rights" even exist anymore?

Of course. I'm sure the toy license has long since expired, but the rights to the character are most definitely owned by someone (either Kokusai Eigasha, the anime company who produced the show, or TV Asahi, the sponsor, or more likely a production committee that includes both and many other parties.)
Ugh, why must I like such under-merch'd fandoms? *sigh*

Anyway, I'm gonna try to track down a 7" single of the OP from the show. There's one on ebay right now, but $50 for any record is a bit steep for me...

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Don't. The theme music got reissued on CD like last year.

CD Japan shows it as "available" here: []

But I happen to like records. :3 In fact, I prefer it, now that I don't have an mp3 player to put the song on... *sadface*

review of the T-rex limited Galvion
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