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cohiba Wrote:
> The thing has been seen in many a photo book, but
> if there is interest I will post pics of the prototype toy of Galvion...

Count me interested..!
So one of those elusive and very rare Takatoku Circus-1 toys showed up on Yahoo Auctions Japan (ended auction, don't worry):


Only 60,500 yen...(started at 2,000).

Looking at it, and because it still shows up quite often, I wonder how it was sold or distributed. They never have:
- gun and shield
- stickers
- any paperwork and box

So...production samples? Or very limited production that only consisted of the base figures, with no paperwork, stickers, accessories, and box produced (yet) and dumped at the demise of Takatoku (possibly in baggies)?
I think it's spelled out earlier in this thread, but it is said they were completely unauthorized and went out the back door of the factory in baggies.
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Could someone with a Yahoo JP membership please repost the auction pics? I can't see the closed auction. waahhh....
Here goes...
open | download - kanayagotos21-img600x450-1227014190ca320472.jpg (30.2 KB)
open | download - kanayagotos21-img600x450-1227014426ca320470.jpg (30.4 KB)
open | download - kanayagotos21-img600x450-1227014234ca320475.jpg (30 KB)
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Wow, its a little on the simplistic side. I wonder if it would have been a real shelf-warmer in its day.
Too bad that specimen had the broken ankle. Probably would go for closer to 100,000 for a perfect specimen. I got mine for about 65,000 but that was a while ago, and it was not broken....
nemeos Wrote:
> also... could someone post a transformation
> sequence instruction/pictorial for the little
> select/mark galvion toys?
> thanks in advance :3

These are the best pictures I've ever seen of these toys (includes transformation sequences)




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Note that the X example is missing its forearms.

What odd but cool little pieces these are. I've got a couple of X (one with its Convertors packaging & trading cards), and its actually pretty nice. Some heavy diecast in it.
His Indy is also missing the shoulder wings. These break on almost every toy.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Damn, Scope!

Thanks for posting those links. D.A. Tona was one of my favorite toys when I was a kid!
So it lacks the Middle Mode (car with extended arms/legs)...
Holy shit, I LOVE the faux Takatoku style box!:

Dunno if this has been posted yet...


Has some scanned color artwork for Galvion (as well as Southerncross)

Finnaly get to see some decent images of what that red 'X' convertors toy is suppost to look like.
*saves pictures*

Those are the same colors as the artwork for ARII's unreleased Galvion kits that are shown on the sides of some model boxes. Artwork which is shown on the poster on page 3 of that thread - AFAIK some of those kits have never been released, even though they have kit numbers that are lower than that of the last kit released (Rescue Chaser).
So the guy on page 4 that seems to be very happy that some of the bad guy mechs are available as kits is going to be disappointed - only alpha-4 (nice kit) and alpha-11 (this one is awfully inaccurate) are available as 1/72 kits, and alpha-7 and alpha-12 (not pictured) are available as 1/120 kits with horrible detail.

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Jesus H. Christ!

They re-released the Galvion Soundtrack on CD last month:


...could this mean a DVD-box might come in the future? I take it they wouldn't re-release only a soundtrack...

If you ever wondered what Galvion the show looked like...
VF5SS Wrote:
> []
> If you ever wondered what Galvion the show looked
> like...

Don't get too excited. The best animated part of the show is the intro. The rest is kind of baaaaad.
Nice find!

>Don't get too excited. The best animated part of the show is the intro. The rest is >kind of baaaaad.

Unfortunately, yes. Those have got to be some of the worst character designs from the 80's. They've got noses you can poke an eye out with.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
with special guest star, Chirico Cuvie.

edit: ok I guess episode four has some decent animation in the fight towards the end. I guess every 80's mecha show has to have at least one good battle.

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open | download - galvionchirico.JPG (14 KB)
Yeah, I knew it would be bad...make that *shudder*B-A-D!*shudder* going in.

Just so cool haveing one of your "holy grails" popping up out of the blue like this...for FREE too!

Holy Grail as In I've been wanting to see the show that gave us those convertors toys...sense...well the toys came out all those years ago. Such an obscure little show, all these years with so little info, then POW! AWSOME!

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Also note that in episode 4 the Galvion kills the badguy using Daitarn 3's DAITARN CRASH.
Vincent Z. Wrote:
> Unfortunately, yes. Those have got to be some of
> the worst character designs from the 80's. They've
> got noses you can poke an eye out with.

Vince, don't you DARE rip on Yoshihisa Tagami or I will rain down upon you with vengeance and furious anger!!!
Wow! This anime is full of transformable car mecha. Ohata ust have been working overtime comeing up with them. :D
Well watching the show made me realize that out of all the things a robot can turn into a car is probably the simplest in terms of animation and action shots. I feel bad for those guys in the generic black car who die every episode.
Anyone else having massive problems watching these?

I've updated to the latest Flash Player available for my system, and either the main video doesn't load, or it breaks off halfway through... Tried both Mac and PC, no difference :(
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Same issue here with the video files. Dunno what's up with that.
maybe someone got wise to the sudden increase in traffic and the videos were pulled.

Same thing happened on niconico doga
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Figures. I usually nab things like that and re-encode them for my iPod to watch later off-line.
Don't tell me i missed those...

Anyone saved them? Also, how's that scan coming along Thomas?


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Oh well, at least I able to sample the first episode. Seeing how truly awful looking the series was, it kinda puts things in perspective as to why that big DX Galvion toy was never released and no one talks about the anime outside of super hardcore mecha otaku. Being that 1984 was such a great year for mecha anime (L-Gaim, Macross DYRL and the Birth OVA), it puts things into even more context that Galvion was just not well received at all.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
Clearly someone has the whole show raw. If I was able to get all of Dorvack in a torrent, maybe someone will yank the raws off the Japanese P2P networks and put them on isohunt or whatever.
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Here's a scan of the 4 trading cards that come with the Select CONVERTORS SUPER DEFENDERS Galvion toys. I picked up "X" moc via eBay several years back, and the blister popped off cleanly during shipping, which seems to be a common problem with the Super Convertors. (Scored it for only $5, so it wasn't a big deal.)

It came with 4 different cards, one of each of the Super Defenders Select released, I assume:

...Were there any Super Maladroids, I wonder?
Sanjeev (Admin)
LOVED these as a, I should try tracking down these Super Defenders down!

Thanks so much for posting these, Ray!
Anonymous User
Yer welcome! If anyone wants nicer-quality scans in psd format for reprinting, just drop me a line.
The humanoid face on Monty Carlo gives off a Diaclone/ G1 Transformers vibe.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
I came across this page that seems to list all the released and unreleased Galvion kits:

Look at that lonely 1/120 kit. The text says were going to do more.
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