[RUMBLE] - Fight! Claritin Robo!!!

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Welcome to the official discussion thread for this Rumble.
Me, what i got are the McDonalds Big Mac, Fries, and Coke Transformers.
Three words: TOY OF THE YEAR.

Wait, that's four.
Actually...of all toys, I have the entire set of Alphabetbots...^_^ The Rumble certainly brings up memories...time to go to the basement and find them in the box of "forever forgotten TOYS!" Thanks for the Rumble Rog! The best looking one of 'em? "N"-bot...
Woo! My Mom works in a pediatrician's office. I'll ask her if she can get any info about this. Her house is filled with drug company pens, mugs, note pads, magnets, letter openers, kittens, highlighters and mini-flashlights. It's about time we get some drug company robots. Though I have to wonder why Claritin would chose a robot that turns into the letter 'N' as their mascot. Shouldn't it be an inhaler or something?

Actually, I don't wonder why. It's likely because they can get oodles of these things for cheap, and they must be easy to print on. We should get some printed up for our events and gatherings ne?

Hey Josh B., why not have some made up for East Coast Summit '03? You could give out the letters of each persons name or something. They would be like convention exclusives.

Thank you
THIS ISN"T FAIR!!! My old man's a doctor and all we get from the frickin drug reps are pens!!! THIS SUCKS! That does it, I'm protesting!!!!
Still more proof of how much of the huge cost of drugs in the US is made up of the marketing expenses of freebie promotional drug rep crap like this.

But I still want one! ;-)~
cae (Admin)
I wanna Valium Robo.
ooOOooh! and a Viagra Robo with telescoping action!

Matthewalt "I actually kinda LIKE that approach! You know: let's make a TOY. Remember those? Products designed to be played with without breaking? DO YOU REMEMBER, LOVE?!"
Bald Evil
That is the weirdest thing I have seen this week. More weird than the wonky-eyed jewel squid; more weird than the boxing squirrels. I have failed my Will save, I am stunned for 9 rounds.
In case it wasn't clear, the Claritin Robo that I have turns into the letter "C". I don't know if there are other letters with the Claritin logo on it, I guess it's possible.

I had a feeling that as soon as I got the word out about this guy, "the network" would help me in my quest for other Claritin Robo artifacts. Keep looking, guys, and thanks!
We need more of these things, OVER THE COUNTER MED ROBO!

"Building you a better model tomorrow instead of today"
"In case it wasn't clear, the Claritin Robo that I have turns into the letter "C". I don't know if there are other letters with the Claritin logo on it, I guess it's possible."

Well, it's clear if you *look* at it. It's not clear if you absorb the vibe of the rumble through osmosis as I did. Really, Roger, you need to be more accomodating to those of us who choose alternative web surfing lifestyles.

Thank you
Thanks to Rob Duban, who found the originals.




I was just thinking about the Great Claritin Robo Hoax of July '03 and wanted to resurrect this thread.

(okay, so maybe it wasn't that great)
You bumped THIS, and not Chris flaming Matt when he was selling stuff before moving?


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man i HAVE a claratin robo! seeing all of the numbered and lettered originals really makes me want a set now
The return of Numberbots?

Oh wow those are boss!
Woah...those combining numberbots are great!
Does it say on that page who makes them?
Yep! Those number bots look awesome! Are they prototypes or is that pics of production pieces?
Anonymous User
Can't keep good Alpha-bots down!


Get yer gestalt Number-bots here:


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