Simple Change Getter-1 from S.H.E.

Posted by Michael Chan 
Michael Chan
For those of you who missed the "Big Brother" Perfect Change Getter Robo, here comes the smaller Getter Robo (10 cm high) with a "smaller" price tag of 7,800 yen. Here is the link: []
Wasn't G28's name Michael Chan? Am I just completely confused?
Nice. It also looks better than the PC Getter Robo probably because it does not have to change into 3 robot modes.
Does it say it's only 10cm tall in the website?! Gosh, that's small!

And is this supposed to a fully-coloured toy or resin model?

Amuro-Ray, all SHE stuff is resin model .. although the getters are pre-painted, pre-assembled. I use to own the CV shin getter 1 .. it is an engineering marvel but a) it is fragile, and b) its paint is not as shiny as a SOC's.
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