Next SOC should be.......

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I know its not the most popular, but - I'd like to see an SOC Dangard Ace! I have the GA79 DX... still feel it could have been done better as a die cast DX... (Well for those of you who know there was/is one...) Also I would not mind having an SOC Daltanious for that matter either even though the DX was done quite well. As for the Getta series 123, Dragon etc... just not a fan of that robot/series - if that one/set is the next one/set coming out, it will be the first SOC that I will not buy.

I know the Voltron series has been played out / knocked out by every conterfeit repro etc... still I'd would not mind a more refined updated SOC of Golion and Dairugger! I know the GB72 diecast has some conversion features but it does not split fully into 15 vehicles - love to see a diecast that splits into all 15 vehicles! As for Golion, I still love that guy, but I hate all those lionbots, timebots, trendmasters unholy creations, etc...

Love to see a more refined version of the Golion but I think World Events productions has the license to the characters - don't know if they would even allow Bandai to do it... what do you guys think?

Oh... forgot to mention, I know I've said it before, out of all the large diecast size robots - I say that the Voltes V was the best made diecast ever! I was a bit disappointed when SOC combattler came out - not sure exactly what it is about the SOC combattler that bothers me - may be its the wide leg spread, no shooting mechanisms, etc? Still I'd like to see SOC Voltes V but with missiles, the works!
Ah, screw it... no chance of it happening in a million years, but I'd like to see a SOC Reideen. Seeing as I was very young when "Shogun Warriors" were cross-imported to the US, I find it amazing that Reideen (Raydeen)'s sleek, neo-Japanese/ancient Egyptian pharaoh look stuck with me. I never owned him as a kid, either Jumbo or Two-In-One. Just had a second-hand Dragun with no "cape" and one axe. Loved that guy, but always liked Raydeen. Now I have a (suddenly very affordable) Bandai/Popy Reideen reissue, but would love to have one more along the lines of a heavy diecast version of the MAF.

Like I said, it has a snowball's chance in h-e-double hockey sticks of happening, but then again, who thought we'd be seeing this numbering get up to GX-05 in the first place? Not I.
ya dangard dx was sort of clunky in satelither mode, especially the double-height front fuselage... and the "stilt" wheels in the back rival Combattra's suspenders for poor design afterthought.

Dangard could have a proto-valkyrie transformation feel if it were done right.
Actually, when I first started collecting - this is to say when I became an adult - the first robot I was on a hunt for was Raideen! I was asking everyone under the sun if they ever made a Godaiken size Raideen! Man I wished they did. As for the Dangard Ace - I wished the made a DX size Godaikin as well, the GA79 DX just does not quite satisfy my needs - I like them BIG, REAL BIG!

I know there is this fascination with miniaturization in Japan, but some how I always wished that all the diecast were BIGGER! Miniaturization is just not for me!

I was not crazy for the God Raideen or the FX Tetsujin remake. The only remake I love is the Mecha looking Mazinga created by Go Nagai back in 1987 for the US Market published by First Comics - a/k/a Mazinga USA in Japan.
As for SOC Raideen - love to see that one too - its got my vote!
Definately would want to see a soc geeg with all the works. Wonder if they can pull off the mini character transforming into jeeg's head? They have done it before in transformers headmasters so there might be a possibility. Voltes and Daimos r also on top of my wish list for the next soc.
I'd go with Jeeg too, but Yujin already covered it pretty well (Horse & full accessories, and two different color releases). Reideen would be nice, but there's nothing you can really do with it that hasn't been covered in older chogokins or the Miracle House version.

My guess would be either Danguard or Daimos, Although they wouldn't be my first choices (they aren't Getter or Mazin, after all), a Daimos that really folded into a truck would be pretty damn cool. A really wild idea would be an SoC Dancougar! It's already had a great chogokin release, but the proportions were incredible disappointing.

My dream SoC? UFO Robot Mazinger, the Grendizer/Mazinger hybrid planned for Koji but never animated. ALMOST unthinkable, but the robot toys nowadays are already amazing!
I'd just be happy with a real sized Gaiking. If they could make one look like the Max Factory kit, It's over perfection.

I know this is not a SOC but that same idea is there. I'd like to see a detailed, diecast 7" G1 Optimus Prime and Megatron designed like the cartoon complete with matrix, axe fist, they could just re-issue the plastic trailer but make roller diecast and have real missle launchers in the gun. Megatron could be complete too with his particle beam cannon, ball and chain, arm force field etc.. Takara could do all the origionals to scale and it would blow the SOC line away!
I would love a SOC Jeeg too. The yujin version is just not diecast. (I heard it is plastic although I don't own a set.)

One thing people have not mentioned yet is the idea of a SOC like line of "research institute" and "secret bases".

The stupid elevator "box" for SOC just does not do it for it.

It will be great if they can make SOC scale "photonic institute" for mazinger, "science secret base" for great mazinger and so on.

I know they have released a line like that for almost all the anime back in the 70s.
Takarajima, a tiny shop in Tokyo, made fairly realistic looking vinyl bases to accompany diecast Mazinger and Great Mazinger. Check out the very first Rumble for pics.

I'd love to see a Dangard Ace SOC, too, but something tells me we'll see more versions of Mazinger and Great Mazinger before we see anything else. Sigh. Much as I love those guys, I'm getting a little tired of seeing nothing but the same three robots over and over again. What I'd really like is an SOC Diapolon! :)

I honestly can't quite grasp why Raideen got an old-school remake while all his Go Nagai brethren get the SOC remake treatment. Hm. I guess the designer of Gundam is second fiddle.... ;-)

If it keeps up that the SOCs are going to be Go Nagai creations, how many more SOCs can they make with his designs?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Gaiking was made by Go Nagai, wasn't he?

The only break in the trend are the SOP models.
Anywya, my dream SOC currently would be in this order:


2 - Gaiking
3 - Dangard Ace
4 - Voltes V (out of all of these, this one is the easiest, just build on and modify the designs for Combattler V)
5 -
Tetsuya Tsurugi
And what about a L-Gaim? It would be awesome!

Tetsuya Tsurugi
Brain Condor on!
L-Gaim wouldn't really be in the running for two reasons:

1: It was never really part of the original chogokin market (unless you High Complete Models)

2: L-Gaim falls pretty soundly in the "Real Robot" category, wheras SoCs are focusing on older Super Robots.

Just to let you know, there are rumours on rec.arts.anime.models that two strong possibilities for upcoming Master Grade kits from Bandai are the Patlabor (Ingram) and none other than the L-Gaim.
Wishes do come true!
I was reading this thread as it was new and then ppl were saying they want a voltes and a reideen and i'm like wtf..

Then i read the dates.. woah freaky.
Anonymous User
The next SOC should be God-friggin-Sigma!
Big Dai-X. They've got to get around to it *sometime*.
Giant Gorg
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
Wow man... All those old names. Really brings ya back. Also didn't "G28" perish in 9/11? Anyone remember this?

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This is a somewhat sensitive subject, but we've discussed it over the previous couple of years here:



This thread still remains a mystery:

Erik Sjoen (Admin)
Yeah, probably bullshit..
Erik Sjoen Wrote:
> Yeah, probably bullshit..

What? That he died or that the later "Michael Chan" is bogus?

Wow. Old memories. Crazy stuff.

I miss the days when I used to care about stuff. :-)

(Like I said in one of those threads, it was bizarre because his "friend" was e-mailing me with very basic updates and thanks for my concern. Nothing outrageous, considering the situation. And he didn't try to drag things out or fan the flames. I guess it doesn't hurt anything for me to believe its true and wish his family well. If it's a joke, well.....I can hope karma is real, eh?)

Dairugger XV(Voltron I)
Big O
Giant Gorg
RX-78 & Zaku taller versions
MechaniKong (w/ Bomb Belt)
Anonymous User
New wish lists!

1) Dancouga Nova (now why didn't anyone mention this?)
2) Perfect Change Getter (from all the series! I think now that Bandai has executed Gunbuster, Godmars and Daimos with perfection, this should be their next toy-origami challenge)
3) Godsigma
4) Daltanias
5) Five Robo
6) Baxinger
7) Dairugger XV
8) Perfect Change Goddaner
9) That Huge-ass SRX-00 combiner from SRW (I'm hopeful now that they've done the horsie)
10) Jeeg (complete with the space-ship-launcher thingie)
11) Gordion

To be frank, I'm running out of SOCs for my want list. My previous ones were all done:

Jeeg (coming)
Daimos (coming)
RX-78 with G-Armor (Metal FIX)

And others in my wish-list were made by other companies:


Hmm... I wonder what else I can ask for.
There's plenty of stuff that would be really awesome, Dairugger and Giant Gorg among them. But at this point all I really want are Rahxephon and Dunbine. Then I'm out.

Of course, if anyone makes a hovertank I'll be all over that too, and I sorta think CMs might at some point, but I'm not about to retain atmosphere in my lungs in the meantime.
The entire Robocon series in all its glory?

Kotobukiya a.k.a. Alblade would be great as an SOC
open | download - b1e7_1[1].jpg (25.3 KB)
Big O and Z Mind!
More Heavy Metals SPECS like L-Gaim MkII, Auge, Batshu, A-Taul and can come with plastic versions of the B-class HM like Geira.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
Giant Gorg.... droooool :P~~~

Also gimme a SPEC Gasaraki series, with Kugai sofubis!
drifand Wrote:

> Also gimme a SPEC Gasaraki series, with Kugai
> sofubis!

Now that would rock! I would love some Gasaraki stuff. Right now, all I've ever seen are the models. I've got these, and they're pretty nice. Just picked up some cels, too. Great designs, especially the Kugai!
Gasaraki is one of those shows where the mecha greatly outclasses the show. There are several other designs that didn't get model kits, but I really can't see something that failed on such an epic scale getting anything until 20 years go by and nostalgia creeps up.

Just like Dorvack.

As for the next SoC, something unexpected, something completely different is in order. Jeeg was a welcome surprise, but something like Dangaioh or Galvion would be nice.
My SOC want list record is scratched and keeps skipping at Iron Giant, Iron Giant, Iron Giant, Iron Giant, Iron Giant....

Yeah, it's a modern American-made robot, but a fella can dream, cain't he?
I would kill for a Galvion SOC with Bandai's sexy engineering skills.
Dangaioh (transformable)
The Big-O (w/ 2nd season armaments)
Reideen (from the 2006 series)
Devil Satan 6
Dancouga Nova
Giant Robo (OVA) & GR-2
Platinum Hugen Ordian
Escaflowne (one that doesn't fall apart)
Cybaster (transformable to cybird)
Getter Robo G, Shin Getter Robo, and Neo Getter (transformable)
Dann of Thursday (transformable)
Vulcan (from GunXSword)
Tekkaman Blade w/transforming Pegas
Tobikage (w/Jyuma Kurojishi, Kuuma Houraio, Kaima Bakuryu)

SOC Spec
Detonator Orgun
Teiring (cat sisters' mecha in Escaflowne)
Kishin Thunder/Dragon/Wind

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eriku Wrote:
> My SOC want list record is scratched and keeps
> skipping at Iron Giant, Iron Giant, Iron Giant,
> Iron Giant, Iron Giant....
> Yeah, it's a modern American-made robot, but a
> fella can dream, cain't he?

Sure and if we're dreaming then let's add Megas XLR list with as many gimmicks as Bandai's engineers can manage before needing a nice rest in the nut house.

But for my *real* wishlist, well most of my remaining wishes have already been posted, namely

Big O (with ALL the trimmings please Bandai)
Gasaraki mechs
Dangaioh, is it even possible, even SHE seem to have given up. :(

And some that haven't been posted,

Gurren Lagann, Arc Gurren Lagann, Galaxy Gur...
SDF - 1, this has to happen eventually
More SRW stuf, SRX and Grungust being top of my list.
SPEC Full Metal Panic, I just saw that Alter Sai's Arbalest will be 14'000yen...
I would kill for a 9-10" Dangaio! But it's combination is almost as bad as a Getter so I would be happy for a non-combining version with four little diecast version of the Danfighters. But you never know, Bandai did make Gunbuster work so I'm sure they COULD make a fully transforming/combining Dangaio with some parts swapping.
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