Art of Advertising Vol. 1: 70's-90's robot toy ads. Transformers, Sentai, Macross, etc.

Posted by Highendtfs 
Just wanted to get the word out about this book...


I bought this a couple weeks ago and have been enjoying reading through it. It's a collection of Japanese toy ads, primarily robot toys. There's Transformers, Beetras, Macross, Sentai, various super robots, Brave, Eldoran, Machine Robo, Diaclone, Microman, etc. Pretty much all the major 70's - 90's robot toys. The ads come from old Japanese kid magazines like TV Magazine, TV Land, and TV Kin.

The printing is good quality and most of the ads you'd never see without spending hundreds or dollars (maybe more) on a vintage Japanese kid magazine collection. The author plans on making more of these (he has a ton more of these ads), if this volume sells well, so I figured I should get the word out.
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