Marvel Comics to feature Tokasatsu Spidey and LEOPALDON

Posted by H-man 
Think the issue came out last week!


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That is cool (and I wonder do they have the rights to Leopaldon or did they have to license it). So are they going to brutally kill him off like they did Spidey and his Amazing Friends?
I picked up the issue (Amazing Spiderman #12) last nite and there's about 3-4 pages devoted to the big fella and the Japanese Spidey... unfortunately, Leo gets destroyed by the big powerful baddie but Japanese Spidey lives to fight another day.

Marvel has been pretty generous on giving supporting characters spinoff series of late (both supporting Spidey character Silk and alternate Spidey-verse Spider-Gwen Tracy are getting their own series) so who knows what the future may hold for Leopardon in the Marvel Universe? It has been getting alot of pub from even mainstream online sites and Marvel officially released two episodes of the Tokusatsu Spiderman for streaming to publicize this book.
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