30th Anniversary LION VOLTRON JUMBO (awesomeness ensues)

Posted by Supersentai 
Okay, looks like somebody is finally getting this right...

launching fists and all...wheels...sword?

If this has already been posted elsewhere...my apologies...but I just excited sometimes.

Sanjeev (Admin)
Holy crap--I saw the solicitation from BBTS, but I didn't see any pics until now! I'm digging the sculpt. It's a nice balance between the stock-rigid original and the more stylized vinyl one they did before. The shoulders are a bit beeftastic, but I guess they wanted it to be a *little* nuanced. If I were a purist, I might have a problem with that...but I'm not really a Golion fan as it is. I'm just hoping this does well enough to warrant a similar Voltron I.

The added rocket punch and footie-wheels sound absolutely sick. A HUGE upgrade from the previous crappy, boring vinyls.

Now, does anyone happen to know the difference between polypropylene and polyethylene? I just did a quick search and it looks like PE (polyethylene) is a little more flexible and is thus more durable and scratch-resistant. Lower static charge means it attracts less dust, too. PP (polypropylene) seems stiffer and more susceptible to scratches, but I guess it resists moisture better. But who knows how all that'll translate to which one is more suitable for a 2' robot toy!
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