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I heard about this a week ago, but thought I'd throw it out there. CM's Corporation is done. It seems that a backlog of product and slow sales did them in. It seems that the "inability to sell the shit they made" is quite the problem for companies specialized in "making shit to sell".

I guess this succks most for the people who worked for CM's.

I guess this sucks a little for the people who like CM's stuff.

I guess this relates to the decline of TEH MARKET.

I guess this relates to the tightened production and sales processes the industry is adopting in order to survive.

I guess we should blame... Video games? Moe? Earthquakes?
Sanjeev (Admin)
I blame a shitty, shitty Grendizer toy.
I blame an inability to price toys even remotely close to a similarly complex/sized Bandai toy. Seriously, CMs stuff was about twice the price. At first, you got some nice figures that were right within that SOC price range, but they kept rising and rising, and I certainly couldn't afford $350-$400 for most of their releases.

More serious than thou
Everything I have from CM's I bought on deep discount. As a matter of fact whenever I saw someting that I wanted from them I would always just wait until it went on clearance. Also, while waiting I would watch for reviews about QC issues. If it got good reviews and went on clearance I bought. Given that I am pretty much their target audience and this is how I would decide if I was going to buy one of their products, I am suprised that they stayed in businsess as long as they did.
Sanjeev (Admin)
^^Yup, I think this is becoming more and more common as prices go up and QC goes down...

I mean, before when the GX-04 came out, for example, that was the ONLY game in town for a modern, fancy Grendizer. Now how many are there? The landscape has changed quite a bit over the years...
I only have one Brave Gokin, the first one which was Gaogaigar.

It's an okay toy although has trouble holding together due to the lion man not actually attaching to the lion face. But real kicker was when they made that 2.0 version, felt like a sucker.

Any of the other Brave Gokins were either out of my price range or stuff I haven't seen the shows for even if the design is cool (like Gordian).

And yes CM did make moe figures but I don't recall any of them I own (maybe trading figures).
I had both of those GaoGaiGars. The second one was a superior figure, but still fiddly as all hell. I managed to sell it for more than I bought it for, which was nice. At least the GGGs seem to retain their value. The very best toy I had from them was their GoShogun, which truly was excellent, and right in line price-wise with similar toys.

More serious than thou
I think GGG only retain their value because there's no SOC (yet). Still, while I like the series it kinda baffles me how much product we've gotten out of it... it dominated the SRC line for a while, and I think all that we're missing is Mic Sounders as a robot and the nigh-impossible King J-der.

The only CM's Corps I have are GoShogun, some Patlabors, and some heavily, heavily discounted Vifam toys. I love all of them, but as others have said I got all of them with some kind of discount, and I don't think I would have picked any up at full price.
I'll always treasure what they did for Patlabor, even though they gouged me so. Maybe this will open Bandai up to the possibility of a more fully filled Side-Labor series of Damashiis.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Peace, drifand.

Hey I just remembered they made those cool Patlabor vinyls. I love those....and oddly enough I bought all of them on sale. I would say that those are my favorite CMs toys.
RIP CM Corp....

Safe to say, we'll probably never see Bandai do SOC's of Gakeen, Barratack or Baldios (but maybe Gardian?) so what CM produced is going to be as good as it gets... Did they ever do a Mekanda Brave Gokin set or was that just an all plastic one?
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