Zero Tester!!!!

Posted by H-man 
Gattai'ing Vehicles is always a YES to me.... looks really good!

Sanjeev (Admin)
New Zero Tester toys....the mind boggles!
They look awesome. I hope the finish and the way they hold together (not sure if it is going to be magnets or not) is better than the dynamite action toys. I hope the damn price is better also.

- Mike

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Where the heck are the Thunderbirds 2086 toys? Although this ship hits some of the same notes very nicely!
Sanjeev (Admin)
I just had to look up what Thunderbirds 2086 was. Oh my stars & garters.
TB 2086 showed up on cable in the late 80's if I remember correctly. The ship designs were pretty cool, and the animation was top notch. I would likely track it down on DVD, but it isn't out there in any legit format.
2086 was definitely one of my favorite 80s anime shows. I can't remember if it was an American production or what. Thoroughly agree with what Supersentai said above.

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Sanjeev (Admin)
I'm now intrigued...even more so than before...
You used to be able to watch the episodes on YouTube.

Yup. here's the first one: []

More serious than thou
I have to laugh at the ad for the toys though, over 10...TEN mind you...diecast parts, including all SEVEN wheel wells! SEVEN!!!

If the other three diecast parts aren't the ACTUAL SHIPS, I'm going to cry foul!
Did anyone we know get this?

I want to buy one but have seen no reviews (I know it's small) and it looks like this was reissued (ET added a second production run due to demand?), and a few places still have stock of the reissue.

Any comments on quality and if the reissue was any different/improved?

- Mike

Deep in the Hasbro Jungle
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