Diecast Power Rangers Legacy Megazord

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^^Right. That's a big part of where the "decadence" comes in!
Wait a second... they changed the triceratops from Kyoryuger from pink to purple (when the other arm is already blue)? Are they going to alter the color in the Japanese footage too? WTH?

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So guys, I have Legacy Titanus. It is big and heavy. It is definitely a redesigned Mix & Match Titanus. It is nicer and has a poseable neck and moving jaw. And yes it totally removes the Mix & Match feature and moves the place for the Megazord to sit up to the front like it should be. Lots of painted and tampo printed detail. Chest thing that pops out to hold the Dragonzord's shield thing is built correctly like the show. Metal/diecast parts are: Chains, feet, wheels (seriously the wheels are gigantic chunks of metal), part of the cannons, chest piece that pops out to go on the Megazord. Still has the "turn the wheels and the legs move" action. Includes little plastic clips to reinforce the Mega Dragonzord legs so the fucking thing won't keel over under the weight of diecast. SMART. The main body is not a giant hunk of metal like I was hoping, but there's still a lot and it's heavy. Pretty pleased with it! A big improvement on the Mix & Match Titanus and a nice modern update to the original toy. Not a SoC style toy but something much better, IMO, the toy I wish the vintage toy was. Great finish to the Zyuranger toys.

P.S. Yes you can stick the Dragonzord's tail on the back to make it way too fucking long. You will never get this thing into a detolf.

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This shit is ridiculous! Still feel like the sheer weight of the diecast is eventually gonna make this robot faceplant, even with the (very smart) plastic knee clips to keep the legs from falling down.

P.S. Yes the Titanus oven mitt hands CAN hold the chain. There is a hinge and the bottom panel of the mitts come out so you can have it grab things. Good touch.

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