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If you have a pin vise and wee drill bits, you should drill matching holes on each broken surface, then pin the parts together with some metal rod (assuming there's enough real estate to pull that off). And use any 2-part epoxy that's optimized for plastic. Cyanoacrylate's not gonna cut it for part of a mechanism that sees a lot of traffic. Well...maybe Zap a Gap...that shit is pretty intense!

The broken bit is incredibly thin - I'd probably need a 1/32 bit or smaller to drill into it without shredding the base, and then I'd need to find a matching pin to insert. I honestly think it's just too tiny for that. I tried some multi-type plastic epoxy, but the stuff didn't even adhere to the (ABS composite?) joint. I'm going to have to go deeper by exploring more specific epoxies and solvents. I can't believe they cheaped out on both the thickness and material used in the joint. It really should have been diecast. Poor, poor, one-legged War Machine.

I don't remember where the recent instant sell-out times of Figufarts was mentioned, but it happened to me yesterday. Before I left the office I noticed that Amiami had Robo Rough Rider listed as "coming soon". A couple of hours later after dinner I checked again and it was listed as "sold out". So I checked HLJ, which didn't even have it listed when I was at the office, and it was sold out there as well.

This means that within (at most) two hours Rouge Rammer sold through. Do the He-Man sales on Matty Collector even sell through that fast anymore? Either people realy can't get enough of this goofy character or there's some serious manipulation going on.
Every once in a while Amiami gets a bunch of preorders up at once, and puts that coming soon thing on. What happens is akin to MattyCollector (which is really the crappiness of Digital River). As soon as the clock strikes midnight, the servers get slammed. I was able to add a Reissued renewal valk, the metal build FMP bot, and the new Figuarts into my cart, and got to the step right before confirmation, then I started getting the 503 errors, server timed out, etc. By the time the dust settled all of those were gone, despite trying multiple browsers and machines, and I got the dreaded "we don't have enough stock, so go back and empty your cart trying to figure out which one got sold out even as the rest of your cart gets sold out, ha ha" message.

Even the Robot Spirits sell out. In the end, all that was left was Figuarts Naruto, a Robot Spirits Wataru character, and some Side MS Gundam, and in a moment of weakness and not wanting to leave empty handed, I ordered them.

It's easier to wait for Diamond to solicit the Kamen Rider figuarts and order it then (or wait for Amazon to carry it).

Even stuff that you'd think would be mass produced sells out on day one. I think some new Toqger train set came out and sold out instantly last night as well. And the cheapy but still kinda cool AC figures for Kamen Rider Gaim are always out of stock.
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Heh...and y'all motherfuckers wonder why I collect almost nothing but vintage...

Of course, I can only pick up a few items per year...but at least my collection looks cool! :P

Anyway, I'd try Zap a Gap, G. It's just cyanoacrylate, but damn if that shit ain't the strongest formula I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Vastly stronger and far less haze than Krazy Glue. I use the "Slow Zap" shit because it gives you longer work time (about 30-45 seconds) and it's thicker for filling bigger gaps.
You can still easily and with no problem preorder SHF Roborider at BBTS right now. May be a little more expensive, but if the fucking thing is defective or breaks immediately you can always send it back and they will ship you a new one with no problem. I've done this with several SHFs. Worth the extra money to me, plus not having to play games with insta-sold-out preorders.

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So I got my SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Black RX (Renewal Version) and Acrobatter and they are pretty sweet.

Here's the new SHF versus the '90s toy:

Here's SHF Kamen Rider Black RX and Acrobatter, Kamen Rider Black and Battle Hopper, and Kamen Rider 1 and X riding the original Cyclone.

Still really love the SHF toys!

Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: [www.destroyallcomics.com]
SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Black RX Biorider was also solicited (and sold out on amiami). But it should make it's way to amazon/Diamond previews soon.

Also, Akaranger from Goranger! If only I had confidence that the rest would be released as regular releases. Oh, and more Iron Men.

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Agreed about Kamen Rider Black RX Renewal - KRBRXR. It's fucking awesome, though two points bug me. The attachment points at the shoulder for the upper arm are super thin, and the figure is super light weight. It really needs diecast feet in order to keep it standing unaided.

Note that the SH MonsterFarts Alien Big Chavo del Ocho is out. It's pretty damn good and there's not a lot more I'd think to ask for. Maybe stronger joints in the tail for holing poses? Or slightly more complex paint closer to the original suit? Doesn't matter. Go buy one.

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Man, I can't wait for my Big Chap to get here! Looks like it comes with three head domes, clear, smoked, and opaque? That is fucking cool. Also coming in the mail is the Blue Ranger/Triceraranger. Getting dangerously close to having all of Zyuranger.

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Man, I can't wait for my Big Chap to get here! Looks like it comes with three head domes, clear, smoked, and opaque? That is fucking cool.

Only one head dome, which is "removable" with a little efffort in case you want to doctor it. No other accessories besides alternate hands despite early shows presenting it alongside another egg and face-hugger. In the pic above that's the Revoltech Alien, SHM Big Chavo, and SHM AVP Alien. I don't have any reference books handy, but it looks really, really close to the original prop costume.

There are some minor things about the paint and articulation choices that bug me, but I honestly think that this figure is as close to mass-produced perfection as you can get at this scale. Yeah, I wish the neck turned more and that the shins were a little longer. But! This isn't just the Big Chavo you need - it's the one you deserve.
Kikaider, Hakaider, and Side Machine were all solicited... as Tamashii web exclusives.
I saw that and preordered! Kikaider and Hakaider are MUSTS! I'm kind of torn on Side Machine. With the Kamen Riders, the motorcycle seems necessary. They are Kamen RIDERS after all. But Kikaider seems a lot less motorcycle-oriented to me. I mean, the Zyuranger/Power Rangers guys all had motorcycles too and I don't feel like I need motorcycles for them. Dunno, how do you guys feel about Kikaider's ride?

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When I was a kid, the Side Machine was just as iconic as V3's Hurricane (which I would also preorder in an instant).

Ironically enough, through middlemen I feel like Tamashii web exclusives are easier to get than the regular, instantly sold out releases. Though I did manage to preorder GoRanger Red. Darnit I'd buy his bike too if they made all of them.
Ironically enough, through middlemen I feel like Tamashii web exclusives are easier to get than the regular, instantly sold out releases. Though I did manage to preorder GoRanger Red. Darnit I'd buy his bike too if they made all of them.

You may also want to try mandarake.co.jp. They generally seem to have the Tamashii exclusives more often than the general releases, but with some waiting you can find both for normal prices, without the gouging of middlemen. Search for the character name to get more results, not the series name or "FiguArts".

I got my Alien Big Chap and blue Ranger/Triceraranger (good thing Anime-Export requires up front payment for preorders because I'm broke and wouldn't have these otherwise!), but forget the blue ranger. The Alien RULES.

Here's a pic I took:

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More fun with the S.H. MonsterArts Big Chap Alien, now joined by the blue Triceraranger.

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Fake-ass Ultraman 2.0 is pretty awesome. The 1.0 version was just a Fake-o head slapped on an Ultraman body with new toes and a couple of black lines painted on. That's still basically true with 2.0 expect they up the ante by warping all of the proportions for the silver and red markings. It's a nice effect that does a lot to distinguish the two.

Sadly, no Fake-o effects parts unlike the 1.0 version which included a Fake-o energy Cheerio and Fake-o Speculum Ray. But! The 2.0 version includes a set of pissing hands for Ultraman as well as some hapless Science Patrol member dangling from some Ultra-sized anal beads.

Curiously, there are some wrinkly splayed hands that are evocative of the original costumes. Makes me pine for the unreleased Ultraman A version show ages ago. Sigh.

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Also, at what point did the SH Ultra-Fat line just give up on doing monsters?

We never got a proper blue Baltan Seijin despite having a prototype ready!
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