WWW (With or Without Wings)

Posted by Supersentai 
One of the biggest conundrums I ran into displaying "the collection" was to go with or without the wings of many characters who could exist equally well without.

Some wings were super large and required excessive room, such as Dancouga and Mazinkaiser, while others just didn't have them all the time in thier respecitve anime, Danguard for instance.

The case can be made that Mazinger Z could have lived a happy life without his scrandler (at least for a while he did), but for the most part, the wings attached to some of these guys are laughable (i.e. Golion, God Sigma) and had little to do with making flight a capability other than maybe working as semi-ailerons.

As far as the cadre of robots sans wings who seemed to fly all right, such as God Marz, Daimos, Voltes, Combattler, Dairugger, Orbots, etc., makes me wonder what the point of wings is at all lest you need them for an alt mode.

How about flippers? Anybody dig robots with flippers?
Sanjeev (Admin)
I'd love me some flippers...if they'd made some weird Zeon marine mobile suits with flippers, my life would be complete!

But as for the main question, I definitely see the problems that robots like Dancouga and Mazinkaiser present...so when I had one of the Aoshima Mazinkaisers, I'd just leave the wings in the box. But for most of the other guys (God Sigma, Go Lion, etc.), it's not like the wings took up much room...so no sweat leaving them on.

But asking "what's the point of wings" is like asking what's the point of a human-shaped war machine! :P
For most classic super robot designs... the wings are fine and often enhance the overall look of them (though why are they always RED?). But eff the modern "Spong" type batwings. Leave those the hell in their styro-coffins where they belong.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Hey now, Harv--Mazinger's wings are technically "batwings" too, y'know! Certainly not Spong-esque, but still...
Sanjeev Wrote:
> I'd love me some flippers...if they'd made some
> weird Zeon marine mobile suits with flippers, my
> life would be complete!

The Zee-Zulu wears flippers!

-Paul Segal

"Oh, the anger is never far, never far." -SteveH
I guess in the category of most appropriate use of wings, you've got to love the Dunbines. Apparently they're all the buzzzzzzz...(sorry...really...sorry)
Sanjeev (Admin)
Awww...just clicked on the Zee-Zulu link (dunno how I missed the post before). I was all excited! But it was just aiight, I guess...too modern and "cool"...and not goofy at all like the old 70's ones. A+ for effort, though!

Dunbine?? Argh! How did we miss that one!? :P
Sir Jogo from Starzinger has flippers
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