Dynamite Action Evolution Toys.

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New company that's making Super Robots, most of you have seen the New/Old Jeeg released from this company but they are also releasing Gaiking, New Jeeg, Tetsujin from the 80's, Atranger, and something members of this board will like a in-scale Daiku Maryu for their Gaiking release.

New/old Jeeg.


New Jeeg.


Daiku Maryu at a very reasonble price too.

Pics of upcoming figures including 80's Tetsujin and Gaiking the Great.

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Thanks for the tip, Chen. That in-scale Daiku looks like it'll be massive...what, over 2ft in length?

Not crazy about magnetic joints on the robots, but if the main body parts are plastic, then it could work. This Gaiking also looks like it could be a lot sturdier than the SOC ragdoll version, assuming the joints hold well.

This company might just make me start buying super robots again.

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Daiku lists at 290 mm, or just over 11 inches.

I'm going to resist making any jokes in the neighborhood of dudes talking about measurements and gross exaggerations...
Isn't that 290mm the height? It's 630mm in length, or I think that's what the picture says. In which case, this is pretty big for a penis. Or small. Depending on if you're a frost giant.
Yes the length is 63cm while the height is roughly 11". I'm thinking its more or a fixed posed "base" then a actual toy. It might have limited articulation but at that size and for that price its gotta be a pretty basic toy. More of a display piece then anything else. I'm also excited about that Atranger figure, out of all the super robots out there who would have thought this one would get made.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Wild news! So...ALL these toys are going to be magnemo?
Yeah looks like it, I'm guessing that's the angle Evolution Toys is gonna take to set themselves apart. It can work it just means most of the toy will be plastic with the metal parts being the magnets.
Sorry, my bad...thought the height was 63...oopsies. This is why I am not in charge of anything...whew!

Before I put my shoe into my brain again, is the price 15,000 yen? That's around $190.00 currently in the US. Would imagine it'll be mostly plastic, right?
Sanjeev (Admin)
I think Chen's theory is sound: Daikumaryu is probably just a more or less static base that the magnemo Gaiking attaches to. Dare we hope for anything more?? ;)
I dare to hope for more. Maybe this will be my only chance to have something on par with the Jumbo Daiku.

Sanjeev Wrote:
> I think Chen's theory is sound: Daikumaryu is
> probably just a more or less static base that the
> magnemo Gaiking attaches to. Dare we hope for
> anything more?? ;)
Sanjeev (Admin)
Well, if you want something on par (but not really...not even fucking close, actually) with the Jumbo Daiku, you probably wanna pick up the big-ass Most Wanted vinyl. But as soon as you do, you better pump that shit fulla expanding rigid foam or otherwise build an armature/skeleton...'cause that toy'll sag like old folks on the first warm day it's exposed to...
Sanjeev (Admin)
Wait a sec...hold up...

Gaiking is 14,490 yen...and Daikumaryu is 15,000? Daiku opens to house all three Gaiking Parts, comes with the docking bits for Gaiking Part 3, comes with Bazolar, Nessar, and Skylar...and it's only 15k??? That seems fucked up.
Yeah it does seem a little weird, 15,000YEN is roughly $200 but Angolz and a few other places have pre-orders for around $250 so something is up. I'm personally gonna wait for Amiami to put out a pre-order since their discounts seem to be the best, shipping on the other hand will be a bitch.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Well, shipping is what it is...you know what you're getting into with large items from half a world away. The question is the final retail on these toys. I know it's early though...so we'll see!
Yup shipping is just something you gotta take in the rear, it's also revealed that this Daiku is a web exclusive so that means goodluck trying to get one at MSRP price. I just might have to skip it, it's also been re-sized to 80cm long now.

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Such an interesting video. They put one up for the Guy-king, too. If Guy-king turns out sturdy, I think I'm gonna have to pick it up, along with the Daiku, and the Jeeg...
Sanjeev (Admin)
Did they fill their tub with Gatorade???

Well, I actually enjoyed the silly model-animated Gaiking one. Yes, sturdy is the key--maybe this sounds fucked up, but I'm hoping that because these toys are Chinese, they don't have to follow child safety laws that prohibit strong magnets...
Sanjeev Wrote:
> Did they fill their tub with Gatorade???
> Well, I actually enjoyed the silly model-animated
> Gaiking one. Yes, sturdy is the key--maybe this
> sounds fucked up, but I'm hoping that because
> these toys are Chinese, they don't have to follow
> child safety laws that prohibit strong magnets...

Not fucked up. I want them strong enough to yank my fillings out, Magneto style.
Sanjeev (Admin)

But I know some toy manufacturers in China that take great offense to insinuations that ALL Chinese factories lack scruples...
Pre-order for Daiku up at Amiami, it's the cheapest so far.

Sanjeev (Admin)
Y'all have probably already seen this, but Gucci-king, Go!

With matching Daiku, of course.

So...did anyone throw down for the preorder? I think I'm gonna wait for reviews as I have little faith in modern magnemo...

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Yup I pre-ordered both Gaiking and Daiku, they come out along with the SRC Might Gain I ordered. Gonna be an expensive month.
New pics of Atranger and Tesujin.


Sanjeev (Admin)
Funky shoulders on that T-28...especially if they're not magnemo joints...
Yeah I'm not feeling that Tetsujin, I prefer the SOC version far more. As for Atranger I'm liking it and will probably get since your likely to see Bigfoot doing a handstand inb youyr living room before you see another Atranger figure come out.
Prototype of Daiku plus a link to Evolutions twitter account showing more pics of their upcoming stuff. But as suspected it looks like Daiku will basically be a fixed posed "base", I'm just hoping the tail is articulated otherwise it will be tough to find shelf space for a three foot long toy.

open | download - AzvKzvHCYAAckRj.jpg large.jpg (108.9 KB)
More pics of Atlanger.

Colored prototype of Daiku!


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I received my Gaiking last week and it's a decent piece but honestly I only bought it because I needed a head for the Evolution Daiku Maryu. Well I got the payment notice for it today, shipping on this monster was 6520YEN alone! I'm guessing since this thing is over 30" long the box must be huge and heavy. I can't wait for it but honestly I have no place to keep it, it's longer then any of my shelves or display cases lol.
Just received my Daiku, it's overpriced but I love it! It's a major shelf hog!

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I wanna see a pic of someone hugging Daiku, but it's probably too pointy for that :Y

-Paul Segal

"Oh, the anger is never far, never far." -SteveH
Yeah you'd probably take out an eye or puncture a jugular or something lol.
It does look great next to those SOC's (and BIG too!)
Sanjeev (Admin)

Hey, you wanna say a few syllables about it, chen? Like, does the regular Gaiking figure assemble and disassemble nicely? And does the regular Gaiking's "Part 3" attach to Daikumaryu's neck easily?

I was also pretty surprised to see the size of the figure...wonder how he looks next to the actual SoC Gaiking!
MattAlt (Admin)
Thanks for the pics. Seeing it alongside the SOC Gaiking, I finally "get" it.

I see you have a Daltanias, too. That and Godsigma have been on my infinitely postponed buying list for forever....
Sanjeev (Admin)
Wait--that Gaiking IS the SoC???

I thought it was the Dynamite Action one...'cause, y'know, it's posed next to the Daiku!


Yup that's the SOC Gaiking, my bad that I didn't point it out. As for the evolution Gaiking it's an all right piece, but like any figure that has magnetic joints it has the same downfalls. Although the magnets are strong the very nature that they rely on friction to maintain a position means things are constantly swiveling like the thighs and lower legs. Also joints like knees and elbows you would expecxt to have only back and forth movement also has side to side and basically all over the place movement. The funny part is they have a way to fix this, the shoulder joints are a metal ball that's covered with half a plastic cup with teeth. It fits into the mating cup with teeth in the body and gives you your ratchet joint, it's not perfect but it works. The dumb thing is they ONLY used it for the shoulder joints when it should have been used for every magnetic joint.

But on it's own it's nice with good paint aps, it's just if you have say the SOC version that you can see it pales in comparison. You can also tell it's a early figure in a brand new line so it will have some teething problems. It's just those damn magnets, I can see it for the Jeeg figures but Gaiking? It's also on every figure they will release from Tetsujin to Atlanger and it smacks of a company that found a schtick and for better or worse their gonna stick with it. I was thinking of getting Atlanger because figures of him are few and far between but after getting Gaiking I'm thinking I might pass, these are also overpriced for what they are.

Anyways here's some pics of it with the SOC and GE Gaiking. Also the SOC Datanius and God Sigma are awesome pieces, although if I had to choose I would pick God Sigma it's a brick. Here's a pic of the two next to Daioja.

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Sanjeev (Admin)
Thanks for the review and pics, Chen! That shot with the three modern Gaikings is killer...love the bright shine on all of them! Anyway, I'm not particularly surprised by the "performance" of the magnemo joints. It's just the nature of the beast. I think the best I've ever seen such joints handled (in a larger figure) was those Mega Bloks Iron Man figures: they just had the smooth metal ball on one side and a rubber cup on the other...with a magnet at the bottom, of course. Anyway, does it assemble and disassemble nicely (like it does in the show)? And does Part 3 mount directly on the Daiku?

Also, yeah, that God Sigma is gorgeous!
It's hard to explain so I just took a pic of the instructions. The actual plug that goes into the neck is pretty secure it's just attaching the head to that plug that your basically realing on the strength of the magnet. It's not the most secure design but it does alow a little side to side movement. I do with that it came with a more anime looking head like the SOC version has with the longer sleeker profile.
open | download - IMG_0095.JPG (349.2 KB)
Sanjeev (Admin)
Ah, interesting...I guess a bit more complicated than I thought, but not that bad. Looks like it (Daiku) also comes with a different set of horns to use with Gaiking's chest (as opposed to the ones on Gaiking's head) to make it look nicer. A whole separate sleeker anime-looking head is cheating, though! ;)
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