Toys played with in Hedorah

Posted by Supersentai 
Was wondering if someone could satisfy a fix here, was wondering if you could identify the actual toys the kid in Hedorah was playing with, particularly the Zilla's that got the slide action.

If you could post pics of the actual toys, as well as a guess as to the current value of these guys, it would be much appreciated.

Yes, I have tried to Google this, but can you imagine what you get when you type in Hedorah/Godzilla/Toys/in/movie (and all relevant derrivations)? Needless to say they didn't jump out at me.

Many mucho thank youseses!
Sanjeev (Admin)
Honestly, I can't remember off the top of my head. Do you have a screenshot or maybe a youtube clip of the scene? I seem to recall one or more of them being big as hell, so it's gotta be the Bullmark giant-sized. Oh, and wasn't the giant-sized Ghidorah in there?

I can check my dvd tonight...
MattAlt (Admin)
Yeah: screenshot please!
Sanjeev (Admin) we go:

Clearly, we have the aforementioned Giant-sized Bullmark Godzilla--in such nice shape, it's finna make me cry--along with either a Marusan classic King-Goji (1966), or the later (1970) Bullmark release. I can't quite tell because it's gloriously slathered in silver paint...and it seems that both the Marusan AND the Bullmark came like that. Your best bet would be to ask Brian Flynn--I'm sure his level of obsessiveness about this particular sculpt has led him to research these few seconds of footage! :P

A moment before, we see a few goodies in the background. Clearly, there's a big-ass Ultraman hanging there (which is awesome, given that this is a *Godzilla* movie!), but I'm no expert, so for all I know it's the 12" Bullmark? Mark Nagata would be the best person to answer that. In the lower right-hand corner is the Giant-sized Baragon. Ugly sumbitch. I much prefer the ST. Anyway, hanging between Barry and Ultra is Kanegon...again, pretty funny that they included a Tsuburaya character in a Toho flick!

And here, we have the Giant-size King Ghidorah chilling in the background...just below who I believe is Gyango, yet another Ultra kaiju!

And, of course...we got poor Barbie:

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Hey Sanjeev, you're the King!

I just shudder at the thought of someone leaving all of those toys out overnight, all flippin' year long, in their plasticated clubhouse.

I remember the toys seeming so much larger when I watched this as a kid, but then again, so did my Shogun Zilla', who seems much smaller to me now.

Mega-Super-Ultra-thanks for all of that! Dude!
Sanjeev (Admin)
No sweat!

That was actually kinda fun since I had never sat down and identified everything before. It really is funny how smaller these toys seem! ;)

And even if seeing these toys left out in the sandbox or whatever back then can make part of us cringe, it's not like they were actually being mistreated. They were *being played with*! Like they were supposed to!
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