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I think that the design could be better, but it's acceptable as is...However the color scheme is eye straining at best. If they replace all the ranger's colors on the trains with black/light-grey. And then make the white stripes down the train sides into the ranger's colors it would help immensely.
Oh, those are trains. On first sight I thought it was a very politically incorrect toy made up from those translucent lighters you can buy at some stores... :D

The Rangers' eye visors are train tracks across da face?!
I like the idea of another train-limbed Zord, but this is a little color blocky eh?
The Rangers' eye visors are train tracks across da face?!
I like the idea of another train-limbed Zord, but this is a little color blocky eh?

The suits are actually really plain... I'm not sure how they would work for American audiences (though I'm sure they will put a ton of accessories on them). They can also apparently switch colors. And the add on mechs predictably are just trains that form new arms so far.
Good Gravy! If that isn't the Gashapon version of some WAY BETTER toy I don't know what you chuckleheads are smoking?!?

Did I hear platitudes for "heavy plastic" mixed into the thread as well? Really? We're settling for clicky plastic toys that make most knock offs look like fine art?

LOOOOOOOK at the picture again...expand the picture...LOOOOOOOK at it again. This is from the same people who brought us Bioman, Dynaman, Liveman and Maskman over twenty years ago? Things have been sliding for a while, but OUch!!!!

I'm being punked here, aren't I? Where's the camera?
Oh, yeah, and should we mush this rant into the thread that got left on the next thread page?.:
Sanjeev (Admin)
Done and done.

Anyway, I LOOOOOKed again. And I tend to least a little...with Adam. It's hard for me to fault them, however, because their intention may be to go after that younger set. The focus groups and marketing data may mandate this in order to keep super sentai going...but the result is this sorta "Duplo"-izing of sentai robots.

It is what it is, I guess. We may have to wait a few years for more complex designs as this generation of fans gets a little older (hopefully)...
Nope, Jeevsie agrees with me all the way...he's just trying to appear balanced and fair as a moderator. No worries, we know what you mean (not at all awkward WINK WINK!).

All I am asking is that you accept that I am 110% percent right on this one, and anyone who buys these silly Duplo-Thomas-Crayola-Zimpwit-Plasticy-Clickity-Clackity pieces of Quarter machine refuse ought to turn in your respective hero transformation device (Morpher/Henshin belt/Brace), strap on a pair of orthopedic shoes, hike up your high and tight school shorts, and slap on a safety helmet...cuz apparently you are going back to school now...the one with stale cracker breaks, safety scissors and paper circles.

The Samurai limbs are compatible with the Legacy Megazord's body. Try it out!

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So I bit the bullet/sold my soul/lost my chogokin man-card and bought the set with this and the changer. My goal is to raise my son on the same Kamen Rider/Super Sentai diet I was, and even though he's too young to do anything but put them in his mouth, I figure he might even appreciate them in a couple of years when it's Power Rangers Highlighter Train Force or something.

The gimmick (which we learned from the failure of Go Busters must be in place for the toys to sell like hotcakes) is that the front end of each train is actually used in the "morpher." On the show, ToQ Ichigo, who is usually red, can swap to green by borrowing the green guy's train. It's a bit ridiculous, and really to this point in the show has no point (and they even say that they're not using it correctly), and the train sounds the morpher makes when you switch trains out is super annoying. And yet my son loves it. Each accessory set comes with a compatible train.

The trains themselves are pretty cool, if brightly colored. They really do just line up and stand up, but at least everything locks in place tightly and the joints are solid. They could have done a better job making sure the screw holes were on the same side of the train as the joints so that at least one side of each train looks good, but oh well. The gimmick with the trains is that you can detach the front parts and connect them back to the tail with a hinge, and then hinge all of them for one super long train.

The toy itself is pretty small for a Sentai mech. The trains seem to either be diecast or some really good sturdy plastic, because they feel like diecast trains. When he's not trying to put them in his mouth my kid really enjoys zooming them around. I still think Kyoryuger's dinosaur/samba theme had better play value, but kids do love trains, so who knows?

Edited to add: wow, I just saw the secondary mecha (and the legend add ons). Those look even worse. Ugh.

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And... I just watched episode 3 with the kids. They actually used the giant red phallus that ToQOh can do as a weapon. Wow.
Sentai only truly fails in one respect: toy sales. The show could absolutely bomb but if the toys sell, Bandai will consider it a success. Gobusters failed due to the lack of a collectible gimmick. The Japanese love little trinkets and such so with the additon of the 'batteries' in kyoryuger, the show blew up and had enormous toy sales. ToQger is following suit with the trains. There are DX trains that have features, gashapon trains that are aimed towards train otaku with their better paint aps and lack of function, and the other gashapon that only work in the changer. With this in mind, Bandai really had to dumb down the line in regards of size and engineering in order to fit a wealth of collectible toys.

Though saying they dumbed down the engineering is bit of a misstatement. Sure they're smaller and missing electronics but the engineering is quite elegant. Much like goseiger, the front portions disconnect and can be swapped with other trains. This connection point is a spring-tabbed post that fits solidly into a socket. Some of the arm attachments are fairly heavy so they needed good strong ports to hold the weight. As far as combination goes, the weight bearing ports lock into place and need a button press to release. This is much better than the easily broken tabs on kyoryuger figures.

Really its a mega solid figure and the additional trains are just as nice. But! At the end of the day its up to whether you like the design or not.
Oh, I agree. I think Gobusters suffered from a bunch of things; the designs of the mechs were very different, the spy motif, the odd dual animal/vehicle motif, the atypical parts of the show. But they showed they didn't have much faith in it when they continued the mobirates/keys releases from gokaiger. I'm sure the collectibles were a huge deal (same with Kamen Rider's medals, switches, rings, and now locks), but I also tend to think that stuff like dinosaurs and trains are kind of universally loved by boys. (note that in America they're apparently skipping from Gokaiger to Kyoryuger).

I agree that the mech is solid, but the transformation is lazy and the design is basically a mirror image... I mean literally the only difference between green and blue are where the ports are and the front design, same for yellow and pink (as I said, they didn't even change the screw hole placement). Plus they should have been able to put elbows in there with little effort.

When I first saw Kyoryuger, I was a little disappointed that the extra dinosaurs were basically just arms; but they did a pretty good job with the designs of the other major robots and their combination schemes (though the plugs were an issue, same with Gobusters). This one seems mainly like pop a train off, put another train on. Hey, we'll put exclusive trains with all the accessories too.

I still like it, and I think despite the complaining of the suit designs, the train motif by itself will do decent sales in the US. But no way they air episode 3 as is.
Gobuster keys were part of the plan well before Gobusters was publicly announced. Watching Gobusters? Want to use the keys? Go buy a mobirates! When one show airs, Bandai will continue to push previous series in order to move product. The legend trains are a reminder those older shows exist and kids should go out and clear the shelves to make way for new stuff.

Also yknow the ToQ-oh is supposed to be a rainbow, right? Its not in the obvious colour spectrum order, but thats the entire intent behind the combination and symmetry. I agree this all looks lazy, but it allows bandai to make more product for this line. It's not even May and we're looking at 1... 2.. 3.. 14 extra trains in the coming months. That's crazy.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Lil B in the house.

I just wanted to say that.
When one show airs, Bandai will continue to push previous series in order to move product.

Is this true? I thought they clearanced out all of last year's Sentai product when the new stuff comes out. Even in America, somehow all the previous year's power rangers stuff disappears once the new stuff comes out (except for places like Kmart or some TRU, where they don't seem to care if stock sits on the shelves for years).

When Gobusters came out, they came out with a brand new Mobirates (the previous series' "morpher") to work with Gobusters keys... I don't think I've ever seen that before.
Consider that they released Akibaranger keys even though they didn't make any special sounds with the legend mobirates. Bandai released the mobirates without knowing how well the show was going to do. A lot of the cameos in the show were not planned. Actors and actresses from previous shows contacted bandai or made statements on social media that they wanted to be a part of the show since it was a big anniversary send off. As such later in the series bandai made the legend mobirates so they could incorporate more keys and continue to sell keys after the series was over. Obviously the show blew up and sales were insane.
Diesel ressha review
Diesel-Oh combination and review
Cho Toq-Oh combination and review

Japanese language but you can tell from all of the applause and 'Yabai!'s he likes it. He also compares the final combi to the Macross and Ideon.

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Guess I was all wrong about the Tokkyuger mech. I finally got to see it close up in these pics, and Bandai is apparently back on track...


Of course, the "track" being the path to being one step away from being confused for Duplo toys. Please, can anyone out there tell me that this thing is going to find a place on your shelf for actual people to see?

If I were a giant monster on the show, I'd be more likely to die of laughter than fall victim to either a yellow or pink arm pummelling.
Sanjeev (Admin)
You say that like Duplo blocks are somehow bad!

I get that these are pretty basic-looking...but it's different. I mean, first of all, the toy is friggin' HUGE. And the super combined mode is kinda hot:

The only real gripe I have is not about the's more the lack of articulation. I feel like they could have designed in elbows and even bicep swivels...

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Eh, these toys usually have no more than maybe 2 points of articulation. If there's any more, it's strictly because the transformation gives it extra movement. Personally my only problem is that I'd just like to see a tiny bit more paint application. These are reasonably expensive toys, even given that they usually are immensely durable, and I don't think it's out of the question to add a bit more painted detail.

Speaking of aesthetics, how about this guy:

More serious than thou
Sooooooooo yeah. Build Dai-Oh is really really nice looking on its own. Unfortunately Cho Cho ToQ Dai-Oh (yep thats its name) is an inbetweener combination. We're getting police and fire truck themed trains in may and those look like they combine with the year end larger toy 'hyper ressha'. We're also getting a cement mixer and a dozer before then for Build. So yeah this combi looks like garbage but the final should tie it all together.
I am sorry that I am harshing on this toy so much. But, if you put this next to G1 Raiden, a toy produced 25 years ago, one looks aesthetically pleasing proportional, while the other looks like it came out of a gumball machine. If this is what the DX toy looks like, what do the little candy-box PVC versions look like?
I'm sure the candy toy one looks much better and has a lot more articulation, like most of their candy toy counterparts do... :)

I wouldn't say it's huge. It still seems smaller to me than Kyoryuger's mechs (though I didn't get the Diesel Ressha yet). And they absolutely could have put in elbow joints, the train connection part is right there! But the train's are satisfyingly long and I don't have a fear of clips breaking when I give it to my 1 year old to play/put in his mouth like I did with the past few mechs. So eh, like the past few years it's grown on me.

The spandex suits with the train track eyes are still really ugly to me, though. And the morpher is even more annoying than last year's samba music, which I didn't think was possible.
Couple of fresh shots of the Legacy Dragonzord:


I like that there appears to be two different hands...
Sanjeev (Admin)
Fucking gorgeous! I can't wait for it. I wish it wasn't pushed back... originally Toys R Us had it for March. They actually cancelled my original preorder. Hopefully it comes soon! Also what's with the dumb fanboys complaining about it on that post? It looks beautiful!

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Yeah, really looking forward to this guy. I have really no connection to the show at all, but the "DX" toy designs are great. The SRC toy is a good one as well.

More serious than thou
Sanjeev (Admin)
Bwah? They cancelled your preorder??? That's fucking bizarre...and disturbing. Well, I just checked my TRU account and it does NOT look like they cancelled mine. Then again, I preordered during their *second* window, and it clearly says that the expected release date is June 13. Did you get a new preorder in, Jeremy? Hope you're not stuck with BBTS' price...
Well I actually preordered TWO (once for the original price and once for the sale price) and they cancelled my really old preorder. I guess if your preorder goes unfilled for like 9 months or something TRU cancels it. Stupid policy.

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Sanjeev (Admin)
That's asinine. Oh least you got it for the cheaper of the two prices. I just hope you weren't really banking on that second unit...

Anyway, screw the pics--I just noticed the youtube vid:

I gotta say, pics don't do this thing justice. You really need video to see how gorgeous the gloss and metallic paint looks!
Well I'm still going to get a second Legacy Dragonzord somewhere! I want to keep a spare boxed. I don't usually do that but I just have a feeling in this case I'm going to want an untouched one later. BUT HOLY SHIT. That video! God! It looks beautiful! CHECK OUT THE DETAIL ON THE BOTTOM OF THE FEET! Also that tail is sweet as fuck.

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I just want to know what that G1 Arcee looking thing in the background with Hot Rod is.

More serious than thou
I just want to know what that G1 Arcee looking thing in the background with Hot Rod is.

I was wondering when someone woud ask about that.....I, personally, have no idea...
Sanjeev (Admin)
Yeah, I was curious about that Arcee toy as well.

But anyway, the ONLY thing I would have loved to have seen on the new Dragonzord is actual gold chrome on the chest piece (like on the original toy).
Dragonzord now with in hand picts....yum!


Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: []

I wouldn't say it's huge. It still seems smaller to me than Kyoryuger's mechs (though I didn't get the Diesel Ressha yet). And they absolutely could have put in elbow joints, the train connection part is right there!

Of course, why put in elbow joints when you can release them separately as a premium bandai web order item which only comes with massive light up tracks?


Also, a chogokin version of the mech is getting released.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Okay, the elbow thing is bullshit. I almost wonder if the designers were forced to get the toys out the door in time for the show...

The light-up tracks are dope though.
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