Chemical Reactions!

Posted by JoshB 
We know about the legendary old toys that had parts that melted through the styro. Gardian had a part, and some dougram toys had keshi parts that melted. BUt this one was a new one for me.

The UniFive Chogokin Godphoeinx. After about 4 years in storage, the plastic nosecone chemically bonded to the styro tray. So if you have this toy, go check it and maybe put some plastic between it if you havent already. Might also be a good idea to check other UniFive gokins that have the same plastic.

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One of my modern Henshin Cyborg, which has been standing in its transparent, Henshin booties, otherwise unmolested for the past 6 years or so, has developed broken ankles.

One ankle has cracked off completely, leaving its ring around the ankle post of the foot at the bottom of the boot, the other is spiderwebbed with cracks but otherwise intact.

Not styro-related but haint it grand?


don't leave Robot Damashii Nirvash's board attached to the green stand for too long

the board and stand swapped some plastic

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is the god phoenix fixable?
I have the same problem on my Godphoenix, and I bought and displayed it immediately when it was first released.

Mine is not to the extreme of Josh's, but definitely there. I tried isopropyl alcohol and thinners to see if they could clean it up, but no good. I was pretty pissed at the time, but learned to live with it.

I believe the second (teal) version doesn't suffer this issue (at least not from the pics I've seen of them).

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I haven't seen that with the Daikyozin, and Mach5 sets, but may be related to storage extremes as usual. Attics/garages/gym lockers/etc.
I had a similar issue with the CMs Goshogun where the rubber/vinyl hands reacted to the red paint on the handle of the chrome axe. The paint got all goopy and stuck to the hands. Luckily it could be cleaned off the hands easily, but the paint on the handle was always wonky after that. Oddly, nothing else on the toy reacted in any adverse fashion.

More serious than thou
I have the second version of the God Phoenix and I can say that the nose cone is fine.... Well, at the moment it is fine.

cae: I have had henshin cyborgs do the same thing, and weirder. At the moment I have one whose feet are melting inside his boots. Yikes!!!!
The opposite: The 1/60 Patlabor styrene models' rubber sleeves 'eat' the styrene plastic they cover, making it really brittle.

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