Need help ID'ing this (maybe?) Kaiju

Posted by moop 
I found this little fella today for .99 cents. It looks like a kaiju, smells like a kaiju, and feels like a kaiju, but, is it a kaiju? If so, anybody know who he may be? There are no marks and he stands at about 5.5 inches and has a not so conspicuous swiveling waist seam. Thanks fellas!

Anonymous User
Looks like a sample from part of a knockoff series called "Super Dinosaurs", culled primarily from Ultraman sofubi.
He's kinda sweet... maybe one of the better renditions of Woo, an already stupid looking Ultra-kaiju. That grin is terrifying, though.

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Sanjeev (Admin)
Woo is great and you're a fool.
it is from a series called "Ultra Dinosaurs." i am looking for this figure, please send me a message if you would like to sell it.

yup, from the ultra dinosaur series
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