Chogokin Shinkansen

Posted by cohiba 
Anyone throw down for this one? I have been buying the Otona No Chogokin series so far since it was space related, but I am torn on this one. Lotsa cool gimmicks though.
I got a few of those diecast ninja stars, but she took em away. You wouldnt think getting hit in the ass with one would hurt that much, but the hospital bill says otherwise.
And here I came into this thread thinking it would be about diecast trains.

MattAlt (Admin)


I have to say they lost me with this one. Would have preferred another space vehicle.
I would LOVE that shinkansen...just not for a grand, when all is said and done.

This Shinkansen 0 series started service in 1964. It's become a symbol of the first engineering achievement in the Japanese high speed rail, so people have a soft spot for it.
hey come on Matt, you get to see those old trains get attacked and blown up in dozens of Kaiju and Super Robot shows

they're practically a Japanese SF staple
Wait. I don't get it. This is a chogokin... of a choo choo train?
I scrolled down that page going "okay...where's the robot mode?" the entire time. Fail.
is this the most expensive chogokin ever produced, not including one-offs or the platinum gundam of course?
I see its got the lines typical attention to detail - the big red "In case of earthquake, press THIS!" button and what might be stopwatch holders in the cockpit (I hesitate to use the word "cab"), for example. (I recently visited the Railway Museum in York, England and they have one of these - er, full scale - on display).
VenomMacbeth Wrote:
> I scrolled down that page going "okay...where's
> the robot mode?" the entire time. Fail.

...or gattai into a much larger `bot, preferably one with a Lion for a chest...

It's funny, if this would have been another train gokin, say the Galaxy Express 999 than I would have thought "cool!" even though essentially it would just be another glorified choo choo toy. So sentiment has everything to do with the appeal. God bless this hobby. :)
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