Desperate Delurking for Daimos Decals

Posted by microbry 
Okay, I may be a longtime Micro-fan, but I've never owned a Jumbo before--much as I wanted to as a kid...the only Popy/Mattel stuff I ever owned back in the day were the Shigcon Tank and Jet, after some serious trading and negotiation with other kids as my folks didn't approve of me collecting more than one series of toys.

I finally fixed that. I now own a Shogun-version Jumbo Daimos that is nice and clean, display-complete (that is to say all parts but only 2 missiles, not 4) and not too worn (mostly scratches on the rear side where he must have been flat on his back a lot, and some typical wear to the head), but is completely bereft of any decals or slightest trace of them. Whoever cleaned up this guy did a great job, but he's totally naked now. I have to admit I kind of like the bare look though, his colors make me think of Micronauts' Phobos this way.

So, as a new inductee wannabe noob into the mighty land of Machinders, I haven't the foggiest clue what to do about this. Initial searches haven't turned up much. Does anyone have repros, scans, or PDFs or such, or know where to try?

I will probably take some pics soon, even if I am a little late to the party. I'm definitely feeling the love for these come back to me. There's something almost downright "huggable" about them, it makes me almost wish someone made them this size in plush (but retaining the rocket punch of course, just BECAUSE).

--Bryan "MicroBry" Wilkinson

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Welcome to the beautiful land of Jumbos. Have you seen collectiondx's videocast on the subject?


Also, check collectiondx's excellent jumbo reviews: []

Look at the daimos in particular. Many compelling differences between the US and original version.
Thanks! I really appreciate it. I'll check out all of these. I know I saw the CDX article on the original Jumbo Daimos when I was researching before deciding to buy and it is a thing of beauty that is as packed with features in complete contrast to the minimalist look of the Mattel version. A shame we didn't get that version, but at the price I paid for this one, I'm not complaining. :)
Wow! I found the decals from the group and now already have a decently restored Daimos (I did some very minor touch-up to some of the head, too)! Thanks for the advice! I'll follow this up with a pic or two later. :)
Shame on me, I never shared the finished restoration here:


This guy camps out in my computer room now. :D
Sanjeev (Admin)
Wow, that looks SHARP, Bry!

I've never really had to repro Jumbo stickers before, but do you get them printed out on vinyl or something? I'd imagine traditional paper stickers would have trouble adhering to the polyethylene...
Thanks! I feel kinda silly about it since this is definitely outside my normal collecting habits, though he may get joined by a Great Mazinger Shogun much later if things line up right.

At which point I'll probably have to track down a Raideen as I really have a soft spot for that 'bot design in particular. Which means after that Gaiking and Gettter...oh robot-gods, what have I done?!

Decals: naw, I just took them to a local printer and had them done on nice paper, then used poster adhesive to affix them. I figure if they peel off later, I can always put new ones's not like this guy's getting played with a lot, so they don't have to be durable. That said, I just met someone recently who does vinyl decals who I might check with on that later.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Right on. Yeah, I always wondered about how folks were adhering repro stickers to their Jumbos...but it sounds like spray adhesive is working okay for you.

And coming from another Jumbo-dabbler, I wouldn't worry about it being a slippery slope...because once you see how much room just a few of them take up (not to mention how much they go for these days!), they sorta naturally limit you!
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