Bandai Soul Of Chogokin GX-40 God Mars metal briefcase!!

Posted by Erik Sjoen 
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
High profile SOC God Mars metal briefcase. So HK..:


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Your brog says you nearly have every God Mars fig ever. Do you have the set of these guys?

Erik Sjoen (Admin)
Yes, I believe so. In two different color plastics.
Do you have photos of the set and how big were these? They look really small.
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
I don't have any photos. God knows where I have them as well. They are like 2 inches tall and are Bandai "puzzle" Godmars. Like cheap candy toys. They really suck.
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
I bought a box of these and they come in printed envelopes. I don't see any on YJP to show you what they look like. Shit, now I'll have to dig em up. Kick start the OCD...
Erik Sjoen (Admin)

Erik Sjoen (Admin)
Here is a painted set:

Wooooooooooow those look great! Wonder if they made more robots into 'puzzle' formers at 2" scale. Looks like a sweet idea that should be kept alive. Thanks tons for the links and pics. Uber appreciate it.
is the steel attache case cool? or is it just a gimmick, albeit a neat looking one? the attache case box for the full diecast 1/100 gundam had the foam carrying places for all the pieces, making it look like a high end toolbox or gun container. does the attache case come with something like that?
attache case - soooooo crazy!

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