Gokaiger: Fuck you bandai

Posted by servbot30 
So I had a little bit of hope after seeing Gokaiger pics. But after watching this vid [www.youtube.com] of the DX Gokai-Oh in action, I'm boycotting sentai from this point on. That has got to be the laziest toy ever made by bandai. My middle finger is forever pointed towards Japan in a sign of nerd rage.
Smile! Bandai hates you.
Dose the video seem to have problems playing back for anyone else? Or dose Bandai hate me just a little more than the rest?

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It plays, but must've been recorded herky-jerky.
AND WHAT IS WITH REVIEWERS BOPPING AND WHACKING ON THE BOXES FOR EMPHASIS??!! And nervous fiddling. STOOPPP!! ....Rargh. *ahem* Seriously can't stand that crap.

Anywho, yeah, goofy toy. The pirate/seacritter theme had potential. And the initial boat design and shark looked cool, but do they each turn into, or do anything? I couldn't watch past 40 seconds of that vid to find out.

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Sanjeev (Admin)
My gods...I think we may have finally found Jon's weakness! We're gonna have to tie him down with his eyelids forced open like in A Clockwork Orange and pummel him with this video on repeat for, like, sixteen days straight!

Seriously, though, I couldn't even be bothered to watch past 40 seconds, myself. I just don't like non-pure-tech-themed super sentai (not surprisingly, the last thing I liked was Boukenger). Pirates, Ninja, Samurai, Wizards, whatever...just make for dumb-looking robots in my opinion.

Oh, and the kid was super-annoying! ;)

And lastly, Josh, you score extra points for having "Fuck you bandai" in your thread title.
I'm totally down with non-tech sentai as long as it's well done.

Bandai has gone insane. Gimmick insane. When they first started to do combining sentai robots the individual pieces took a back seat to awesome transformations and a fantastic robot mode. Round the 90s they put emphasis on the individual vehicles but still kept the overall awesome. Sure the engineering suffered a bit, but the robots looked great. Lately it has been just a big stackem train wreck with pointless gimmicks and everything takes a backseat to said gimmicks. Hell, I LIKE Engine-Oh but everything that followed was a travesty. Just an excuse to make a multi coloured jenga mess. It just pisses me off. There is enormous potential for sentai to make awesome awesome figures but bandai never pulls the trigger. Seeing all those bullshit tamashii exclusives and now this has me convinced they only give a fuck about money anymore. Which is all well and good but it's destroying the spirit of what made previous toys so endearing.
If you met me in the 90's, you would have seen that I was a HUGE PR/Sentai fan. I've stopped collected them. The last sentai that had an impressive robot toy was MagiKing/Titan Megazord. I did get the new dino Megazord and a couple of the rangers but that was mostly a nostalgia thing. I agree that the new sentai stuff is TOO gimmicky, even for me. I'd prefer if they just focused on making a cool robot rather than one that has a gimmick built around it (many Transformers also have this problem).


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I don't get what makes this any worse than any other sentai toy of the past few years. Seems like they needed to make this similar to super train or whatever that big one was called: basically, every piece had to be hollowed out for the gimmick (I assume the retro robots fit in somehow or something), so they couldn't touch those coffin compartments in the transformation.

I was going to get this one too, after avoiding sentai toys for a few years, but I guess I'll have to look at some other reviews and how the other pieces fit together with this one. That box, though, is gigantic, I don't even want to think how much shipping would cost, combined with the horrid exchange rate. Or how Bandai America will eventually make this into a new, cheaper mold.

I did pick up the Goseiger candy toys from the last sentai series, and it seemed odd to me that they were more articulated than the DX toys. Is this usually the case?
fujishig Wrote:
> I did pick up the Goseiger candy toys from the
> last sentai series, and it seemed odd to me that
> they were more articulated than the DX toys. Is
> this usually the case?

I don't own any DX, but I have all the candy toys since Magiranger. It's only been the past 3 years that the articulation has improved.. but when you start piling on all the 'upgrades' forget about it.
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