Favorite Toys of 2010?

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2010 coming to an end...

What were the favorite releases of 2010?

For me, Bullmark Repro Missile fire Mecha-G
"For me, Bullmark Repro Missile fire Mecha-G"

This. The toy I thought I would never be able to obtain.

Pretty stoked about some of the vintage I've picked up, but those don't count here.


I like the (Beagle) Toynami MP Scott Bernard Cyclone. I think it's actually the only thing I got this year. And it's really a 2009 item, I guess.
Viva el TOTY!

For me, in terms of sheer awesome awesomeness (to use Mr. Facet's phrase), it would have to be a tie between the Super Shogun Stormtrooper and the Jumbo Machinder Neo Mazinger Z. On the diecast side, I received my Soul of Chogokin GX-51 in 2010 (although it's also technically a 2009 release), and it's my favorite gokin from the last few years.

Happy holidays, Ken-A
I doubt anyone will agree with me, but the new 2010 Unicron rules and is basically the toy I've wanted since 1986, niggling details aside.

Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: [www.destroyallcomics.com]
Sanjeev (Admin)
Y'know, I'm gonna keep waiting to hear more ideas from others...'cause besides vinyl, I feel kinda out of the loop with new toys. BUT to be honest, my first inclination was, in fact, the 2010 Unicron.
I've bought very little this year from Japan so I'm going to have to go with the Super Robot Chogokin Alteisen. It's just a stunningly well made figure and about my only complaints are the lack of missile effects parts and the shells in the revolver chamber not being painted.
1. TakaTomy 2010 Universal Dominator Unicron

2. TakaTomy 2010 Universal Dominator Unicron

3. TakaTomy 2010 Universal Dominator Unicron
SRC Alty looks like an impressive toy. Not my kind of bot, so I didn't get one, but it easily looks like a top 2010 offering.

This is my personal favorite Japanese toy of 2010.


Bug-eyed Robocop. SH Figuarts Kamen Rider G3. Solid, shiny, and very fun.
Takara 2010 Unicron FTW!

Fan Project Protector is very intriguing too.

Surprisingly, there aren't a lot of very memorable releases for me this year. The 1/6 SAFS is awesome, but its worth does not balance well with its price tag as a good purchase. There are a couple decent SOCs, SRC Alteisen is pretty nice, and some nice Gundam Unicorn Rbot Damashii. But none of them grab my attention like the above two TFs, even though TFs is usually just my side thing. A nice and huge G1-ish Unicorn really is something to behold. While the upgraded Rodimus is very cool and very playable. So those two would be my pick for the moment.
Been a lot of nice stuff this year, some of my favorites have been:

hi-metal Blazer valk
hi-metal vf-1s strike
Human alliance Jazz
And that 1/10 scale rockman model by kotobukiya.

MoonBaseTom Season tickets available. Call now.
Yamato SOC, the Space Shuttel Chogo and the Apollo XI chogo.
This was a zero gokin year for me but as always, I enjoy living vicariously through the rest of you!

My "favorite" from what I saw: Ex Gokin Godom.

Probably the most disappointing: Fewture Gatchaman vehicles.
Anonymous User
Toynami's vinyl MACROSS Regult has to be my favorite of the year - all 3 versions.
Haven't bought much this year but Yamato's SDF-1 just squeaks in as the winner!
BM Project Kaneda's Bike (the Kaneda figure is OK, but together, it's really great).

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I'm really having a tough time with this one for some reason... there's only a few things I can even think of that were major NEW purchases. Hot Toys Whiplash and War Machine are some of the most impressive, but I don't mess around with them every day. Same with the 3A stuff, which would be my next highest. Maybe jut the Max Toy mini line as a whole? I had some great vintage scores this year, but mostly otherwise just vinyl. Lots of cool vinyl, but no real new robot things that jump out at me.

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.

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Figma Lum. Because Urusei Yatsura is more or less where it started for me, and the figure is essentially perfect.
I picked up my first 3A "dropsheet" figure. It was relatively cheap, has two cleavers and an apron, and is probably the most visually stunning toy so far (I'm still bee-lining for a Gatchaman set from Fewture, so I think that will rule the roost).
As far as playability goes, I'd have to say Onell's Rig (and accompanying figures) and their Gobon Custom Corp drop (with that great retro 80s comic) were my faves.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Heh...I just got done lambasting that comic the other day! :P

Love the art and layout...but I expect more than the "stuff just happens" plot and melodramatic dialog...

Now where's my red Armodoc, Rain?? ;)
Transformers Drift and Busou Shinki Baby Razz.

I didn't buy any Chogokin in 2010.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
This tough, since I'm having a hard time remembering what I actually got this year. This ain't a TOTY, so I'll just point out my favorites of things I actually do remember receiving/buying this year:

Bandai 6" vinyl Jet Jaguar
TF Animated Blackout
TF Animated Hot Rod
MOTUC figures in general. My least favorite so far is Hordak and he's still a pretty damn good figure.
Fansproject G3 Trailer
Fansproject Defender
Fansproject Munitioner (this might be my single "best" toy of the year. It's fantastic)
Fansproject Explorer
Fansproject Protector (yes, I'm a huge FP fan)
Fewture ES Gokin Godom. Just a great damn figure. Love it to death.
SOC Daizengar & Aussenseiter (ridiculously complex, and a toy I initially didn't like the looks of one bit, but after reading about and fiddling with, it's really top-notch)
TF G1 Apeface
TF Human Alliance Jazz
Takara DX King J-Der
Mastermind Creations Knight Morpher
Bandai gokin Phone Braver 7

I know I managed to snag a lot of other things throughout the year as well, and looking over this list it looks like I bought a lot of stuff, yet for most of these, something went out the door in order to bring them in. Seems to be the major characteristic of my collecting. The collection doesn't stay stable.

More serious than thou

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The last few TF Animated toys that slipped out via TRU and Takara, hopefully 2011 will see some love for this series and we'll see some of those designs that were left over by way of Takara.

Toynami Regult. Simple and cheap, what it needed to be considering the market, Here's hoping the promised Glaug makes it to market.

Daitarn 3. While I didn't buy it, it looks like another example of "it's about time" for some long-awaited SoC releases.

SoC Tobikage series. Since the SPEC line seems to be gone these are now SoC proper releases, and the sharp lines and style of 80's super robot design are always welcome. Again I didn't partake due to horrible dollar/yen ratios, but eventually I plan to pick up all three when my money is no longer less valuable than a roll of toilet paper in Japan.

Maybe the TRU release of MP Grimlock. I've heard there were some quality issues, but when it's half the price of the Takara and it trades the crappy accessories for a crown it's probably some people's TOTY purchase.
Oh yeah, forgot about MPC Grimmy. Beautiful toy.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
SOC Daitarn, SOC OVA Getter 1, and MP Grimlock. Three toys that cover the whole price spectrum and cover all the basis from complex to simple designs and old and new nostalgia.
From most favorite first:

1. SRC Mazinger Z - Awesome super articulated and detailed inexpensive figure!

2. SOC Daitarn 3 - Speaks for itself

3. All other SRC releases...

Sanjeev (Admin)
Ginrai Wrote:
> I doubt anyone will agree with me, but the new
> 2010 Unicron rules and is basically the toy I've
> wanted since 1986, niggling details aside.

Everything from that movie made me stop buying Transformers.
Jumbo Machinder Neo Mazinger Z
Sanjeev (Admin)
Danguard mentioned it, but has anyone else gotten Yamato's SDF-1? I'd prefer a tv version, but this looks pretty bangin'...
i was not impressed with the yamato sdf-1. it kind of struck me as blah. there is nothing spectacularly wrong with it, but it did not leave me with a "i need to take it out of the box again" feeling. the reviews are correct, the joints are tight and the peice looks good, and it is pretty big, but it does not have that awesome factor that you get with some other toys.

maybe it is because the color scheme is too monotone, or maybe because when I compare it to the takatoku version, relatively speaking it does not have any "presence".

my feeling is that it is s fine toy, but i would have been happy with it if i paid half the price, and i got it for 25% off retail.
Giantbluerobot Wrote:
> Jumbo Machinder Neo Mazinger Z

nice call. how do you like it?
leMel42 Wrote:
> Giantbluerobot Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > Jumbo Machinder Neo Mazinger Z
> nice call. how do you like it?

It's better than I thought it would be , it was worth every penny. The head, shoulders, arms, and fists are all articulated. It reminds me of Giant plastic version of SOC Mazinger .

The arms are connected to the elbow by magnets and it can shoot it's arm .

The size makes it stand out. It is taller than the vintage Jumbos and wider so it looks really tough.

I would love to see a Great Mazinger, Gaiking, Reideen, Daimos, Dragun, and Go Shogun made from this line.

Just imagine this line lasting as long as the SOC line, that would be beyond awesome.

I don't know if you can tell but I am really happy with this purchase.
Sanjeev Wrote:
> Now where's my red Armodoc, Rain?? ;)

It's coming, my friend... as soon as the special custom pilot is finished... almost done...

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Pancakes n bacon are gonna taste weird tomorrow AM.
A little Dr. Seuss never hurt nobody.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Jumbo Stormtrooper gets my vote.

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