Never Seen Before 1/72 Dougram Blockhead Toy

Posted by Tom Floros 

I recently came across this 1/72 Blockhead toy on yahoo japan, and to my amazement, it was in the drab green variant color. It doesn't appear to be a paint job as the finish is dead on perfect and looks like it came this way from the factory. Same for the accessories. Is this a never seen before Blockhead toy, super rare piece, or just a good hobbyiest paint job. You decide.
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Funny - to my eyes it totally appears to be a paint job. It looks quite matte compared to the light sources on the clear armor. Flat-painting plastic combat cloth - no technical challenges there. Any other indicators it could be a variant?
MattAlt (Admin)
The auction description stated that the owner painted it himself.

There is actually a lot of this sort of stuff floating around the Japanese marketplace, as the hobby scene at the time really encouraged painting and modifying toys like the Dual Models and Valkyries.

Thanks much for translating. Good to know it was a paint job.

Thanks Again
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