00 Gundam ver. ka GFF composite!?

Posted by Gundam@EFSF 
00 Gundam ver. ka GFF composite!

See my blog !

As I know Robot Spirit will be the mainstream of Gundam fig, (3-4 new itemsin a month), and GFF will be "niche: products :( (3-4 items in ayear). I am planning how to upgrade the "too plain" design of robotspirit....
1:160 decal will many Ka red marks, popular EFSF logo... that's my plan in upgrade my Robot soul collection.
Look forward to the Unicorn MS, V2... etc.

I apply these decals for the 1st time & they consume me 5 hrs ...X(

Awesome! That's a clever idea, and it looks great, too!
Hate to say it, but it's not a GFF unless it's got that bland and blocky Katoki look to it. :D
Those decals look quite nice! Enough of 'em to add to the designs look without looking like it's smothered in decals.
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