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Monsters in ripped shorts = thumbs down from me. (Yes, that includes Hulk.)
What a tragedy. :P I didn't think of it, but I'm fairly certain the Hulk theme is why I DO like the shorts. That and I dig the funny cartooney skull belt buckle.

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Sanjeev (Admin)
HULK!! ...cry...


And, hey, I like Garbage Pail Kids!

Nah, I feel ya. I never liked the ripped shorts look. I guess that's some punk influence in the design...but whatever...I guess that's why I normally stick to the Chaos sculpts.

And speaking of which, that half-blue, half-red metallic rub-whatever Chaos Beast you posted, Ben, is pure sexy. Thanks for the back-up pics, man. And, yes, our initial discussions where you straight hated on RxH are hilarious in hindsight!

Anyway, one of the things that totally turned me off of fight figures from day one was that there seemed to be an endless number of versions of the same damn sculpt. And the first few RxH figures even have the same fucking body and arms!!

But then, I guess it isn't so bad--people like me who couldn't care less about "collecting" these things can just pick up the colorway or two that really speak to me (like that "Kabuki" Mutant Evil: totally hot, but otherwise, I'd never get one of the million or so other Mutant Evils out there!). I seriously don't get the hardcore collectors who must have every single version. Hey, more power to 'em...but I just can't imagine someone thinking each and every fucking colorway looks good.
"and maybe Hillsy"

Nope, sorry. I've got a couple of Ryusei Ninjas, but generally find RxH stuff to be too butt ugly for my tastes.

Anonymous User
"...and Daniel"

Yeah, ok. I have a ton of them.

Not a fan of the shorts myself. I think this is partially taken from the skater clothing that TMNT figures regularly sport. I was more into the robotic TMNT guys like Metalhead (light-piping = awesome), Fugitoid and the Mousers.

I am partial to these guys, mostly because they remind me of Zakus.

Other colors...

I've heard that the design of Bigaroid is inspired by Lightan. No one really seems to collect them, but they're great.

This Kamen Rider set is hands-down one of the best out there. The toys themselves do not really look like the Riders, but the paint arrangement is dead-on and it plays into the whole hero team aspect of RxH. RxH does too many homage paint schemes these days, in my view. But whatever. They probably sell well.

(I tried to make the photograph look like the old 80s Sears catalog shots, ha.)
Great pics Dan! I really need that first trio for my own collection... such a great colored set. It IS cool to see someone love on the Bigaroids. I've handled them and they are great, but never gotten around to picking any up. I want to get some more now that they could share shelf space with the Adult Chaoses.

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Not the best picture in the world, but here's a taste anyway for anyone not familiar with RxH stuff:

and an unpainted shot so's you can see the sculpts. a couple are missing but you get the idea.

I dig these things (obviously, heh). I like kaiju and stuff too, but these just speak to me--they don't ALL speak to me, but I really like the style of the sculpts and color spray ideas as well as RxH's choice in vinyl colors. the shorts never really bothered me--hell, I'm not sure I even noticed them at first. I just saw a crazy figure with color combinations I liked.

And even though some of the earlier characters and variants were just a head sculpt apart, some of the colorways on certain characters just wouldn't be as effective on another, IMHO.

I dig these fight figures more than most of the monster toys I've seen out there--but that's probably because I grew up watching TMNT shows (and collecting action figures) instead of japanese monster shows (though I wish I did). Also, the size and proportions of the sculpts feel good to me.

Some of the newer companies have made a believer out of me when it comes to kaiju toys though. I just wish I had the money to collect everything I liked from them. it does get expensive.

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Kiriko = Vombie? :)

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.
yup. hey~
Sanjeev (Admin)
Well I'll be damned!! Hahaha!

You fuckers and your weird-ass interweb handles! :P

Hillsy, you crack me up--your answer was like, "no, but I like a couple". Well, that's pretty much mine, as well! I don't follow RxH releases and I'm not looking for any figures out there other than the few I have. That said, I respect what the guy's doing.

Oh, if he makes a Pheyaos or Adult Pheyaos (or, really, anything with Onell) in glow, I'm on that!

Daniel, those pics are cool. The Kamen Rider set's pretty hot. And kiriko/Vombie, even though I've never really been into unpainted vinyls, the pic with all the different unpainted sculpts looks great.

That's one of the interesting things about these figures: they tend to look awesome on a shelf in numbers.

Oh...and all this said...I still can't stand Secret Base's fight figures...does anyone here have any or can post pics for those who don't know?
I handled some SB figures at Roto, and was surpised that they are bigger than I always assumed. I'd be interested in getting one of the Obakes and the bag-headed guys in clear vinyls only because I like the layered effect, but otherwise I agree with you that they are completely uninteresting.

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.

Mutant Head with metallic sprays on shiny black vinyl. One of my favorites.

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.
Sanjeev, you checked out some of my SB figures when you were over. granted, i only have frankenghosts, but still..I think the fact that I'm into monster movies makes those toys a lot more appealing to me.

As for RxH, I love a lot of the toys, but there are too many being released right now. A big lure for me early on was the freehand spray look to them, and to some degree the releases with masked spray were ok, but I just can't keep up with it anymore.

A lot of you guys will boo and hiss me when I say it, but those full sized "man" real head figures are so bad (for me anyway). The arms are gangly and goofy, the faces look off to me, and it just seems very rehashed of prior releases.

I think the oni head is probably on par with bigaroid for being "non-collected
" and I think it's the most fun guy out there if for the only reason that it's most likely modeled after Mori heh. At least that's how I look at it.
Mori-san is without a doubt one of the nicest people I have met in my travels.

He asked which figure I liked most when we were at his shop, and promptly gave me a proto oni head. I don't know too many toymakers who would do that.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Yup...I remember the Frankenghosts...and I remember asking about them. Weren't they just produced by Secret Base, but were actually Super7 toys (based on Brian's drawings)? I forget..

Anyway, I think I have more connection to those guys than the "Damaged Brain" guys or whatever the generic Secret Base dudes are called. Those, I don't like at all.

Y'know, I totally hated the full-sized "man" figures at first, too. I mean, it sorta defeats the whole aesthetic of the "fight figure" to me: the point is that they fit in your palm comfortably...and have those cool quasi-SD proportions. Then two things happened. First, I caught Ben's review of the Pheyaos man, which features some sick photography.

Then, I got to handle one in person at Matt Walker's place (Ed, you can see what I'm talking about Friday night...remind me then!)--it was some weird dude with the head of a fly. Pretty neat. I mean, I'd love a glowie Pheyaos Man, but I'd probably never collect them. BUT then again, the forearms detach, and if Mori put out some cool weapon variant hands, that'd be sick.

Anyway, I too have heard Mori's a great guy. I think that goes a long way for me: if an independent toy maker is a good dude, I'm gonna be more inclined to support his stuff. I'd love ot meet him some day!
Sucklord on Vinyladdiction [vinyladdiction.myx.tv]
Hot or not?

Sanjeev (Admin)

Eh well...if it makes someone happy...

edit: Dude, you're fucking awesome!! :P

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I love doing that from time to time. Here's another:

Sanjeev (Admin)
Oh yeah! I totally remember that!

I actually like it better if you start it as a thread, not a poll, though...it keeps things a bit more dynamic by giving people a chance to backpedal and contradict themselves when the winds of hype begin to change. :P
Coop has a point....the people who ragged on Lil Mort should be ragging on this. Apparently, Mike Giant has more "cred", so he gets a pass. Neither does a damn thing for me.

There used to be a skateboarding show on nickelodeon..Sk8 TV.


That vinyladdicition show reminds me of that. Nothing says "hip" like a sideways hat.
Roger Wrote:
> I love doing that from time to time. Here's
> another:
> [skullbrain.org]

Whats skullbrain's problem with Shitama-kun and Konta? Too commercial? I own that set. I bought it last year just for the cute dog but the kid is okay too. I guess I have more designer vinyls than I thought.
The idea behind the threads is to post the designs without any ID or context to see how people respond. A "blind taste test," so to speak.
That's just nuts. Why can't people just like what we like? Silly monkeys.
I love Roger's blind taste test idea... and is pretty revealing, to say the least.

Got this bad boy in the mail today. I think Elegab is really the leader these days in original kaiju designs, with an emphasis on ensuring that they make excellent toys. Tonneran here is loaded with detail and has great balance and poise.

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I make 3D printed mecha action figures.
Sanjeev (Admin)
hillsy Wrote:
> Coop has a point....the people who ragged on Lil
> Mort should be ragging on this. Apparently, Mike
> Giant has more "cred", so he gets a pass. Neither
> does a damn thing for me.

Agreed. So dumb...

I mean, I love Matt Doughty--he's my homeboy, no question. That doesn't mean I buy everything he makes...or even like all of it. You can actually respect an artist, the work that he does, and even like him as a person/friend/whatever...without pretending the toys he makes are the best things you've ever seen.

I kinda enjoy thinking for myself. I try to do it as much as I can...


Anyway, regarding Elegab's Tonneran ("Tunneler", if you prefer), I say no. I can't seem to find the original artwork the toy is based on, but here's a small part of it:

I loved the original artwork. Don't like its execution as a toy.

It's not bad and I like what Elegab does, in general, but I'm just not feeling this execution. This toy seems almost too literal...less abstract than what the artwork suggests...
Well, what did you want the toy version to do? I like the figure because I liked the artwork and the figure is true to it.

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Sanjeev (Admin)
Well, the truck running up his leg doesn't really look like it's going anywhere.

The street, itself, running up his leg isn't as well-defined as it is in the drawing.

Also, the car on his forehead doesn't really look like it's going into a tunnel.

The "mouth" doen't look like a rotary, whereas, it did in the drawing.

And they totally boogered up the left hand: the whole "Tunnel" aspect, I think, is kinda lost. In the drawing, it's clear that cars drive up his leg, into the mouth of the tunnel in his forehead, then out the end of the tunnel (his left hand). In the toy, the left hand doesn't look like anything at all to me...

Oh, and I never liked the traffic light right hand...in the drawing or on the toy...

Just my two cents. I think if he sold prints of the original artwork, I'd love to buy one...but I'd prefer a total resculpt of the toy...
You know, there's only so much you can do with a sculpt for a vinyl toy when it comes to deep undercuts and the like. Remember that you have to be able to pull it out of that mold without the piece ripping or getting stuck.
Anonymous User
I want to like Elegab's stuff, but his newer toys don't do much for me. He is really good at translating his artwork into vinyl- perhaps there are technical limitations, but the 'soul' is captured. Overall though, too abstract- "anyone" can draw a crazy monster and turn it into a toy, and do it over and over again. This is where a lot of the new companies and toys fail for me- creation without context.

Personally, I thought the Dokuro-Taro toys were pretty great. I shy away from humanoid toys, but he put out some very nice clear and special paint versions back before he was "Elegab."
Sanjeev (Admin)
Hahaha...I actually feel the exact opposite you do, Daniel! I, too, want to like his stuff, but I feel that the soul isn't captured by the toy...at least in the case of Tunneran. Sure, like most of his other stuff, the design doesn't really have much in the way of context, but I just think it's neat to see a street come alive. That abstract nature comes through beautifully in the artwork...but very clumsily in the toy (like, if you'd never seen the artwork, would you have immediately "gotten" that cars drive up his leg, into the tunnel on his forehead, and out the exit in his left hand?).

I get the manufacturing limitations Roger mentioned...but I guess I just fell in love with the artwork. When the toy finally came out months later, I had built-up expectations that weren't met... :/
Well, I must be crazy here, but I think Elegab's monster figures have the most soul and flavor out of anyone's. They all feature these big friendly eyes and terrifically stupid expressions that just crack me up, and suggest a set of monsters that really aren't all that evil, but rather more just confused and disgruntled at their existence. I mean, c'mon, the Tunneler looks like a dufus, and he's awesome for it. The Monster Car looks positively *ahem* slow *ahem*, and just makes me smile thinking about it. Nari also does a fantastic job of adding interactivity to his figures. Stuff like the Puppet Seijin coming with multiple puppets that were each unique, and the open claw on the Tunneler that can really grip stuff or the minis just add that much more 'play value'. I want to get some of the older Elegab minis to add to my little crew because there's just so much you can do with them.

And as for the cars on Tunneler, I am under the impression that they are all in various states of falling off the monster because, you know, the road they were on just uprooted itself and is now terrorizing the locals. The red car might manage to correct his swerve and make it into the tunnel, but the green bacon truck is totally rolling over down his leg. I do see what you're saying about the left arm now tho... I forgot that initially there was road coming out of the arm, but I suppose it was due to the limitations of pulling the molds like Roger said. He could have sculpted the hollow with a flat bit and painted to match, but maybe when he couldn't get the depth he wanted Nari decided to change the design slightly. I could see the left arm being a big drain pipe or something, and now the tunnel just re-routes into the monster's stomach as a second mouth!

EDIT: Actually, Nari updated his blog with some classy animations of the Tunneler's various attacks:
Nari really seems to have this fantastic sense of wonder and fun that he puts into every one of his toys.

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
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I would say no to the tonneran figure as well, but I tried to get into elegab with the shuttlegon and it just is a bit too off for me. maybe it's his lean or something off to the side.
I can understand liking a toy because it's goofy, that's why I love booska as much as I do, but this doesn't say goofy to me. It just looks like a blob of caramel with toy cars stuck to it.

I don't think that Mike Giant has more "cred" than coop, not in my opinion anyway. I also don't think you should really look at it as a "toy" to play with, but more as an advertising thing for the toypunks guys. Those guys make what they like and don't care what anyone else thinks.
For me, it's ok. I wouldn't buy one, but it falls into the same category as the kid hunter and other figures of that ilk. If bounty hunter had made that, those guys would be going crazy for it.

There is one good aspect to nobody liking it though. I won't have to look through 9 pages of photos of people posting what they got in the mail, seeing the same toy over and over again. I still never quite "get" that thread...

I think Yamomark is making some rad toys these days. The weird animal figures are cool as hell. He bought all of those old molds somewhere and just made a bunch of random animals, swapped out the heads of elephants on shark bodies...they're fun and affordable toys. I like to see some of these companies taking a chance and making fun toys that THEY like and hope others do as well.
Elegab and yamomark seem to be doing this, hopefully it will catch on a bit more.
"but this doesn't say goofy to me. It just looks like a blob of caramel with toy cars stuck to it."

That says "tasty", to me.

"I don't think that Mike Giant has more "cred" than coop"

I'm at a loss, then, to figure out why Lil Mort gets shat upon and this thing doesn't. Double standards.

Sanjeev (Admin)
Ben where are these "classy animations" of Tonneran?

Y'know, I might consider an unpainted glow figure of him. I think I could probably bring some of what I love in the original artwork out of the toy's sculpt with a custom paint job.

Anyway, the Coop vs. Mike Giant thing has pretty much devolved into drooling stupidity on sb now. Which obviously means Roger is my fucking hero. ;) Anyway, whatever. I'm with you, Ed. The "what you got in the mail" thread is just about the worst thing I've EVAR seen on a bbs and I've never clicked on a single page of it.

And I agree that Yamomark is VERY dope (as you can tell my my first post in this thread!). Besides their kaijin, I've seen lots of their mish-mash animals on Grumble Toy. Cool, cheap, fun...and glowie!
Coop is my hero for posting that picture of the toy with one of his models in a matter of minutes. I can visualize him sitting at his desk reading Skullbrain, seeing the request, swiveling around in his chair, saying, "Smile, sweetie!" snapping the picture, swiveling around again and uploading it. The man leads a charmed life, to be sure.

I can't say Lil' Mort or the Toypunks figure is my cup of tea, though, I've never been big on the skull/skeleton/grim reaper skateboard hot rodder thing, but I know that other people are. I think both toys will find their fans.
I've been digging on the Yamomark stuff since I first saw Yamobazooka. I also can't deny the charm I see in DreamRocket's stuff.
Here's the Tunneler attack animations:

My first link did work because of the translation thing I guess.

I have to admit that I don't see the problem with the 'Mail' thread and think it's fun... it's a much better way for everyone to just update what they've been getting and talking about it real quick, without needing two hundred thousand personal collection threads where people show off the same four shelves of 'R@RE' stuff. If nothing else, the Mail thread gives you a good idea of when new releases are actually shipping and arriving. There was a meltdown a month or two ago over the existence of this thread, and I guess I don't understand getting quite so worked up about a thread on a message board, especially when it's a pretty benign one. I swear, sometimes I feel like I'm reading a different message board than you guys :P

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.
Cool stuff there. I'd definitely be coloring the tunnel mouth and hand with dark fade in, with a streak of florescent light glow on the roof, and another yellow dot going in.

Anyways, this NY TOYSTREET event was moved up to this Friday April 2nd. Looks kinda fun. Anybody going? Will be covered by a few vinyl bloggers, Sucklord's there, and yadda yadda. Git yer hipster on! What should I wear?
Sanjeev (Admin)
Y'know...I actually will be in NYC this weekend...but I'm pretty sure I won't want anything to do with that event. I'm a hip hop head and I'm a toy nerd. This weird hipster intersection of the two (urban vinyl) mostly sickens me.
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