jumbo machinder stormtrooper?

Posted by christ 
Last I heard the Super 7 jumbo stormtrooper was going to be on sale at San Diego Comicon- On skullbrain, the last mention I saw was when the test shot parts were received from the factory on May 18th.

Anybody have any news on this? Is there any chance left for San Diego?

Super 7's site is devoid of updates.

I'd love to hear an update on this as well...

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Last I read was the San Diego Comicon dealie and that it might cost around 300$. I personally would love to own one but it's not worth that much money.
Question might be better answered at www.skullbrain.org/bb

Sanjeev (Admin)
Release date's been pushed off til the Holiday season...

That said, the updated prototype *will* be on display at Comic-Con. I'm hoping we get to see the new gun-hand and blaster...
Dammit! Thanks for the update though.

It's sad but when I worry about my job this damned stormtrooper always occurs to me first. I'll think- Oh no- I'm going to get laid off- and then I won't be able to get the jumbo stormtrooper! The first thing I think of isn't the mortgage or our standard of living.

I think my priorities are a little out of whack.
A little. If its more important then you should sell your house, sell you wife (if you are married), sell your kids (definitely sell your kids if any are available) and move back in with your mom. Sell her too. You'll totally have the extra cash at this point. THEN buy the jumbo storm trooper. If it turns out to be a disappointment then sell it on ebay for double, no TRIPLE the price. Its a win win.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Man...rough fucking economy, huh? Even christ has to worry about lay-offs...
I have seen neither hide nor hair of the jumbo Boba Fett. I know Super7 mentioned that they would wait longer into the design process before revealing the jumbo boba fett because of the huge lead-in time from stormtrooper first showing and final product delivery.

But does anyone have any idea or seen anything besides the silo shown on the side of the stormtrooper package? Haven't seen any updates on Skullbrain (it's been a bit since I've checked but not that long).

Maybe toyfair?

I'm worried I'll be laid off and not be able to get the Boba jumbo.:)

So hurry, Boba. Hurry!
I was at Super 7 in the Haight over the holidays and was asking about the jumbo Boba. It sounds like they're still working on it. The guy in the store made references to it being more "jumbo-like" and working with the folks at Skywalker Ranch to get their buy-in on the final design. But no word on timing.

Just save your pennies, weigh the pros and cons of defaulting on your mortgage, and get ready to get in line for this guy (just not anytime soon).
repairtechjon Wrote:
> [blog.super7store.com]


Best, Ken-A
Thank you, Super7 for answering my question in such a timely fashion! Eerie.
Boba? Five months later. Year's almost half over. Where you at?
Oh. You're made of cardboard. And your head is in a box at your feet. Groovy. There's always next year. Now if I can only hold onto this job... :)
Boba? Ever? You break my heart. You break everyone's heart.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Where's Frank? He should have the skinny...
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