ES Gokins

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Well, keep in mind that it's LoDM Gaiking, not the 70's design. The colors and details are a bit different...
I had the faux SOC of him, and I liked that one. Not sure what there is about this one that doesn't sit right with me.

Right now, I'm just looking forward to the Mugen Calibur. And in the same vein, the D-Style GaoGaiGar that I have preordered. There's a King J-Der as well, though it's more expensive. I'd guess that has to do with a larger size than anything. Never having bought any of the D-Style kits, does anyone have anything to say about them?

More serious than thou

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Sanjeev (Admin)
Never handled a Kotobukiya plamo before. I've always sorta found Bandai's BB Gundam kits to be pretty crappy, so I'm really hesitant about SD kits in general...

i appreciate how all the Japanese review sites always refer to Rom Stol as Rom-niisan.

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Legend of Daikumaryu-style Gaiking!

Raiking and Vulking!

these still aren't out yet, right?

I preordered Maz Z and Great Maz. Like a sucker.

Also bought the more egg-like Yamato/Metal Box Getter Dragon. I know Metal Box has been making kits, but these are full on diecast assembled toys... unfortunately they're a different SD style than the ES Gokins. But I'm a sucker for SD, and I still don't understand Japanese toy licensing (would they even make an ES Gokin Getter Dragon with this version being released? If they can release three or four totally different iterations of Mospeada Ride Armors, I'm guessing so). I'm really tempted by the egg-Grendizer...
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