SDX Gundams

Posted by Runaphen 
Has anyone gotten one of these yet?

Here are some pics of the upcoming Satan Gundam: []
I have the original Knight Gundam (not the newer armored one) and I preordered this one. If Diamond solicits the Command, I'll probably get that one too, since I was a sucker for the old SD kits.
I have both the Knight Gundam and the Full Armor Knight Gundam. I wonder how long Bandai is going to milk this line. C'mon Bandai we need a SD Zakrello.
Personally, I'm surprised they haven't started making Mushas yet.
Probably 'cause there are still Musha stuff being made in the BB Senshi series, while SD Knight and SD Commando hasn't seen anything for a long-ass time.
Banpresto made some knight toys, right? Just figured since Musha had been in the Musou games and got a FIX and MG, that they'd go with that for the SDX line first.

BTW, is the full armor Knight worth it if I already have the normal one? I know the designs are completely different, just wondering...
Sanjeev (Admin)
Cool pics!

But honestly, I've only ever been interested in original Gundam mecha rendered into SD. If these things are all high-quality, articulated, diecast, accessorized, and all that, I'd want a Nu Gundam, a GP-02A, a Z'Gok, etc...
I'm still pissed that Satan Gundam isn't Jewish anymore.


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I waqs hugely into SD gundam when it was on US shelves. I like the stylistic extreme that satan gundam embodies.
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