Yamato 1/24 Ingram (Patlabor)

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Lookin' sweet!


I love the return of glossy plastic! Or is that diecast??
I like how that review can be followed entirely through the vast array of emoticons.
If we had emoticons that awesome here, I'd abuse em too.

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Lots of promise on the gimmicks alone although the proportions do suffer from enlargement issues. The kneeling pose exposes the original design's problem with the hip joints. I wait for more reports on the sturdiness of the internal frame and joints – the joint-stopper solution for the Scopedog was a hoot.
Some Futuba channel pics
open | download - ingramshoot.jpg (64.1 KB)
open | download - ingramsize.jpg (247.4 KB)
Holy crap....in my head I thought I had an idea of how big this thing is, but seeing it compared to what I assume is the Bandai cloth gear version blows my mind...I was never really on board for this Ingram, but seeing that kind of makes me want it...It will look mighty sweet sitting on a shelf with my 1/24th scale DM Votoms guys... On a side note I have this dream that one day I am going to redo my collection by scale instead of by theme...When I look at my shelf of HT, Medicom, and SS 1/6th scale dudes on the same shelf I really want my robots arranged the same way...(Having the new HT Hellboy point "The Samaritan" at RAH Baltan makes me happier than you can imagine....)
Interesting point fel9... I'm always surprised that I don't here more people saying things about displaying by scale, but I guess it's probably because in the case of super robots there really isn't a scale. I'm more of a Real Robot fan myself, and do display by scale... 1/60 Gundams and Macross Valks, 1/72 kits, 1/100 Gundams and other stuff, 1/35 tanks and the Jumbo Grade Zaku. My problem is Transformers and Super Robots don't have scales, so I still have odd shelves.

On the Ingram, I don't actually have anything 1/24, which is a big part of my indifference towards this release... I own the 1/35 scale Master Grade kit, and the sort of 1/48-1/60ish Brave Gokin Ingram along with the matching CMS Sofus, so while the Yammie Ingram is cool, it'd be such an oddball on my shelf.

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Oddly enough the car in that picture is a custom Binaltech Meister.
VF5SS Wrote:
> Oddly enough the car in that picture is a custom
> Binaltech Meister.

I don't know why it would be custom, there was a BT Kiss Players RX8. Autoloop or some such.

I'd like it, but I had the choice between this and the CM's Calibur. I've already got some nice Ingrams from CM's, while my only other Calibur is the TT that suffers from "Oh shit we're broke, no articulation for you".

There were some 1/24 vinyl kits of Patlabor back in the day. I still have the Zero one somewhere. It's probably the best scale for the mecha given all the auto plamodel in that scale.
Man is that nice. I'm not even that big of a Patlabor fan (I only have just a bunch of the Revoltechs). Love that they had the balls to make a toy that big and intricate in a weak economy. Of course being at $300, only the most hardcore of fans with $$$ would think of buying that.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".

Can't talk, being huuuuuge!
The shoulder bubblegum lights work too?..!
Just need the siren noise chip in there. Cool.
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I just cannot stop looking at this guy. Thanks for the pics, guys. Now thanks to you - I have made up my mind to pick this guy up instead of GX-46. Provided I can source for him locally, that is. Nobody seems to be bringing him in yet.

The more I look at him, the more I want him. Must be all those gimmicks and the seemingly flawless quality in the photos. It looks nothing like any Yamato toy made in the past - the quality looks more akin to CM's Brave Gokin series. At least from the photos they do. Sure, I'm not too crazy about the proportions, but man - this thing has got as much detail as a PG Gundam. The working pistons on the neck, articulated fingers, crazy cockpit detail (check out the chromed grills on the sides of the cockpit too! Even the top cover slides in and out), sliding face mask, etc. are just driving me nuts!

Speaking of PG, in fact, I find the proportions very PG-ish too, it's got the same level of bulk. Anyway, Ng's Collections told me they're expecting them next Tuesday because Japan's having holidays now so the shipment can't come in this week. This waiting is killing me!

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My long-standing hypocrisy strikes again and finding it cheaper than any overseas store caused me to grab one against my better judgment. I guess because I never found a source for that Takara 1/144 TB2 with all the gimmicks after I passed on it, I didn't want to make the same mistake with this one.

Besides, I've got the Ingram in all but one release since 1989, so I might as well continue.
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Review!! I'm interested to know which areas are diecast - although someone mentioned it's the frame (skeleton?). The armor looks so shiny I'm having hopes they're at least 40% diecast like CM's.

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Some cool pics including a shot of the Ingram with a B-Club 1/24 scale Type Zero kit.
I need to dig out my B-club Zero and Griffon I guess, those kits were really impressive.
That Zero is badass, and I don't even like the Zero.

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.
I am really liking this Ingram. I haven't had too much time to fiddle with it but I will be dropping a review soon. Suffice to say, this thing is a real departure from Yamato's M.O. in a few key ways and if you are on the fence about it, buy with confidence.

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open | download - Roadblock.JPG (263.8 KB)
Ahaha! Warrhead, nice Memorial Day Weekend shot there. Totally appropriate for last weekend. Now THAT would be some roadblock.
Cool shelf theme, my man.
Thanks! More 1/24 scale pics to come!
Will anyone ever get around to reviewing this?
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Dear god... what is our actual goal of those directions? Truth be told, I'm kinda impressed at how intricate the engineering is, but god help anyone who has to go inside one of those.

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.
Looks like it's for tightening up a hip joint or some such.

More serious than thou
MattAlt (Admin)
Will anyone ever get around to reviewing this?

Sure, as soon as you send me a review sample! :)

(It looks super sexy in the local shop's display case, but I don't have the coin at the moment.)
MattAlt Wrote:
> Sure, as soon as you send me a review sample! :)

I told Scott Hards the same thing. He told me to stand by the mailbox and keep my eyes peeled. But I got really dehydrated after a few days and gave up. I'm beginning to think he wasn't serious.


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open | download - unexpected.jpg (127 KB)
Sanjeev (Admin)
So...I'm told that the 1/24 Yamato Patlabor is fucking SICK. I'm talking, shit-through-your-cock good.

That blue is pretty.
CDX will have a review up in a week or so....
I've had mine for about a month, it's great, not much else to say. If you are really into Patlabor and the Ingram design, and can get it without paying huge shipping costs, you will be pleased.

Review over.
Runaphen Wrote:
> NYPD CLAT Ingram

mind = blown
Why couldn't CM's do this?? It would fit so much better into their lineup of oddball labors, like the police Taisyos, and OVA Unit 2, and the new AVS-98s...
It does look awfully pretty with its candy-gloss blue, and I'd certainly like to get a Yamato Ingram eventually, but I really like my CM's Ingram, too, and I can actually imagine buying a CLAT version from them... I just can't see myself spending the price of the Yamato on such an obscure repaint without any other machines to keep it company.

-Paul Segal

"Oh, the anger is never far, never far." -SteveH
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I would love to have one but just cant justify the price it commands at the moment. I hope for the typical price slashing after its been out for a while.

The CLAT colored Ingram was a bit unexpected, although I guess I should have assumed it was coming being how re-color happy Yamato is. I would have assumed we would see a unit 2 or 3 before a clat version at least. I would think either of those would be much bigger sellers than this anyways.
Sanjeev Wrote:
> So...I'm told that the 1/24 Yamato Patlabor is
> fucking SICK. I'm talking, shit-through-your-cock
> good.

This statement caused difficulty. Many hours of tense disagreement and several visits to the OED that we keep in our sacred Moon Hall resulted. I was at last able to convince our elders that the meaning of these words did not necessitate an intractable religious war between your tribe and mine.

It would help to cement my beneficial interpretation in the minds of our yet-wary elders if, in the future, you would often comment on the colonic health of giant riding fowl.

> That blue is pretty.

It is. It reminds me of the moonbase Legos I had as a kid.
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
Sanjeev Wrote:
> So...I'm told that the 1/24 Yamato Patlabor is
> fucking SICK. I'm talking, shit-through-your-cock
> good.

I admit. Even for me, shit through your cock is a new one.. Good lord...
Is Yammy USA going to be selling the Patlabor in the states?
CLAT, eh? Well, where's the effin' GODWOOD drive?! :D
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