Yamato 1/24 Ingram (Patlabor)

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Why would having the ability to evacuate fecal excrement through one's genitalia be a good thing?

Gcrush Wrote:
> Is Yammy USA going to be selling the Patlabor in
> the states?

It is, I got mine from BBTS, and I've seen it at a few other stores here in SoCal. It's $250, which is a bargain compared to importing is. It's the only reason I bought one, since otherwise it would be over $300 going through importers.

After importing two Mugen Caliburs, getting something locally for less is welcome.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Erik Sjoen Wrote:
> I admit. Even for me, shit through your cock is a
> new one.. Good lord...

What can I say? I'm good.

Pay attention, hillsy. You might learn something.

(Seriously, in a day or two, Atom will post his CDX vid review of this thing. I'm sure he'll cover this thing in all its glory...)
>he'll cover this thing in all his glory...

Dude....what kind of movies are you twisted CDX guys filming?!?

Sanjeev (Admin)
douche, hillsy, douche.
Actually, I'm feeling kind of fresh today....

edited for crappiness.

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Chirico Cuvie Wrote:
> edited for crappiness.

Was it coming out yer cock? Cause that would be awesome. Apparently.

Guys its adam! hi adam!
VF5SS Wrote:
> [www.youtube.com]
> =channel_page
> Guys its adam! hi adam!

I feel like being pedantic. Why does he call it Pat-LAW-bohr? It's spelled Patoreibaa in katakana. The correct rendering is Pat-LAY-ber, which corresponds to the two words that its a contraction of: patrol and labor. If he wants to be faithful to the Japanese name why doesn't he call it Pot-oh-lay-bah?

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because he's from massachusetts. everyone except me pronounces everything wrong
I go to school in Worcester, but I'm from Albany and that ridiculous accent still catches me off guard :P

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It's 'cos us Massholes straight up just don't give a fuck. I still pronounce "Mazinger" as "Tranzor Z".

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I've always pronounced it "Pat-lah-bor". Now I feel like a fucking moron.
delta_7890 Wrote:
> I've always pronounced it "Pat-lah-bor". Now I
> feel like a fucking moron.

I used to do that, but now I say "LAY-bor" and I don't feel like a moron. You should try it.

-Paul Segal

"Oh, the anger is never far, never far." -SteveH
Anonymous User
I just got my AV-98 2 delivered to my office just now. I didn't manage to get the first one because it was sold out everywhere.

Man, this toy simply oozes quality all over. Upon opening the styro box, I was rather surprised they used cloth instead of plastic film to protect the toy! one for the back and one for the front. It's a really nice touch, I must say.

As for the toy itself, it's AWESOME. I haven't really played with it much yet. Just took out the main unit for inspection. It's sitting at the corner of my workdesk as I'm typing this. Yes, I'm stealing glances at it every 10 seconds. The quality is very different from the other Yamato toys I've owned. Almost as if they've outsourced this the way Toynami did with the MPC Ride Armor. And I've owned quite a few Yamato toys... starting with their first fully transformable diecast YF-19. The QC and plastic quality is actually very Bandai/CM's(their earlier Brave Gokins I mean) if you ask me. Even the material they used is different. Glossy hard plastic all over. And I like the leather better than the cloth-like material CM's used for their Brave Gokin Ingram. No tears as far as I can see, unlike an unlucky soul at ToysDaily that had a tiny rip at the back of the neck.

It's pretty heavy - nice solid feel. This is a pleasant surprise considering the box was a bit light.

I haven't played with the gimmicks yet. Probably exactly the same as the first AV98 so you can check out the older photo reviews to find out. Not very 'convenient' to play with it extensively with many managers and colleagues around me. Maybe I'll go home late so I can fiddle with him more since I can't bring him home anyway (my store room's filled up literally from the flooor to the ceiling). Will attach pics soon I hope, but I'm sure somebody else will post them.

Highly recommended!
Anonymous User
Some pics. Not much, but enjoy!
open | download - 02032010550.jpg (497.9 KB)
open | download - 02032010551.jpg (472.2 KB)
open | download - 02032010553.jpg (483.3 KB)
open | download - 02032010554.jpg (359.4 KB)
Anonymous User

Damn, you have Unit 2 and the car. I am supremely jealous.

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.
Wow....it feels like just yesterday we were talking about shitting through our cocks.

Sanjeev (Admin)
Ah...those were the good ol' days...
Anonymous User
Ive actually got unit 1, and now the car.
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