[HELP] What's the deal with this thing anyway?

Posted by Gcrush 
Okay, so there's been a lot of talk about it ever since the first scanned magazine preview photos showed up. The speculation began. How much? How tall? How heavy? Then there were the shots of it at the trade show. Everyone started salivating. It looked better than we could have imagined. Yet something was slightly amiss with the design. Then more unbelievable news - another company announced they were making the same thing in a slightly different scale. Holy shit!

Well, now the damn thing is out. And the reviews are all over the place. I've read all the English language reviews I could find, a handful of Japanese ones, and even an Italian one. There's no consensus. Some people love it. Some people hate it. But the pictures all look great and it's killing me.

So I started this thread to get some feedback before I commit my hard stolen cash. I don't want to know your opinion on it. I've already read dozens. Don't tell me about its pros, cons, broken parts, speculate on the inevitable repaints, or let me know that you do/don't want to buy one as well. I don't care about that shit. All I want is an answer to this one simple question:

No. In fact, you shouldn't buy anything you cant decide for yourself on. It might be better for you and everyone else if you just never bought anything again. Ever. Find a hole in the forest somewhere or hop onto a boxcar, whatever. Just disappear from society, grow a nice thick beard and spend the rest of your days 'waiting for it'.
just buy it you hobo
Well, on the one hand, you should buy it. But on the other, you shouldn't.
I hope this advice has been helpful to you.
Easy solution - just become super rich.
Buy one to flip to me, too!

it would probably help the discussion if we knew what you're talking about??

it's okay to reveal the item that you're referring to... otherwise, i am going to assume you are talking about the Doraemon Chogokin :P
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
You could always start collecting vintage toys as opposed to ridiculously overpriced collectors items. Much less stress.

Either that or the boxcar idea..
Well, it depends on if you like your toy to be accurate to the show. I think too much was sacrificed, or the designer just didn't 'get' what was going on, because this thing is just not that good looking.

I can't believe they got that one, major, significant detail WRONG, you know? It's f'in ICONIC and...man. Kills the whole look.

Given the show's place in anime history, how relevant and important it is to everything, you'd think they'd have a little more respect.

I mean, come on, there's 'crane game prize' versions that look better!

I guess if you have the money and you're a completest, you'd better get it. But buy it because you WANT it, not as an investment. Yahoo.JP auctions are gonna be FLOODED with this damn thing for years to come.
Bought it. Hated it. Sold it.
It's a bit too much for my budget in this day of age, but if you get it, please do a rumble on it so we can live vicariously through your purchase!
Sanjeev (Admin)
Dude...just get the friggin' vintage one.

Why would you even consider a modern incarnation when the vintage is perfectly...perfect.
You should get three. One to display as is, one to display in vehicle mode, and another to keep mint in box. Maybe even grab a few extras as teh market is bound to skyrocket on this one.

You should also get the Guatemalan knockoff that comes in pink and urinal yellow.
None of this is helping. I blame all of you.
Just buy it you hobo.....Damn...!
Bid. It. Now.

I see you were outbid. Better luck next time.

I hate it when that happens
One question -

What the freakin' fudge IS it?!?!

I've never heard of it...
MechaBlazeEagle Wrote:
> One question -
> What the freakin' fudge IS it?!?!

How could you not know? It has a bloody waistjoint for crying out loud.
Looks like your dilemmas about to get worse man, a new company that was until just last month only making pvc figures of schoolgirls and their pantie collections is now having a crack at it! No idea what to expect from them and it'll probably cost even more. :(
Funny, I recently applied Gcrush's technique to emails from relatives. My proposition was that we could all save a whack of time by just replying to the same email, as their content is quite repetitive and therefore predictable. Oddly, no one but me saw the wisdom in this.
I'd go ahead and buy the sucker now. Seems to me that a reissue is not very likely, but hey, what do I know?
Thanks for nothing, all of you. I waited for your advice and now the damn thing is sold out everywhere because it was a limited edition. Great. Now what am I going to do?
Steve Agin has it.
Try eBay Gcrush.
They have these in every 7-11 now. I picked up the blue version with green accent colors and it's awesome!

Here's a pic :

MechaBlazeEagle Wrote:
> Try eBay Gcrush.

This is funny on so many levels.
Yahoo Japan Auction middle man fees are making it even more difficult for me to justify the price of this thing.
Move to Japan Gcrush.

/channeling the MechaBlazeEagle

Have you, perhaps, checked with Mrs.Crush to make sure you don't get tossed to the doghouse for clogging up the china cabinet with this, and the rest of it's line?
Gcrush, dude, don't get so bent out of shape. I was just in Akihabara yesterday, and they still have loads of those things by the checkout counter at the Woolworth's. I think I saw some in the Nakano Walgreen's too.
The peppermint, or spearmint ones?
Those are HK editions and they come with special limited edition hand painted plates. You can't resist the cheap extras!
I was really excited when I heard they were making a live action movie because I always loved the design. But now that the movie is out, I'm crushed. It sucks. WAY TO RUIN MY FUCKING CHILDHOOD, HOLLYWOOD.

Still, did any of you guys get one? Is it any good?
Anonymous User
The Target version sold out right away. Now you can only get it through fucking ebay scalpers.
I got one. I put it in my pants.

Was there really fucking going on in your childhood?

More serious than thou
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