Help me decide my first (somewhat) pricy Gokin!

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Hope this is the right place for this. I've been a mecha fan since I was a wee lad, but I'm still fairly new to the whole "Gokin" scene. My only Gokin pieces thus far are a Soul of Chogokin Mazinger-Z Renewal and an SoC SPEC Dragonar-1 (OS version). I've got a bit of disposable income saved up, and I'd really like to snag myself a good Gokin toy without breaking a barrier of about $200.The most bang for my buck, the better. Personally I was considering the somewhat recently released Soul of Chogokin Baikanfu. With two gokin mecha and two Microman-like figures that can interact with each other on a number of levels, it seems like a good candidate. I tend to prefer pieces that are stable, capable of many dynamic poses, and don't have many annoyances such as small parts that like to fall off at a moment's notice. Toys with modern engineering are preferred as a result.

Any feedback and suggestions are very welcome. :D
Baikanfu is a great choice and so is GX-36 Ideon which has really come down in price plus if your into heavyweight figures Aoshima's Shin Seiki line has some great figures. It would probably help if you listed what your specific tastes are.
I have SOC Baikanfu and it's an amazing toy. No problems at all and quite fun.

I also suggest (if you can still find one) MPC or 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime. Avoid that turkey that was the more recent Classics release of that since they made the red a brighter color and removed all the chrome.

The SOC Eva units are quite well done as well. I have one of the SOC SPEC ones coming in the mail so I can't tell how good that one is yet.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
My tastes in mecha are pretty varied. Honestly I'm a fan of most everything, from classics like Mazinger-Z and Getter Robo to newer stuff like GaoGaiGar, though I do enjoy some of the more "obscure" stuff like Dragonar and Layzner.

Ideon would be an interesting choice, but I think I want to stay away from combining/transforming mecha. My reason being I'm only likely to display the figures in their combined form anyway, so why pay for the extra functionality I'm not likely to take advantage of?
True I almost never combine/transform my figures but Ideon is such a massive figure that it's one of the few toys I have that make me physically feel like a kid. Godannar from Maxfactory is another steal and can pull of some dynamic poses. You could also spend your money on buying smaller figures but more of them like GX-02R Great Mazinger and Gx-18 Getter Dragon (to go with your Gx-01R) or if you can find a deal even Gx-04 or Gx-04S Grendizer.
Hm, that's worth a thought. While I have this topic open, has anyone ordered from They seem to have a large selection of chogokins at very good prices, but I'm surprised they'd have so many models in-stock when most stores I've looked at are sold out. Are they legit? I'd hate to plop down $200 and end up with nothing.
I suggest the SOC Battle Fever Robo. I picked mine up for 40$ and it has been on of my most faved toys since. It's very solid with great articulation and loads of super sweet metal accessories.
If you're really into quality diecast + dynamic poseability, you can't go wrong with the Max Factory Godannar. OR, for something in a similar vein but more current, the Konami DX Gurren Lagann, which rumor has it, is also sculpted by Max Factory under contract.

As for SOCs, no doubt the Baikanfu is nicely designed, but I have at a few friends who did bemoan the seeming lack of weight (i.e. little diecast). For SOCs that really seems to be worth their weight, the Ideon, Iron Gear and reissued Dancougar come to mind.

Have fun deciding! :-)
See the 'Absolutely Essential Modern Gokin' thread for more ideas:

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You're pretty lucky. Most of the best SOCs are being sold at really low prices these days (I'm sure you can easily get them below $200 - that's what they're priced in Singapore anyway)- Gunbuster, Godmars, Dancouga & Ideon. Baikanfu, though not as common, is not that pricey either. You can't go wrong with any of these purchases - and they won't even bust your wallet.
Yeah if you want to spend around $200 on a SINGLE figure then your pretty much limited to SOC's and the rare figure like Godannar. The Fewture stuff is nice but way overpriced, the Aoshima's have some nice heft to them but besides the amount of diecast they lack a certain "sophistication" that SOC have. The new Gurren Lagann figure is very nice but good luck trying to find one for 200 bones. I do believe that Maxfactory has re-issued there Genesic Gaogaigar a great piece but a bit more than $200 although you could probably find version 1.5 for around $200. There is a upcoming Yamato Danguard Ace which from all accounts isn't typical Yamato which is to say it's pretty sturdy and has quite a bit of metal in it. Or even the Masterpiece Voltron, around $150 bucks, is huge and pretty pose able and actually a really nice figure (besides the face which isn't accurate) and there's a upcoming base with sounds and additional weapons for the lions.

But you picked the right time though to start collecting because there hasn't been this many diecast figures to choose from since the 8o's.
How about the gokin Gurren Lagann?

It is a *BEAUTIFUL* hunk of metal love....
Just buy a sheet of 99.9% pure zinc and use the left-over money to get a SOC Black Ox.
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