[ROBOT SPIRIT] Do you have it?

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Not to sure what GCrush's deal is with the Zaku I Sniper figure, either. I was blown away by the balancing of sharp details, articulation, and actual functionality of the accessories. It's like you opened up a different toy or something.

Yeah, I felt like I opened a different toy alright. I was expecting a Robot Spirits toy akin to the RS Zaku II and instead someone had slipped a Zeonography figure in there. It's oversized and fragile, the paint scratches easily, and the legs are basically immobile. (I mean, no thigh swivels? That's why it needs the knee brace to kneel. If you could rotate the thighs even a little you could balance it much more easily.) It looks great, but it's not play-able.

I'm not saying it's a bad figure, but it feels so far removed from the rest of the RS line that I feel like it shouldn't have been included in it.
So Megahouse is making a Galatt toy... I wonder if other companies used the poll results/choices to get some new licenses.
Got the Megahouse Galatt Jumbow toy. Cool, pretty involved transformation (well, as involved as a robotack-like shortening to joke mode can be), though it makes him pretty fragile... his "serious" mode legs have these tiny little pegs to hold them together, but man if those go forget about it. Luckily he does come with a stand.

Of course, they go to great lengths to make this complex transformation and not have there be extraneous parts that you have to add on to the toy, and then at the very end of the transformation there's a little piece that you have to remove and replace with a face. Why? If you're going to do partsforming anyway, why not put some other parts in to stabilize both modes? Did they just get to that point, not see a way for that piece to fold down out of the way, and just say screw it, we've come this far, just make it replaceable?
Man, I would have liked to get that toy myself, but it seemed to be sold out everywhere. Sounds like maybe I got a bit lucky.

More serious than thou
Anyone got the Saz? or received their hi-nus already?
how are them?
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