Time to Procure a Valkyrie

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Warrhead Wrote:
> ...Come to think of it, there is a hinge on the
> old 1/55's that is plastic, and is a known
> breakage point (although you don't see it very
> often:) The hoop that holds the wing to the
> fueslage. Although, you pretty much have to try
> to break it, I have seen a few with that hoop
> broken. ...now I can't remember why I care though
> :P

Isn't it the tab that keept the wing from moving too far forward that usually breaks? I've never seen the whole joint broken.
I got a TT Super Valk off of eBay a loooooooooong time ago that arrived with both of the hoop portions of the wings, which attach it to the fuselage, badly broken. I unscrewed it to find that a previous owner had tried to add friction to presumeably loose wings by opening it up, adding pieces of rubber, and then cranking the shit out of the screws. That's the only one I have ever owned with broken wings, but I have seen random loose Jetfire wings with that hoop broken through the course of my travels too.
thomas Wrote:
> Sigh...anyone in the market to produce reinforced
> hinges or anyone with a fix to prevent this from
> happening? So my Ozma is not completely worthless
> due to being inaccurate AND prone to shattering
> due to *air* surrounding it?
> And then there's the risk of the wing roots
> shearing off due to the weight of the armored
> packs...
> ...I should've gotten the Quarter instead.

Well you can't really replace just the hinges because they're just part of these large sections of the toy. Like the one that broke on mine is just a part of the leading edge root extensions on either side of the nose section. The other hinges are just part of the backpack which is pretty straightforward.

The VF-25 is too simple for its own good.

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Yamato put up an overview of things


and videos


some pictures from 2chan since it came out today


no the face doesn't light up

that's what we call image editing
open | download - 2chvf17a.jpg (304 KB)
open | download - 2chvf17b.jpg (254.4 KB)
The old Bandai DX and the Yamato one

dust is a very good panel liner
open | download - yamdx17a.jpg (430.3 KB)
open | download - yamdx17b.jpg (394.1 KB)

I guess it would be too much to ask even of the valuable Archive Scans to actually tear up a copy of Perfect Memory just to get this thing which is right on the edge of a page.

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open | download - angelbirdchan.jpg (97.6 KB)

This is everything* I ever dreamed of

*KITAAAAAA Beetle not included

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VF5SS Wrote:
> [toyboxdx.com]


-Paul Segal

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We're having a scale party today

And tomorrow

and forever


VF5SS Wrote:
> [toyboxdx.com]
> This is everything* I ever dreamed of

He gonna kick dat li'l sumbitch clear 'cross dat table. 'Cause scale can mess yo brain up.

there goes the white balance
Anonymous User
Anavel Wrote:
> Speedy

What good is Diamond Force if I can't post this review?!


-Paul Segal

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Anonymous User

Hey Yamato i found a new VF-1 recolor for you to make.

Why is the SDF-1 upside down.

Why is the Invid Trooper backwards.

Where can i get a real type color Legioss and Ride Armor
If I can ever find it again, I have a copy of perfect memory that the binding fell apart on about 15.4 seconds after I opened it...don't know if I sold it or not back in the 90s though. If I still have it I could scan it in.
happy 2012

Yamato is making the VF-4 from Macross Flashback 2012
Anavel Wrote:
> Why is the Invid Trooper backwards.
So it can show off the HUGE MUTATED Kermit the Frog face on its back, of course.

Gamu has a Nightmare
VF5SS Wrote:
> Gamu has a Nightmare

God help me, I want this. Dare I try to kick the Yamato football again, or will they just pull it away from me?

Thanks, Ken-A

Oh man

those Star Pro animated episodes are gonna look UH-MAZE-ING in hi-def
Here's some comparisons between Animeigo's DVDs from a while back and the HD Remastered DVDs from Japan


I'm guessing the Blu Ray set will use the same video as the new DVDs

maybe cut back on the grain a bit

see Sanjeev? Restoration makes it all bettah
VF5SS Wrote:
> [www.mania.com]
> I'm guessing the Blu Ray set will use the same
> video as the new DVDs
> maybe cut back on the grain a bit

I would hope the blu-rays wouldn't be matted down like the remastered DVDs are. A lot of image area being lost there.

-Paul Segal

"Oh, the anger is never far, never far." -SteveH
Unless you really want to see zombie Roy Focker with his head cut off I think the matting is fine
Sanjeev (Admin)
I'll be damned! Impressive!
Animeigo's restoration was too saturated. I think these are much nicer.

This is news

I didn't know Big West was run by a Meltran

I thought this was pretty cool. Ex-Gear cosplay

and yes that Alto is a dude

he didn't do the wings because those would be too heavy and flimsy on a cosplayer's budget

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open | download - exgearcosplay.jpg (192.5 KB)
open | download - exgearcosplay2.jpg (181.8 KB)
Looks like it's mostly craft foam or stiff posterboard, something like that. I bet he could pull off the wings - they'd just be so ridiculously large if they were done proportionally. Even if they weren't proportional, it would still be sticking out at least a couple of feet from either side - very inconvenient for wearing at an event. Does the EX-Gear have a setup where the wings can be folded, perhaps vertically along the wearer's back? If so, a truly dedicated cosplayer would build a suit where they could be folded for walking (by a friend who assisted them, probably) then opened for photos.

-Paul Segal

"Oh, the anger is never far, never far." -SteveH

This is how the military Ex-Gear folds its wings when it's not moving on the fly.

From Robo no Ishi.

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Ah, that's not much help at all. More feasible for a cosplayer than the fully-spread wings, but you'd still be bumping into people all the time.

-Paul Segal

"Oh, the anger is never far, never far." -SteveH
Well since the cosplayer is missing the helmet, it could just be the regular Ex-Gear with the wings shot off since those were usually the first to go.

about four years have passed so I think it's time for a remake
MattAlt (Admin)
"In deepest space, far beyond the pull of our home planet's gravity, pilots occasionally relieved the tension of battle with new types of intimacy unthinkable by Earthbound morality..."

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do you have that book? i do


it's pretty easy to find

that's from the page on the GBP-1S. Has a great black and white illustration showing the parts breakdown. Also the customized model they use clearly has Battleship pegs for missiles.
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Sayonara, Ozma-Sensei

VF5SS Wrote:
> lord graeme said yamato is making a vf-17 and some
> other new design
> and the destroids are on hold until the economy
> gets better
> i will lick a vf-17 on camera if it gets made

So...uh...yeah...not that I really need to see it happen, but...promises are promises.
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