Time to Procure a Valkyrie

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drifand: Again I'd love to argue with you about that company that shall remain nameless, but the evidence just isn't there to support an argument. I suppose that is why I am so disappointed. It would be one thing if Yamato's designs were bad or ugly, but they aren't and I own several of their products. Do I ever transform or play with them. Nope...! Sad really....will bite on a Yamato product again...Probably...As a matter of fact, I am having a hard time resisting those new Destroid. Will I be disappointed....time will tell...
I have one of the new 1/60 Roy's personally. Haven't had any problems yet except a minor mispaint on a section of the nose cone. I have heard the shoulder joints are weak and based on my experience they do need to be handled gently but I haven't broken or stressed them yet. IMO for the price it's a way better buy than what I payed for the old 1/60s I have.

My friend has a Tomahawk and it's fabulous as far as I can tell from having played with it briefly. A little hefty on the price for the weight but it has a lot more articulation than I imagined. I'm planning on making it my Next Yamato purchase. There's a weathering version and an OD repaint so that might interest some more than the initial release.
According to the inmates at the other asylum, Bandai's releasing a chogokin Macross Quarter.

Would this be it...?
Hahaha... let the PERFECTIONISTAS start the bitching! :D

OMG, screw holes! OMG it's different from the anime/line-art... Bandai only brought their B-game to the table... etc ad infinitum
Okay, now that I've seen it, I know that the Macross Quarter toy will suck.

1) It bears no resemblance to the anime version Pokemon.
2) The landing gears are too short.
3) Too chunky!
4) Doesn't give good head!
5) No paint apps in the boosters.
6) The arms should be about 3 cm lower.
7) You can tell that it's totally just a piece of cardboard. It's not even 3 dimensional.
8) It's a freakin' silhouette. Hello, color, Bandai!
9) Can't talk.
10) Not kind to strangers.
Oh, the gnashing of teeth in the Yamato Toys HQ... I can FEEL it! :P
MattAlt (Admin)
I wonder. I mean, they've had every opportunity to release their own ... Perhaps the Wave version didn't do well enough to convince them it was worth it?
Well, if they thought a 8-12" version could not be sold for the equivalent 'scale-up' in price from the WHAM, then 'yes', it isn't viable. True mass-production still has its advantages.
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I want a sofubi Macross Quarter!!!!
Anyone have a rough estimate of the height of the new Yamato 1/60 Valks?

More serious than thou
MattAlt (Admin)
>>I want a sofubi Macross Quarter!!!!

I want a sofubi EVERYTHING.
MattAlt (Admin)
Man, this thing looks like Aquarion's long-lost brother...

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open | download - quarter_pounder_with_cheese.jpg (130.6 KB)
The best part is that it can hostler the flight deck so it can hold the gun with both hands.
MattAlt (Admin)
he best part is that it can hostler the flight deck so it can hold the gun with both hands.

That isn't the "best part," it's just common courtesy for those using the bathroom after you.
Shake or tap?
MattAlt (Admin)

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VF5SS Wrote:
> why gundam so big

That's helpful to a point. Now anyone able to tell me how tall that Gundam is?

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MattAlt Wrote:
> Kick?

That gives a whole new dimension to "getting booty"...


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fujikuro Wrote:
> That's helpful to a point. Now anyone able to
> tell me how tall that Gundam is?

Perfect Grade Gundam is about 30cm tall.
OK, so the 1/60's are maybe the size of an SOC Mazinger then. Possibly slightly taller. Sound about right?

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Where's a cigarette pack when you need one? :-)
Sanjeev (Admin)
Or just a friggin' ruler!


I don't have one, otherwise I'd just post the actual height in terms of the absolute value of a real number based on an established system of measurement (non-cigarette pack- or Gundam-related).
HLJ early bird pre-orders:

I'm...torn. I really like Luca's Valk, but think the character is a tool. Michael's a lot cooler as a character, but his Valk is kinda plain...

Anonymous User
thomas Wrote:
> I really like Luca's Valk, but think
> the character is a tool.

Just pretend you killed him and took his Valk! >;-]~ (...AND his girl, too!)
VF-11 pics.
open | download - vf11.png (484.6 KB)
open | download - vf11b.png (393.2 KB)
Nice and flush in fighter mode, looks sweet. The ejectable cockpit in a nice touch too. But, I'll wait till I hear what breaks and how before I buy it.

MoonBaseTom Season tickets available. Call now.

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If Yamato found a way to include a real heatshield instead of a cutout, then kudos. Otherwise, the puny tail-fins certainly haven't improved at all from 7 years ago... where is that 'fighter mode priority' philosophy in their valkyrie designs? And I still want to see how the gunpod mounts in fighter mode.
Now you're just taking the piss.
No, no... it's all the Yamato apologists who are finding the Battroid over Fighter design just peachy.
Besides, on MW they also complained about the tailfins. So it MUST BE TRU.

And yes, they do look too small.

Anonymous User
I like the anime look of it - which is unusual for a Yamato Valk rendering, IMO.

Is that 'ejection cockpit' thingy just replaceable with the orange canopy shield?
It looks fine. It's just a very plain looking plane.

VF-1J has been released.
Anyone know if these: [www.hlj.com] are just a re-release of the older 1/60 toys or something new?

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Probably, I go to Macrossworld just enough to get news, and I'm sure there would be a thread 40 pages long about it by now if it were a retoolled Q-rau. They neeed to do a green TV colored version of this already.
It's just a re-release. If there are any updates to the tooling, Brand Y hasn't mentioned it to anyone.
Some pics of upcoming Macross Frontier stuff. 1/60th and 1/100th.




Has Toynami said anything yet about plans for the 1/55 reissues?
There's been rumblings about the 'dirty moves' on Bandai's part to make exclusive web-offerings for the speakers+Ranka set for Mikhail's ride, and the 3-drone set for Lucca...

Too bad that these won't be widely available, but I'm still looking forward to the main releases.
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