Time to Procure a Valkyrie

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Well, I think I've waited long enough. I was a fan of Robotech back in the mid-80's, but I never could find a really good Valkyrie that matched what I saw in the anime. I've been surfing the web over the years now, and have seen some nice representations come along. But before I thought to buy one, something new was always released. (Kinda like iPhones.)

So, I thought I would ask the experts here: I'm jumping into the market right now, what is the best VF-1S out there today, or in pre-order??

Yes, I want the VF-1S Roy Focker Skull Squadron version.
It MUST be transformable into all three modes.
The heavy armor type would be nice, but I'm not dead set on it.

And for discussion's sake, what has been the best VF-1 EVER made?

Links, photos, anything is helpful.

MikeD Wrote:
> And for discussion's sake, what has been the best
> VF-1 EVER made?

The classic toy. Buy it here.

Yamato makes some nice looking valks, but they never live up to expectations. Well, I guess if your expectations are really low then there shouldn't be a problem.

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Lots of people love the 1/55, which bandai is reissuing again. Yamato has the 1/48, and the upcoming 1/60. You may be able to find some good deals on a 1/48 due to people dumping them in favor of the new 1/60 version.
Start with the Bandai 1/55 reissue. After that, if you want something with more detail and a more complex/time consuming transformation pick up a Yamato 1/48. The 1/48s were a little questionable at the beginning but if you get a later version it's actually a very solid toy.

You could also wait and see how the reviews turn out for the upcoming Yamato 1/60.
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This guy held off buying a valk since the mid-80s and you're recommending him to buy the classic line that was released in that same era??
The new 1/60 or the 1/48 are good bets. Since the Roy version of the 1/48 seems to be the most heavily produced one, I imagine you could find a good deal. The full armor set is also pretty easy to come by. It comes in a whopping three colors!
1/48 is King of Fighter Mode, but total shite in Battroid Mode.

1/55 reissue best for nostalgia and carefree playing.

Wait for the new 1/60... good proportions for all 3 modes, more tampo-printed details (no need to sticker), more gimmicks than even the 1/48. Just make sure you read a review from OUTSIDE of the Macrossworld commune. Yamato can do almost no wrong there.
I've got 3 1/48 valks, two sets of armor, the Q-rau, and had 3 of the 1/60 variety, all of them are great and I've never had a problem with any kind of quality control. All this talk about Yamato's shoddy products is news to me when it comes the those. Other stuff had issues, but I've never been disappointed with their Macross stuff when it came to QC.

Maybe I was just lucky.

The original is arguably the greatest toy design in the last 30 years, and it's been reissued and knocked-off several times, and continues to be today. It's not as anime accurate as newer toys, but considering it's age it was uncanny how good it was at the time. Very solid and always impresses people on a shelf.

If you want new I'd suggest pre-ordering the new Yamato 1/60 set with strike armor coming out in the next month or so. The price is nice considering what it comes with and you get the option of having the armor on or off when you feel like it.
That's the thing about Yamato's QC... it really IS a roller-coaster lucky draw.

I waited for 4 'versions' of the 1/15 Garland before even daring to buy the Proto-Garland. Turned out to be 'as solid as it can be' and I started giving it the thumbs up to other people, including on MW. Lo and behold, a chap 'buys in' and opens his $150 'collectible' to find one of the handle-bars missing. Try telling HIM now the Proto Garland has 'no problems'. Heh.

If you like a Yamato-made toy, buy it from a store you trust. It's the only 'guarantee' you'll have.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Another thing about Yamato is that people simply have different priorities, in terms of their collecting. I like toys that are...y'know...toys. Most of Yamato's offerings, at best, have been more akin to pre-finished model kits. But some people like that and prefer the anime-accurate look to clunky vintage toys. It's all about what you're into...

MikeD is looking for a toy that matches what he saw in the anime...and since he's passed on the 1/55 when they first came out AND when they were reissued, I'm guessing he's going to be going Yamato, the only other real toy option out there.

As such, I'd suggest the 1/48 if you need a Valk RIGHT NOW. No toy leprosy (i.e., you need to remove the legs from the old Yamato 1/60 VF-1 series in order to transform it...that's crap) and I didn't think it looked that bad in Battroid mode. Plus, you have full options for FAST pack and GBP armor.

Otherwise, if you can stand to wait just a bit more, I'd strongly suggest holding out for reviews of the new 1/60. DON'T fucking preorder it. You just never know...
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MikeD Wrote:
> The heavy armor type would be nice, but I'm not
> dead set on it.

The 'heavy armor type' is a bit of Robotech-created confusion there. You're probably thinking of the Super Valkyrie, which has boosters added to the back, outer areas of the lower legs and back sides of the forearms. Similar is the Strike Valkyrie, which has a large dual-barreled cannon attached to the front of one of the back boosters and which lowers over the shoulder in Battroid mode. Robotech's dub called these a "Armored Veritech", which can be misleading, as there *is* actually an "Armored Valkyrie" covered in bulky, heavy armored segments fitted all over with grenade launchers.
Avoid the old 1/60 Valks. I'd even be tempted to get rid of them but would buy that what with the 1/48 and upcoming 1/60. Yeah, and you owe it to yourself to get at least a Bandai reissue.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
It appears my hypocrisy knows no bounds.

After talking up the Valks and looking up the recent 1/60 VF-1S I put in my preorder. Mainly because I decided to pass on Daimos so the money became available.

The Bandai stuff is promising, but it's all still pie in the sky until more info drops.
MikeD, here's another vote for the 1/55 Valkyries. They're cheap, plentiful, and they won't frustrate you. Search for them at HLJ or BBTS.
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shitty old toy is shitty
And shitty new toy is shitty. :)
at least it has a waist joint
Hey, you can turn the 1/55 at the waist. Once. :p
1/55s, even the reissues, STILL have cooler box art than any Yammie VF.
Don't get those 7800 yen 1/55. Those are poor value compare to the 9000 yen fast pack version coming up next. i.e.:

I am sure they will reissue the Roy VF-1S with fast pack unless the first 4 1/55 sold poorly. And they may - the new 1:60 from Yamato is looking great. Well this is their 3rd version of VF-1 so it better be perfect...


Yes, I want the VF-1S Roy Focker Skull Squadron version.
It MUST be transformable into all three modes.
The heavy armor type would be nice, but I'm not dead set on it.

And for discussion's sake, what has been the best VF-1 EVER made?
It all depends on what you are looking for. Basically it boils down to this, if you want the most detailed/accurate/modernized toy of the VF-1, go with Yamato's upcoming 1/60 VF-1. However, don't expect it to be the most durable toy, nor the quickest to transform, nor the most affordable. You are paying $100+ for something that you would expect to be significantly below that price.

If you want something that is very durable, very quick to transform without feeling like the creators copped out on the transformation, and something that Macross fans begged for to be reissued for years, get the upcoming 1/55 Bandai reissues. As much as people love Yamato on forums elsewhere, what really brought most of them to Macrossworld at the time, was love of the 1/55.

See the 1/55 is a good toy even by today's standards. There has yet to be any VF-1 toy just as durable. Its balanced in each mode proportionally. It will outlast all of your Yamato toys. Its transformation was incredible back when it came out, and still is now. The only things that could make it better are thigh swivels, moving ankles, missle clusters and a way to attach the gunpod. It may be inaccurate but this was as good as it got in 1982, and with the reissue, you hold in your hands a piece of history. I mean compared to a Yamato...which..will be history...


In all seriousness it all boils down to what kind of collector you are. Are you ready to deal with a potentially pain-in-the-ass transformation for the sake of looking good? Hvae you had experience transforming any Macross toy? Or are you a guy that can deal with the inaccuracies for the sake of toy that can be literally manhandled and still stand in one piece 20 years later? For a 20+ year old toy, the 1/55 does not look bad...even today in the modern toy world, there are jet planes that do not look anywhere near as good.

Me I want to have both, so I can appreciate both for what they are. Maybe its just me, but I value a straightforward transformation and durability as important aspects of playability. Nothing matches the solidity of the Bandai reissues.

Besides you can start from there and go on up. Then you'll have more to choose from and appreciate.
To me the perfect valkyrie toy would be able to transform as quick as a bandai reissue, be as durable, if not more so, have all the quality of a bandai and look like a Yamato. This is also called dreaming.
Thanks for the input everyone!

It sounds like the upcoming Yamato 1/60 VF-1S is the way to go for me... that is unless Yamato screws it up again. Their QC history is one of the reasons I've waited to buy one for so long.

The Bandai 1/55 makes me feel all warm and nostalgic, but I still have my Transformers Jetfire to tide me over. In fact, I used Jetfire more as a Macross/Robotech toy than as an Autobot. But still, I might pick one up for Christmas. : )

Thanks again!

So fucking tempted. Love the box designs, and I can't help wondering what a Super-O done up in this style would look like. Unfortunately, part of me is holding out, thinking about the new Yamato 1/60s (yes, I'm that stupid).

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VF-1D or bust
I am going to have to admit that my resolve is failing on that Max 1A...that box shot did help he hold out at all....now it really is just an issue of finding it for the right price...
Sanjeev (Admin)
For the first time in a long time, I'm feeling very hopeful about Valks. I'm totally in this "can't we all just get along" mood (hence my refusal to comment on the new moe figure thread! :P ).

I'm psyched about the new Yamato 1/60. I hope their quality stays as high as the first release and I wish them the best of success with the line (and any future toys).

At the same time, the very real possibility of having a 1/55 VF-1D, Super Ostrich, or Elintseeker--in packaging like that--has me schoolgirl-giddy.
Sanjeev Wrote:
> At the same time, the very real possibility of
> having a 1/55 VF-1D, Super Ostrich, or
> Elintseeker--in packaging like that--has me
> schoolgirl-giddy.

I can't agree enough...I want an entire squadron of 1/55th valks that were previously unavailable...I mean I have originals or reissues of all the Taka/Bandai releases, but a 1D, a Max 1A, or a Kakizaki 1A (TV or Movie) would make me giddy...don't get me started on the possibility of a "Virgin Road" 1D...and then there is the possibility of strike versions of the Fokker 1S and reissue elintseeker....oh, and GBP armor....man I need a drink...gin and tonic here I come....
Anonymous User
I cannot understand why Bandai is still holding back on the release of a reisssue 1/55 Strike Valk & GBP1S-Armor. I really want these 2 badly! I don't mind an Elintseeker, but I've never liked the head design. Didn't like it when I played with it in the 80s or is it early 90s?), and I still don't like it now.

That said, I'm now deciding if I should let go of my entire 1/48 collection (I'm only left with 2 super valks anyway + 1 GBP1S anyway) or should I keep at least 1. I'm seriously eyeing the new 1/60 Fokker & Hikary Supers (and am patiently awaiting the release of a new & improved GBP-1S!!!). Yum Yum... I've always wanted a scale that's more space friendly.

This has been a big change for me since I've usually preferred bigger toys. However with space being so expensive these days (especially in Singapore), I don't mind toys getting smaller! Now, if only they'll release the YF-19 & 21 in smaller scales - I'd buy those in an instant. Been holding back on the YF-21 becos I'm shit out of space!
Amuro-Ray Wrote:
> Now, if only they'll release the YF-19 & 21 in
> smaller scales - I'd buy those in an instant. Been
> holding back on the YF-21 becos I'm shit out of
> space!

Looks like Bandai might give you what you need.

open | download - 067.jpg (165.5 KB)
Anonymous User
OMFG. A chogokin YF-19 by Bandai? It's about friggin' time. Although it'll be nice to see the rest, I'm anticipating this one the most. I hope we'll see newly-improved VF19 valks from Macross 7 too - the anime was terrible, but I certainly want the valks. This has got to be the best thing since SOC God Mars (for me at least).

I guess this also means I'll probably go easy on the 1/60 Yamato valks.

Bring 'em on! Thanks for the heads up, Runaphen!
No, those won't be chogokins. They're part of Bandai's new 1/100 Macross line that covers all of the series. They'll be all plastic. Also, I don't know how the other valks will be handled but the VF-25 will not be perfect transformation and will require parts swapping. Kind of a bittersweet line for me. I'm excited at the scale, the variety and the fact it's Bandai making them...but the part swapping really bums me out.
Anonymous User
VF-4, hell yes

hopefully everything on that poster gets made, and more....
Here's a look at the transformation...

From the looks of things, you have the remove the legs and swap the head. That's not too shabby and seems to maintain a lot of the original design for the trade off.

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Looks pretty un-fun to me. Might as well make them model kits.
Looks fun enough to me. Especially since it would be a nice desk ornament because of the size. It's not like I plan on constantly transforming or flying it around the room in circles....much.
From that picture it looks like only the gray prototypes are the 1/100. The color one is 1/72, which I believe is a model kit.
Whoops. Dropped the ball on that one.
I also believe you don't have to swap parts on the model kit; those pictures just show the movement abilities of the various parts...

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